Here we go with the first chapter. This takes place a few months after chapter 5 where Nightmare possessed a plushy but before Hogwarts.

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"Hello"-Normal Speaking

"Interesting..."-Nightmare Moon speaking

'Huh.' -Normal thoughts.

'All mine...' Nightmare Moon's thoughts

Watching as Luna brings over the first aid kit they have stashed under a loose floorboard to Harry, Nightmare scowls as she looks over the scrapes on him. Seeing this, Harry gives her a slight smile. "They're not as bad as they seem."

Taking the kit from Luna, Harry opens it and takes out a cotton swab and places some alcohol onto it. Nightmare's scowl if anything grows as Harry hisses while gently cleaning a scrape. "That accursed mongrel chased you up a tree and they laughed!" She then gains a nasty grin. "Oh, soon they won't be laughing…"

Harry just sighs in defeat. "Nothing I say will or could possibly change your mind, could it?" Nightmare's cocked eyebrow and smirk is answer enough causing him to shake his head. "Why do I even bother to try?"

Luna just pats him on the knees before grabbing a band aid and placing it on a scrape with some antibiotic cream as she sighs. "I feel your pain…"

Nightmare waits until the next day, a school day, to put her plan into motion as Harry would be out of the line of fire. Once she hears him walking out the door, she grins as she puts her plan into action. Climbing up onto the window sill, she takes a breath before leaping off. Landing on the ground behind some bushes, she chuckles as her plush body didn't even scuff. 'Now then… where's that window…' Sneaking through the bushes, she stops under the open kitchen window and hears Petunia and Harry's "Aunt" Marge talking. 'There we go…'

"… I swear Petunia, you and my brother are a better people then me. Taking in that tramp of a sister's of yours kid and all."

A sound of dishes being done drift in. "Ah, well, blood and all."

"Yes, yes. Me? I would have dropped him off at the nearest orphanage if not in some alleyway. In fact, I might have well been tempted to do as I do with any defective pups I have! Just throw him in the river and be done with it!"

The sound of the dishes being done stops for a split moment before continuing. "Yes well, I owe it to my parents at the least."

A snort comes out. "Bah! It's obvious that they didn't know what they had." Another snort. "And they wasted all that money on her when it could have gone to you and my brother. Probably spent it all on drugs and such she did." A moment of silence was broken by the sound of something glass being set on the table. "Does Vernon have any more of that lovely rum of his Petunia? I do believe that I need another pick-me-up!"

"Um… yes, he does as a matter of fact. It's in the den. Would you like me to go get it?"

Nightmare raises an eyebrow as she gets the feeling that Petunia is actually quite uncomfortable. 'Perhaps she still does have some sisterly feelings…' She then shrugs. 'Then again, she just might not like that fat cow all that much. Can't blame her for that.'

A grunt comes out of the window. "That would be lovely Petunia." As she continues to lay there, hidden under the bushes as she hears Marge continue on with her ranting, she keeps wanting to perform some form of harm onto the woman. The only thing that stops her being that she's in a weakened state. Though she does promise herself that if she ever gets the opportunity once back to full power, she'll give Marge a personalvisit. After a few hours of this, Nightmare finally gets a break as the sound of a chair scrapping against the floor echoes out the window. "Ah, time to let Ripper out for his washroom break."

Smiling, Nightmare's eyes nearly glow in the shadow of the bush. 'Excellent… It's time for the first stage…' Dashing across the lawn, she hides in some bushes near a hole that another dog had dug a few weeks before. Her grin becomes more vicious as she sees Ripper come out the back door. 'It's time to start then…'

She then takes a stick and starts whacking it against the bush and chuckles as she sees Ripper turn in her direction before sticking her head out of the bush so that's it's visible to him and no one else. Growling, he starts tearing across the lawn towards her. She turns to the hole as she can hear Marge laughing. "Well look at that, Ripper must have seen a cat or a rabbit or something. Go get it boy!"

Ripper is nearly on Nightmare before she dives down into the hole and out the other side, making sure to whack Ripper on the snout causing his rage to grow. It grows even more as he smells the boy his mistress hates on Nightmare. "That's right you filthy beast. Let's see you try me on for size." Nightmare then leads him on a merry chase across the backyards of several houses as back at #4, Marge calls out for Ripper. Seeing an open shed, she runs into it with Ripper behind her. As he gets in, an indigo glow surrounds the doors before they slam shut, a rake falling down and jamming them closed. Yelping, Ripper turns back to get out, going so far as to scrabble at the door. He stops as he hears soft footsteps heading towards him and looks up to see two glowing green eyes in the darkness of the shed on a nearby shelf as they . Then a soft glow begins to fill the air as the fur on his neck stands on end before he whines. "Oh… You thought that you were a big bad Alpha going after my Harry…" Nightmare then stops with a sadistic grin on her face as Ripper slowly sways before falling to the ground asleep. "Too bad for you… I'm much badder" She chuckles darkly as she steps towards him. "Welcome to Nightmare's Dog Training 101. First lesson: Why you should not attack my Harry..."

Out on the street, Marge is calling for Ripper when a bone chilling howl cuts through the air. "RIPPER!" Rushing towards where she heard it, she sees the shed and can hear him yelping and howling. Reaching it, she grabs the knobs and yanks on them again and again until the door flies open revealing Ripper curled up into a ball, unharmed, and shivering with whimpers coming from his mouth. "Oh, Ripper! Mommy's here…" Looking around the shed, she ignores the shed's owner coming up yelling at her before she turns and starts yelling at them, neither noticing a small black shape streaking from the shed into the nearby bushes, though Ripper does and whimpers as he tries to curl more into himself. 'Heh. Too easy.'

Later that night, Marge is settling in to go to sleep before she scowls at the sound of Ripper under the bed. "That boy must have had something to do with this. After all, why would my darling baby run away at the sight of him!" She snarls a bit. "He's no good!"

Closing her eyes, she goes to sleep and soon the room is silent except for her snores and Ripper's whimpers. As the clock reaches midnight, he freezes as he sees the door open revealing Nightmare there with a grin. Backing up, he scrambles into the closet and hides there causing her to chuckle. "Good mutt." Spying Marge, she sneers. "And now it's your turn… now let's see how you like it when the tables are turned…" Hopping up onto the bed, Nightmare's horn glows as she grins down at Marge, her eyes dancing with glee.

Inside her dream, Marge opens her eyes to find that she's now around four feet tall causing her to scowl. "What the bloody hell is going on here! Where am I!" A moment later, she finds herself being lifted into the air by a large, furry hand before finding herself before what looks like a humanoid bull dog with green, slitted pupil eyes. "Put me down you beast!"

The creature just snorts at her before sneering. "A runt. Bah! No good." It then grins in a familiar manner until Marge recognizes that it's speaking in her normal adult voice. "Ah, well. I know what to do with useless runts like you."

It begins walking as Marge struggles until it reaches a river and pulls out a burlap sack. Realizing what's about to happen, Marge's struggles increase before she's shoved into the bag. "No! PLEASE NO! GAHHHH!" She soon finds herself and the sack thrown into the air for a moment before it hits the water. Still struggling inside, Marge and the sack slip beneath the surface. And as her air runs out and the burlap sack entangles her, Marge finds her vision slowly darkening until blackness and cold overwhelms her…

Only for her to wake up in her bed breathing heavily and soaked with sweat, the sheets entangled with her limbs. Wild eyed, she looks around every which way. Until slowly her breathing comes under control and her heart starts to calm. Finally she lays back and pulls the covers over herself once more. "Just a dream… that's all it was…. Just a dream…"

Slowly, sleep once more claims her as Nightmare steps out from the shadows, her horn still glowing. "Oh, we're not done yet little thing. Not by a far shot. After all… no one says that my Harry should have been killed or sets a mongrel on him and gets away with it that easily… Now then, what shall I use next? Hm… Since you're an animal abuse…"

The next morning, Harry's at the windowsill watching as Marge's car tears down the street, nearly running some people over before rounding a corner and disappearing from sight. "You know what? I'm not going to ask what you did Nightmare, because I think that I'm better off not knowing."

Chuckling, Nightmare settles into the sheets. "Let's just say… I put her on the opposite end of her cruelty and leave it at that…" She then softly sighs as Luna gives her an inquiring gaze. "Now, if you'll excuse me… I have some rest to catch up on. Yesterday was a long day…"