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Amalthea grinned as she noticed Yuffie by the mailbox, she pointed it out to the others so they went over to see her and asked if she had seen Leon. Yuffie told them that he was at his Secret Training ground in the alley way and they decide to head to the alley way, Amalthea groaned as they entered the second district to get to the alleyway but were slowed down by tons of different looking heartless as they managed to find the entrance. Amalthea laughed when Sora and Goofy tripped on their feet and over Donald into the bars covering the entrance, she stopped laughing when the bars suddenly fell and overheard Sousuke make the joke of "The male of the Klutz twins strikes again!"

She growled and smacked him across the back of the head as she said "Not Funny!"

Sousuke just gave her a roguish smile that made her blush as he leaned in and kissed her gently on her lips and then walked into the tunnel after Sora, Donald and Goofy. Amalthea hurried after them and found Leon giving her Brother a gem that Leon called the Earthshine, they then talked with Aerith who mentioned that they should take the gummi blocks that they had collected so far to Cid and he could tell them more. As they left, Leon called out "Remember Sora! You NEED to find the Keyhole to Traverse Town and lock it so the heartless can't get it!"

Sora looked at him and nodded as he said "I got it... I won't let you down!"

They then headed to Cid's Shop where he explained about the Navi-G Gummi blocks then told them that he would attach them to their ship if they did an errand for him, they looked at each other then at him and agreed to take the package to the third district. They ran and fought their way through the heartless to the Third District where they found the door Cid had mentioned, Sora who had finally learned the fire spell and fired it at the door. They headed through while keeping an eye out for heartless, they entered a huge cavern where a stone house was sitting on an small island and the stones leading to the island were moving back and forth in the water. Sora blinked and said "The stones don't look too hard to jump across..."

Amalthea looked at him and then at Sousuke as she said "Ok then, Try jumping them you guys!"

Sora and Sousuke looked at the rocks then both tried hopping across the stones only to fall in the water on the second stone, Amalthea grinned at the sopping wet males and asked "Have a nice fall, guys?"

Sora growled out at her "Not Funny, sis..."

"Really? I thought it was!"

She helped them out and then they all tried again to hop across the stones, Amalthea was the only one to make it while Sora and Sousuke fell into the water yet again. Amalthea just chuckled as the boys finally made their way across the stones, they then began to find the way into the house which they found on the left side. They walked in where Amalthea stopped short at seeing the wizard she had only seen in pictures back at Hogwarts, Sousuke had to catch her as she fainted from shocked disbelief. the wizard blinked as he looked at her in amusement and said "Oh dear, I never thought that one of the Keyblade Bearers would be the Girl-Who-Lived!"

Sora and Sousuke quickly looked at him sharply and the wizard smiled as he introduced himself "Oh dear, Let me introduce myself...I'm Merlin the wizard."

Sora and Sousuke's eyes bugged out of their head as Merlin chuckled at their reaction and he said "I guess your sister told you I was considered Dead in her original world..."

Both boys nodded yes as they were still stunned at meeting the most famous wizard in history, Amalthea then woke up as she groaned and said "Did I just see the Wizard I thought I saw?"

Merlin laughed as Sousuke knelt beside her and nodded causing her to blush and quickly apologized to the Wizard who told her it was ok and then told them that they were to be trained in Magic by him. Amalthea, Sora and Sousuke's eyes went wide at that and quickly thanked him happily, Merlin then introduced the fairy Godmother who then told them that the gem Sora had been given was a Summon gem. The fairy godmother then released the spirit in the gem so they could call them in battle, meanwhile Amalthea was talking to Merlin and gave him the package that Cid had asked them to deliver. Merlin thanked them then reminded them that they needed to go talk to Cid in the vacant house in the third district, they nodded and then said goodbye as they left.

They headed in to the third district when they were attacked by hordes of Heartless, They fought their best when some unexpected help came to the rescue "RIKU!"

Riku yelped as he was tackled by Amalthea and then she began to beat on him as she yelled "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WORRIED WE WERE, YOU JERK!"

Needless to say, Sora , Donald, Goofy and Sousuke were killing themselves with laughter at Riku's plight. Riku finally managed to get Amalthea off him and growled "Jeez! Did you have to beat the heck out of me?"

"Yes for scaring us, you jerk! Do have any idea how worried we were about you and Kairi we've been!"

Riku smiled as he gave her a hug and then they told him that they were late meeting someone, Riku nodded as he asked if they were continuing to search for Kairi. Amalthea then bonked him over the head and said "Of course, you Baka!"

Riku nodded and told them that he was also searching and perhaps he would be able to find Kairi before they would, Amalthea smirked and said "You wanna bet?"

"What did you have in mind Amalthy?"

"Well if you lose, Riku... You have to allow me to to Wax your legs and you have to wear a sexy dress while asking Waka on a date!"


"No... I'm not, my brother in all but blood."

"...Fine but if you lose, you have to dress up in a bikini and YOU have to ask Waka out...with Sousuke's permission, of course."

Amalthea had the reddest blush ever as Sousuke gave his permission for the bet with his reason being "I have never seen her in a cute Swimsuit like a Bikini..."

Riku then left as they headed to the vacant house that was now lit up, Sora was talking to Cid, Leon and the others while Amalthea wandered towards the window where she saw Riku with a green skinned woman in black and purple clothing holding a evil looking staff. Amalthea made sure her boyfriend and brother were busy then slipped outside to see Riku about to leave with the woman, Amalthea quickly called out to him as he turned and she told him " You better remember our bet, Bro..."

Riku smiled and laughed as he said "You're going down, Amalthea!"

Amalthea then realized Sousuke was standing behind her and he smiled as she ran into his arms with a sob as she said "Riku... I just have a bad feeling about the that woman he was with..."

She then asked " Where's Sora, Donald and Goofy?"

Sousuke smiled with a sigh and said "They ran off the second district to seal the keyhole..."

Amalthea sighed in exasperation as they headed to the second district to find her brother, Donald and Goofy were exhausted from their fight with the Heartless that had attacked when they found the Keyhole. Sora panted as he stood at seeing her and he grinned as she told him that they better go to their next world, Sora nodded and they headed to the gummi ship. Amalthea and the others then blinked as a worm hole opened near them and sucked them in, it deposited them near a world that looked like it was a desert like world. Amalthea grinned as Sousuke kissed her and then they beamed down with the others, they landed and were attacked by new heartless that attacked with swords. Amalthea growled as they pounded away at the heartless when a girl that was a bit older then them, came running by with Heartless pursuing her.

They looked at each other then ran and followed the heartless as they bashed the heartless around, they then found the girl who asked if they were with a man named Jafar and they told her no. She then introduced herself as Princess Jasmine and told her story about what happened to her and her father, just then a man in a black and red outfit appeared in a cloud of red smoke and grabbed Jasmine by the wrist as Hordes of Heartless fell upon them but the princess escaped. The evil Vizier then cursed the princess while chasing after her while Sora, Amalthea and the others were busy fighting for their lives, once they were done fighting the heartless, Amalthea sat on the ground as she panted tiredly and Sora said softly "We need to get her friend Aladdin to help us out..."

Amalthea and Souske nodded as Donald asked "So how we going to find this guy?"

Amalthea sighed and then said "Let's look around town, maybe we can find him then..."

The others nodded then they quickly ran through the town until they found Aladdin's house but he wasn't home, Amalthea then noticed a carpet that was trying to free itself and quickly got her brother's help to move the furniture around so the carpet would get free, Amalthea and the others decided to look around the city once more and they found some rare items then headed for the entrance of town where the desert started.

Amalthea then noticed something flying towards them and said "It's the carpet we freed from Aladdin's house!"

Sora and the others blinked as the Carpet stopped in front of them and motioned for them to get on, Amalthea hopped on which prompted the others to join her and then the carpet took off in to the desert. They found the young man they were looking for, being attacked by heartless. Amalthea then gave a war cry as she jumped off the carpet and attacked the heartless, Aladdin looked at her in shock then he began to help in the fight as Sora, Goofy and Sousuke jumped down while Donald provided the magical backup. they were having trouble until Aladdin rubbed the lamp he was carrying and a large blue Genie appeared with a yell of "HELLO WORLD!"

Amalthea then said "Ok, what is Robin Willams doing here?"

Everyone including the heartless paused and looked at her Questioningly as she blinked and said "OK...No idea where that came from..."

Sora groaned as they continued pounding at the heartless when suddenly Aladdin said "I wish these creatures were gone!"

Amalthea and the other cheered at seeing the heartless disappear then the genie helped them get back to the city, They walked into the city to find it barricaded so they split up to find the keyholes to open the gates. By the time they were done, every gate was opened and they heard yells from the last gate. Amalthea and the others hurried through the gate and found Jasmine being knocked out by Jafar, he then made the walking Pot's start connecting together into a long Centipede like creature . They beat the crap out the pots after Amalthea yelled at them to break them so what ever it was trying to form, wouldn't be able to. Finally the group was able to focus on the head and tail and began to smash away at the two pieces, Amalthea then noticed Jafar was escaping with Jasmine and yelled out the alarm. Aladdin then realized that Genie's lamp was missing, they decided to hurry after Jafar who had to have taken the lamp with out them noticing. They healed themselves quickly at the save point then headed to the desert where they magic carpet was waiting for them.

As they approached the area, the Guardian beast of the Cave of Wonders rose from the sand and attacked them. They quickly subdued the beast who let them into the cave and they began to navigate the cave's depths with Abu's friend Abu the monkey, they grabbed the items they found along the way and then went into the lamp room to face off with Jafar.

Amalthea cursed when they finished beating the crap out of the evil magician but the Man used his last wish from Genie to become a Genie himself! Sora and Amalthea focussed their attacks on the man's parrot which was carrying the evil Genie's lamp while the other's focussed on Jafar, they barely beat the guy as he yelled that he would be back then was drawn back into his lamp. Amalthea and the others then ran for the carpet as Aladdin told her to drive since she wound up in front. The cave as they lifted off, started to collapse and Amalthea flew like a maniac as she expertally dodged the falling objects. When they got out of the cave and landed, Aladdin and the others dove to the ground and started kissing it at they yelled "LAND, WE'RE ON SOLID LAND!"

Amalthea glared at the males who had a sudden fear of her angry posture, The males apologized and then they regrouped at Aladdin's house. After Aladdin was told he couldn't come with them, he decided to free Genie so that he could go with Sora and them to find Jasmine.


Riku argued with Maleficent when he was shown a holgram of Kairi and then left to get to her...

Back with Sora and the others...

They were on the gummi ship and where heading to the next world when Donald said there was a Large flying object coming towards them at a fast pace and the next thing they knew it was coming into focus. Amalthea and Sousuke went wided as they looked at each other and said as they looked at the others "Is that a WHALE?"

Just as they were about to dodge the whale, it speed up and swallowed the ship whole!