A Tribute to Aaron


Why did you leave me? You started this trouble, and you know it. You, nothing more than a stupid little boy at the time fated us forever. You fated all five of us for a life and afterlife of pain, suffering, and ruin, watching everything crumble before us. Our lives, our legacies, our reputations, our world. You tried to escape, even though I told you numerous times that I tried, and I failed as well. Now you are plagued with guilt and you never will be rid of us, the dead who haunt you in an eternal abyss of gloom and terror. Now you will never escape. You thought you could be forgiven. No. In reality, genuine forgiveness is extremely hard to come by. I should know.

Why did you have to die? You've been gone for far too long. I miss you too much, for you were the only one I ever got along with in the end. You were our light, even in that dark time when we all started to change. After you died, we all began to lose ourselves, betraying this family in our own distinctive way. I realize it isn't your fault. I just wish that you didn't have to go so soon in your life…all of our lives.

Why did you betray us? You always were rebellious, but you didn't need to go on leaving us for that other crowd, threatening our secret from coming out. Just like her. Then you end up killing yourself, you complete waste of a man.

Why did you destroy me? Don't you remember how we used to be friends, before that fateful day? Best friends. Then somehow you changed. Why did you change? Was it necessary? It didn't help any of us in the end. No one but yourself. Not even you, for that man you so very much "loved" killed you in the end—an eye for an eye, a jaw for a jaw. Defend yourself however you wish, you still deserved it. You say I taunted you, but you know that I made snide remarks like that to everyone. Even now, in death. You didn't need to go and start a fight every time that I did or didn't. Any time I retaliated was when you went too far. You just wouldn't stop conspiring with outsiders and sticking your nose into my business.

And why did you have to kill me oh so brutally? Well no, that is a ridiculous question, isn't it? Of course you did, you power-hungry, egotistical whore! It's in your nature. I hung there suffering for days, scarcely able to make out a whimper. I doubt I actually could've done that. Still, in the end I'm not sure what actually ended me. All I know is that I was filled with pain, hate, and disgust. The others I may forgive one day, if I haven't forgiven them yet. I will never forgive you.

And you. That's right. Why didn't you do something? There surely could've been something you could have done in order to save this family, your family. It might not be perfect, still, but not as broken as it became. No, instead you decided to run away to far off lands, frying your brain with whatever drugs you could find. They ate away at your soul and your sanity similar to how the rats slowly nibbled away at your physical self. You couldn't even stay loyal to your family-you really are your sister's twin, aren't you? After all, they were the only ones who really understood you. They weren't perfect, no, but they were the best you had. You could've helped them and you know it. That thought wouldn't have crossed the minds of the others.

All you did was paint pictures, and in the end that was the one who benefited from this? You. Only you. And even then you damaged yourself, scarring yourself with those images that you caught a glimpse of in those other worlds that you discovered in your pathetic, wasting stupor. You were more of a waste than any of your siblings. You could have saved yourself, had you tried. You could have saved them.