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He found her sitting on a bench, staring out into the vast ocean, Mary heard his approach and whipped her head round to face him, she grinned.

''Paolo.'' Mary smiled, rising from the bench.

He didn't smile, no muscle moved on his face. He simply walked towards her calmly.

She seemed to notice his strange demenour, ''Is everything alright?'' He noticed a sence of sarcasm in her voice. Paolo sighed heavily.

''Who was the man you were talking to earlier?'' Paolo asked bluntly, staring at her menacingly. Mary's face seemed to pale slightly and she fiddled with her gloved hands. ''I don't know what you are talking about?'' She averted her eyes from his sharp gaze. Anger was building up inside of him. ''My ... wife saw you.'' He said harshly, his eyes burning into hers. Mary shook her head. ''Honastly, Paolo, I think your mistaken.''

He took another deep breathe calming the fury within. ''I know it was you. Who was the man?'' Mary turned her head and stared out into the sea. ''What did you do?'' Paolo asked, the anger noticably in his voice. After a few moments of silence, the young woman was defeated. She gave a long sigh and regained her seat upon the bench.

Paolo didn't sit next to her, but remained standing, awaiting her story. ''I've never forgotten you Paolo Sandrini'' she siffled, wiping her nose with a floral hankerchief. ''You were special to me.'' She continued, tears seemingly welling in her eyes; but Paolo wasn't in the mood from a sob story, he was angry and frustrated at the whole stupid, messed up situation and simply wanted answers.

Mary looked up at Paolo with weeping eyes. ''I though that if - if you realised that your fiance Anna-'' Paolo interupted her harshly ''Annie'' She nodded sympathetically. ''Annie, well, if you realised Annie did not love you anymore, or - or you caught her ... well, then you might remember what we had in the past and ... and try to reconcile - with...me'' She sobbed into the small hankercheif'' Paolo was in no mood to comfort the silly woman. ''So, what did you do?'' He asked shuffling from foot to foot with impatience.

Mary gave a half stifled sob and averted her eyes from his penetrating gaze. ''I saw Archie, I knew him from back home and was pleasantly suprised to see another familiar face, I approached him and we began talking a little, we somehow got onto the subject of courting and...well, your name came up and he grinned. I ask him why and he said...'' She hiccuped slightly, ''aaah, the italian man. I nodded and his face grew broader. I asked him why again and he replied...'' She halted. Paolo looked fiercely at her, beckoning her to carry on.

Mary gave a short sigh and continued. ''he said that he'd seen you, with a pretty girl on your arm and was wondering whether you were together, courting, as such.'' Paolo shook his head in fury. ''And what did you say?'' he asked through gritted teeth.

Mary looked down at the sea washed decks. ''That you were, but...well...I know that we were once lovers and Archie seemed to really take a eye for your ... partner, so I suppose we devised a plan.''

Paolo shot up from the bench and held his hands to his ears. ''Santa madre di dio!* This is unbelievable,'' he blurted out staring out to sea. ''Why would you do such a thing?'' The young women wiped her eyes with the damp hankerchief. ''I am so sorry Paolo, if I'd have known what she mean't to I...'' he cut in massively. ''She means the world to me! Do you know what we have been through!'' He thumped railing with his hand hard, causing it to sting.

Paolo didn't want to hear what their 'plan' was, he had a pretty good idea already. ''Know if you'll excuse me, I need to go appologise to my fiance.'' He left without a second look at the women sat sobbing on the bench.

Annie hadn't moved since Paolo had left. Her muscles were ridgid and her head was spinning. Sickness had not overwhelmed her again, but her stomache was getting queazy. She had no idea whom the man kissed her was, or what had caused him to do it - it had all happened so quickly.

A tear ran down her already sodden face, and Annie made no attempt to wipe it away, for all she knew, she deserved to feel this pain.

Seconds later Paolo burst through the cabin door, his eyes seemed a little bloodshot and his face looked sympathetic. He immediately ran towards her embracing her lovingly. All the sickness drained from the body as she felt the warmth of her lovers sudden embrace.

''I am so sorry.'' Paolo soothed, hugging her closer, ''I never mean't to jump to those conclusions.'' He kissed her forehead and an elated Annie hugged into him tighter. ''I would never do anything to hurt you.'' She announced smiling at his beaming face. Paolo nodded happily, ''I know, oh, of course I know!'' Their lips met and for once in that day, both of them felt once again whole.

The couple broke away and Paolo sat next to Annie on their love seat, his arm comfortingly around her. ''I love you.'' He smiled kissing her forehead again. She nudged into his chest. ''I love you.'' She replied. Causing them both to smile. This ship will be docking tomorrow and each of them knew that in just under 15 hours, their new life would begin.

The ship docked in New York City at 10.16am.

Paolo and Annie had woken up early to collect their minute belongings and be ready to disembark the ship.

Paolo took Annie's delicate hand as entered the greatest city in the world. Paolo felt Annie's grip tighten as she gazed upon the magnificent scenery. He too gazed in awe at the beautiful statue of liberty. Thousands of people stood waiting at the docks, families, possibly, of those aboard.

Since neither of them had any family of whom they wished to speak to, Paolo guided Annie by hand through the maze of people before entering the broad streets. ''It is fantastic!'' Paolo breathed - it having not quite sank in that he was infact, going to be living in America!

Annie giggled but agreed, ''I love it! I can't believe we are here, after everything!'' She beamed up at the tall buildings which hovered over them like giants. The couple continued to walk up New Yorks bustling streets. ''Paolo?'' Annie pondered after a few moments. He simply nodded surveying the city before him.

''Where are we going to live?'' This caught him of guard and he paused for thought, he turned to face her. ''My darling. I am just happy to be in America! Don't spoil this for me'' He gave a cheeky smile and kissed her hand. ''I guess we are homeless then.'' Paolo stroked a hand through his dark hair, brandishing a small peice of card. ''For know perhaps, but I some connections in New York, they could help us maybe.'' He grinned his alluring smile down at her and she couldn't resist but feel a little exhilarated at the fact that at this moment in time their lives had no set plan.

They had been walking up thr same hill for around half an hour before Paolo stopped and noticed a stray bench. He pulled Annie onto his knee and they gazed at the local passers-by. ''What are we to know then?'' She pressed intertwining strands of his hair between her fingers. Paolo shrugged, ''Whatever you want my dear. The world is our oyster.'' She had to laugh at his comment, because it was in fact the truth.

The couple sat their for some minutes, just enjoying the wonderous moment. ''Daddy!'' Came a cry. ''Daa?'' It sounded like a lost child. Annie instinctively stood up looking for the owner of the little voice. ''Daaa?'' It was getting closer. Paolo looked from side to side in search of the lost child.

She came out from a back alley, hair matted and clothes soaking. ''Daaa?'' she cried again, running carelessly across the road, narrowly missing a speeding horse and carriage. Annie gave a sharp intake of breath as the child fell helplessley onto the pavement. She quickly went over to help the girl.

''Are you alright?'' she asked sweetly, taking in the horrendous smell and tattered clothing. The young girl cried franctiacally into Annie's arms. ''Do you ... my da ... he ... I ... we'' she sobbed uncontrollably, her whole body vibrating with tears.

Paolo neared the scene, feeling dearly sorry for the poor lost child. Annie looked up at his helplessly, unsure of what to do next.

Moments later the unknown child composed herself and stared longingly into Annie's eyes, as if it were a cry for help. ''Are you okay?'' Annie asked, not knowing what quite else to say. The young girl sniffled and shook her head. ''I can't find my da. I've been looking for him for... the ... past few weeks ... he mus-'' She broke down into another fit of tears. But Annie couldn't help but notice the irish accent which had escaped the presumed American childs lips. Paolo shrugged when she gave him a questioning look.

''It's alright sweety.'' Annie soothed stroking her hair slightly. Passers-by began to give strange looks to the two females slumped upon the pavement. Annie haled the girl up onto her feet. ''Where do you live darling?'' she asked kindly, as the girl controlled her hiccuping. She shook her head.

''I don't live here lady, I'm from far away.'' She wiped her sodden eyes and stared wonderingly up to Paolo. Something shocked him at once, he stepped back a moment and have a sharp breath.

''Titanic.'' Was all escaped his lips. Annie furrowed her brow in confused. ''What?'' The girl clung onto Annie's arm as she attempted to back away towards Paolo. ''Please Miss, don't leave me. I ... I've been alone ... for so long.'' Fresh tears began to well in her eyes and Annie could not send an innocent child onto the streets.
She looked back to Paolo whom was still in clear shock. ''Where can we take her?'' She asked, nudging him slightly. Paolo came out of his reverie and wondered for a moment, before answering. ''Wait a moment. Which address did Lady Georgianna and Master Henry give you after we met them aboard the train?'' Annie pondered on the encounter before realising the peice of paper was stored inside her side bag, of which she currently wore.

Brandishing the neat paper, she read it aloud: 17 St James' Road, Kensington, London.

Paolo sighed in agrivation, that being his only idea. Annie hung tightly to the lost girl as they began to discuss where else they could possibly go. Annie averted her attention to the child. ''Honey, so you know anyone who we can take you to? Who can look after you?'' The girl thought for a few moments before repling, ''My uncle Charlie lives in New York, but...I already tired him house a few times, there's never anyone in.'' Paolo once again gazed in awe at the lost kin. Annie nudged him slightly with a meaningful look in his direction, he quickly asked the girl.

''What is you name?'' Showing his famous smile. She shuffled her feet slightly before answering, ''Theresa'' Paolo nodded to himself, having remebered correctly, where he had come accross the child before.

''Theresa Maloney.'' She added, Paolo smiled and nodded in her direction. Annie still didn't seem to understand though she did find it strange for an irish girl to be lost in such a big place as America. ''What are you doing in America all by yourself sweety?'' Annie wondered. Theresa bit her lip, a tear streaking down her pale face.

''Titanic miss, I was aboard Titanic.'' Annie stepped back, just as Paolo had, it having never crossed her mind that this poor girl had been anywhere near that horrendous disaster. ''Oh my dear.'' Annie soothed, hugging the child lightly. ''Did no relatives leave the ship with you...you mama perhaps?'' Theresa shook her head.

''I was with my pa, I couldn't handle being in a boat miss. It frightened me.'' She looked down at the pavement, kicking a stone asside.

Paolo, Annie and Theresa stood there, in the middle of New York City, wondering what to do next...

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