Prim's POV

I wander around our floor; well I just literally ran away from Cato until I found myself in front of a door I had no idea that existed; I needed to be alone; away from everyone. So I spun the doorknob and open the door, as far as I heard someone approaching I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me.

I turned on the light and finally saw clearly the room that I had just entered to. The walls were black and it was full of old furniture. I sat on the floor behind a bright blue big chesterfield; my back pressing against the wall as my feet kicked the old sofa softly.

As much as I fake it; I am in love with Cato! There is no doubt in that. There also isn't a doubt that I am going to die soon. I started to cry softly; I just notice that I am going to die soon; and that this are my last 2 days with Cato.
I started crying harder until someone entered to the room and I force myself to not cry. The lights turned off; probably a problem with the electricity.

"Prim?" Frankie whispers worried. When I hear the disappointment and sadness in his voice I know I did wrong by blaming Frankie on everything bad that had happened so I run out of my hiding spot and hug him tightly; he hugs me back and I start crying again.

I pull apart and when he was about to tell me something I cut him off. "Just friends" I say in a low but firm voice; he swallows hard and by the look on his eyes I notice that he is trying hardly not to cry. I hug him trying to comfort him.

Effie enters to the room; broom in hand "WHO IS THERE?" she yells a little too freaked out which make Cato run in with a turned on candle as we and Frankie laugh silently so they don't hear us. "I HAVE A BROOM!AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!" she warned.
"We surrender" Frankie said putting his arms up and stepped forward with me following. We both laughed.

"Not funny" Effie mumbled as she left the broom, fixed her hair and stepped out of the room. Cato stood there still and distant. Was he jealous of Frankie? Oh please! I still love him, but being jealous of Frankie who has no opportunity with me! That was just LAME!

Frankie's POV

I felt Cato's eyes on me and instantly excused myself to go to the bathroom leaving them alone; when I left the room her words finally hit me "Jus friends" she had say. I was trying to convince myself that this was some kind of nightmare but I know it wasn't. And with that two words she broke my heart. I walk to my room and throw myself into my bed feeling my heart shattering until the last piece.

I tried to sleep but I just couldn't! Whenever I closed my eyes I would see her again in that dark room saying "Just friends" again and again as if she was making fun of me, then Cato would join her, then Effie, then Cinna and more faces will join her laughing cruelly at me because I thought she maybe wanted to be with me…

I've been so stupid all this time! But I won't allow this anymore! I won't allow that Prim make fun of me again! I won't!

From now on I am going to be the one on charge! So Primrose Everdeen be ready for what expects you…..