Elisabeth Rose House. That was what was written on the front of her journal. She was twelve years old, and still had yet to say her first word. Just because she was quiet though, didn't mean that she had nothing to say.

Right now, she sat in the room that she shared with Jessica. It was actually Gabrielle's bedroom. There was a bunk bed in there, Elisabeth got the bottom, along with a dresser and a desk.

Her journal was open in front of her as she wrote while waiting for Jessica to finish getting ready for bed.

Starting middle school soon. Still not excited about it. Never will be. Am excited for next weekend though, it's Jason's second birthday. He's still cute. Gabi and Andy brought him over today. It's still weird to me though, having someone call my mom and dad grandma and grandpa, or as he says it, gammy and ganpa.

Right now, daddy and I think that there's something else going on with Gabi though. She seemed, happier than usual. Most times if she has a secret, she'll tell me because she knows I won't tell anyone else, bus this time she hasn't told me anything. Maybe another baby? Daddy seems to think so, but he still hasn't mentioned anything to mom yet.

Anyways, onto another secret. Rachel's got a secret boyfriend. She told him she was thirteen, but she's twelve until December. Funny how the three of us are the same age for a few months there. Back to her boyfriend though, Gabi knows about it and she's the one helping her get ready for her date Friday night. She didn't tell me about it, I heard her phone conversation. That and the fact that she has been obsessing over how she looks every time she goes outside this house. It's the boy living across the street.

Tommy got in trouble today. Daddy caught him trying to put glue in the make up that Rachel stole from mom. Rachel's in trouble too. I think she kind of deserved it, she's a bit too perfect at times. Tommy though, my poor, stupid, little brother. He's ten and he still doesn't know how to do this stuff yet. I have a lot more to teach him. I was actually the one who helped him find a worm and sneak it into this one girl's lunch, Natasha, I think. Doesn't matter, she's a bitch to him and she deserved it.

Setting the pen down, she looked up at herself in the mirror. When it came to her looks, she was basically a carbon copy of her mother. The way she acted though, the way she watched and observed things, she was her father's daughter.

"Hey kid."

Elisabeth looked over and saw House standing in the doorway. She raised her eyebrows to him as she waited for him to talk. He pulled out his wallet and grabbed a five. "Five bucks she announces she's pregnant on Saturday," he offered.

Elisabeth smiled and walked over to her dresser and grabbed a small box that she had been saving her money in and pulled out a five. She held it up to show him and then set it down on top of the box.

"You really don't think she will?" House asked her.

Elisabeth shook her head. She used sign language to tell him that she thought if Gabrielle was pregnant, she would wait until a random time to tell everyone. A time that wasn't focused on some one else.

"As long as you think you have a chance," House remarked, putting his wallet away.

"I saw that," Cuddy informed him as she walked passed.

"Saw what?" he questioned.

Cuddy stopped and stood beside him. "Look, I knew when you were betting with Gabi, and I let it go because she was older. Now you're on to a twelve year old Greg, I can't allow that," she warned.

"Come on, I'm teaching her a valuable lesson. This teaches her logic, common sense, and to never give an answer unless you really believe that you're right. This way she doesn't grow up to be an idiot," he explained. "You don't want idiot children do you?"

Cuddy rolled her eyes. "Gambling isn't the answer. Besides, it's probably not even something worth betting over," she argued. Instead of waiting for House to answer, she looked over to Elisabeth, who shrugged and nodded. She rolled her eyes. She then walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Come here Ellie," she instructed.

Elisabeth walked over and sat down next to her mother.

"This isn't about the gambling," Cuddy stated. "But this is about the doctor's appointment that you had a couple days ago," she said.

Elisabeth looked from Cuddy over to House, who was leaving the room. That wasn't a good sign. She nervously looked back to Cuddy.

"They put you on the list to get a new lung," she explained. "Now, I don't want you to be scared about that. Really, it's a good thing. You'll be able to breathe a lot better, and you won't have to go get your lungs cleaned as often." She comfortingly grabbed her daughter's shoulder. "Now, it could be quite a while before you get one, but when you do, you think you can be brave?" she implored.

Elisabeth just forced a smiled and hugged her. Really, she was terrified. She knew what she had, she wasn't supposed to have. It was a rare disease, and that scared her alone. PAP. She couldn't always remember what it stood for, but it didn't really matter. Either way she knew that according to statistics, she wasn't supposed to even be alive now. She was though. That did ease her thoughts a little, but knowing that she needed a transplant still scared her.

"What's going on?" Jessica questioned as she entered the room.

Cuddy pulled back from Elisabeth. "Just saying good night," she answered and then stood up.

Elisabeth could see that Jessica knew better than that, but Cuddy never did tell the others everything that was going on with her. Gabrielle knew everything that was going on, but maybe because she was old enough to understand.

"Good night mom," Jessica said and then climbed up to her bed.

Cuddy then left the room and closed the door behind her. Elisabeth sat just got into bed. She was expecting Jessica to ask her what had just happened, but she didn't. When a few moments passed, Elisabeth went and turned off the light to go to sleep.