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Author's Note: This story can be read as a companion story to wantonmistressofthenight's story Teacher's Pet. It can also be read as a stand alone. You should totally read her story though too because it kicks ass.

"You can't make meeeee!" I whined at the alarm clock as I slapped the snooze button.

"Come on! Wake up! You said we'd go get waffles before class! You lying bitch!" I heard another voice whine in response. "Now wake up before I set your bed on fire."

Slowly I dragged myself out of bed. "Why am I friends with you again?" I questioned as I began getting ready for the first day of classes. I should probably explain a little bit here. Annabel and I don't go to a "normal" school. We attend Charles Xavier's School for Gifted "Youngsters." Yeah, I didn't pick the name.

"Come on. Let' go," I said heading out the door and downstairs to the cafeteria. We quickly got our waffles and found a seat. Taking a bit of my waffle, I frowned. "They're not even warm."

Annabel looked up from her steaming hot waffle innocently. "I was going to do yours too!" she said defensively before grabbing my waffle and holding it between her hands a moment effectively warming it up. You see Annabel's mutation was she could warm things up or set things on fire depending on how she focused her energy. Trust me; it was not fun growing up with her before she learned how to control herself. I'm personally still surprised I have eyebrows.

We passed the hour before class amicably discussing how we thought our classes would be, if Logan was still as insufferable as ever, and gossiping about which classmates we couldn't stand. Leaving the cafeteria we prepared to go our separate ways. "Well see you forth," she said.

"Auf wiedersehen," I laughed in response before walking off to first period chemistry taught by none other than headmaster Charles Xavier himself. Now that was a way to start the morning. One could say I had a small crush on the school's headmaster …. and by small I mean pretty sizable …. and by pretty sizable it might mean I wanted to rip his clothes off. Too bad I was incredibly awkward and only a student. The man was a genius for God's sake and when I was in his presence I barely had the brains enough to spell potato! How was I supposed to survive a whole semester in his class? Then again, I never was too good at chemistry. I suppose I could use a little extra hours tutoring …..

"Focus Megan," I thought as I walked into the chemistry classroom taking a seat down in front next to my friend Joey. "Sup homeskillet?" I asked as I took my notebook from my bag.

"Now that is one hot piece of man meat," Joey murmured under his breath ignoring me. "Any chance he's gay?" he said finally turning to look at me.

"Who? The cute guy who breathes ice?" I asked opening my book with the full intention of taking notes in class. I'd be fine as long as I didn't look at Professor Xavier.

"No stupid! Him!" Joey said discreetly pointing. I followed his finger to who else but Charles Xavier himself. Silently cursing Joey in my head I whispered back, "Don't be ridiculous. He's mine."

To my credit I managed to pay attention for the first fifteen minutes of class. After that other things simply became more interesting, like Professor Xavier's ass for example. The point is I tried. I even managed to scribble down a few notes. It certainly didn't help that Joey was whispering to me, egging me on throughout the entire class. Soon enough class had ended and I frantically copied down the homework assignment. So much for no homework on the first day of class.

I was just about to gather my stuff and go when I heard Professor Xavier's voice boom behind Joey and myself. "Mr. Harris! Ms. Black! Would you come here for a moment?" Shit. He did not sound happy. Maybe I shouldn't have sat in the front row.

"Ooh, think he's going to punish us?" Joey whispered with a wink. I couldn't bring myself to laugh. I would not be late for my next class, self – defense and Logan was such a chipper professor to begin with. I walked up to Professor Xavier's desk and awaited the bad news.

"I'm sure you two were aware you were talking the entire class," he began. "Did you even hear a word of the lecture?"

"Yes!" I piped up. I mean it was technically true. I heard about the first fifteen minutes. It's not my fault his accent was so damned distracting!

"Then surely you won't mind if I take a look at the two of your notes," he said sternly. Fuck. Now for sure we'd hear it. What I didn't expect was to go down alone. Joey opened his notebook to show a full page of notes as if he had been paying attention the entire lecture. Slackjawed, I presented my book with only half a page of notes.

"Ms. Black, I'm surprised at you. Your records show you're a very brilliant girl. I expect much better out of you next class, is that understood?"

"Yes," I said dismally and took my book back and walked out of the classroom with Joey. "You little two timing bitch," I said whacking him with my book playfully. "How'd you manage to write all that down and still babble to me all class period?"

"It's not my fault you can't multi-task while you're making goo goo eyes at the professor," he said with a laugh.

"Shut up!" I said hugging him before he scurried off to his next class. Still a bit put off at getting caught not paying attention I headed to the girls locker room to change before what was sure to be a worse than usual self – defense lesson.