Author's Note: Hello everyone and welcome to my first Supernatural multi-chapter fan fiction! I'm so glad that I finally got a good enough idea to begin writing about. So, this story takes place directly after "Hunted" and there will be plenty of protective Dean and hurt Sam, which I love! Please enjoy!

"Admit it, Dean, you know I'm right," The woman before him began, smiling almost sinisterly. She twirled a curl of her platinum blonde hair around her finger and took another step towards him. Dean didn't flinch, simply held up the gun and waited for her to tell him what he wanted to know. "Gonna kill me, sugah?"

"Tell me where Sam is. " Dean ordered, his tone devoid of all other emotions except fury.

"Sam this, Sam that," The woman prattled, chuckling softly. "Don't worry, sugah, ah made sure that it didn't hurt him." Panic seized Dean and the older brother struggled to keep his fake façade up. He couldn't let this bitch get the upper hand, not with Sam's life on the line. "You always worry about that boy, don't you?"

"He's my brother," Dean affirmed, still ready to shoot the woman dead, not really caring if she was a human or not. "Now, tell me where he is or I'll kill you."

"Kill me?" The woman echoed. "You'd kill an innocent bystander?"

"You're far from innocent." Dean retorted.

"You should thank me for what ah've done," The woman continued, ignoring Dean's snide comment. "Ah've seen Sam's future and trust me, Gordon is right. Sam needs to die."

"Where is he?" Dean spat, fury fully consuming him. "You tell me or I'll—!"

"It's a shame, Dean," The woman said with a small smile on her ruby red lips. "Ah thought you'd understand." She stepped aside and under the streetlights, Dean could make out Sam's body—limp and unmoving. "Don't worry. It was painless."


Sam didn't move and Dean suddenly feared the worst.

Sam was dead.

One week ago—

"How do you feel?" Dean asked for what seemed like the billionth time in the past hour.

"I'm fine," Sam replied, his voice a mix of exasperation and exhaustion. "It's just a few cuts."

"A few cuts?" Dean echoed incredulously. "Sammy, Gordon beat you with a gun and almost killed you!"

"Calm down."

"Don't you tell me to calm the hell down!" Dean bellowed. "Dammit, Sammy, don't you understand? Gordon tried to hunt you, like you were a demon or something!"


"And the fact that he said he had Roadhouse connections," Dean continued on, ignoring Sam's pleas for relaxation. "Sammy, he could've told other hunters. More people could be after you. Dammit!" Dean slammed his hand on the steering wheel of the Impala and Sam winced as the two flew over a speed bump in the road.

"Dean, panicking is going to get us nowhere," Sam explained rationally. "We need to find a motel and get some rest. Maybe we'll think of something in the morning."

"How the hell can you be so calm right now?" Dean growled. "People are trying to kill you!"

"And what do you want me to do, Dean?" Sam snapped, eyes flashing with anger. "Bitch about what's going to happen to me if more hunters come after me? Look, I'm freaked, I really am, but I'm tired and I'm hurt and all I want to do is find a motel and get some sleep, okay?" Dean bit back another snide comment when he finally looked at his brother. He could see the exhaustion eating away at Sam and while the blood on his injuries had stopped flowing, Dean still hadn't had a chance to fully clean them up or bandage them. He could see the logic in Sam's words and despite the panic that threatened to overtake him and rightly so because things were just so messed up right now, Dean bit back the fear and put on his everything's-going-to-be-okay-because-I'm-a-big-brother face.

Which meant that right now, he was going to put his fake façade and pretend like he knew how the hell to protect Sam.

"You're right."

"What?" Sam mumbled.

"I'm not repeating it again, Sammy," Dean snapped and then let a small smirk grace his face. "Now, let's find a motel, all right?"

"Uh-huh," Sam muttered, his eyes drowsily closing. "Dean?"

"Yeah, Sammy?" Sam didn't respond for a few minutes and Dean figured he had fallen asleep.

"Are we gonna be okay?" The question was said in such a weak tone—so fragile, so frightened—that it reminded Dean of when Sam had been sick as a little child. How many times had Sam asked that very same question of him when they were little? Dean placed a hand on Sam's shoulder and squeezed it gently, like he had done when comforting him when Sam had been younger.

"Hell yeah," Dean told him comfortingly. "It's us against the world, Sammy. We're going to be just fine."

Sam didn't reply and Dean took that as a sign that he understood what he had been trying assure him of. Dean then focused his gaze back on the road, speeding down the darkened road as if he could out-run the hunters that could be after Sam. Dean knew he was being paranoid, but after he had almost lost Sam tonight to a rogue hunter, he didn't want to take any chances. He had to find a place to hole up with Sam and plan their next strategy—laying low was a top priority, but he also had to find a way to temporarily disappear. No Ellen, no Jo, no Ash, no Bobby—no one could know anything until Dean felt they were in a same spot.

He would protect Sam at all costs.

"You understand what I'm telling you, Amber?" Gordon talked into the phone. Across the glass, a young blonde woman flashed a grin as she playfully tugged on one of her curls.

"Yes, sugah," Amber purred into the phone. "Ah understand just fine."

"Good," Gordon replied. "So, you take care of him?"

"Honey, it's the least ah could do after everything you've done for me!" Amber exclaimed. "Don't worry, Sam Winchester is as good as dead."

"That's what I like to hear." Gordon told her. "It's good to know that there are still hunters like you out there, Amber."

Amber grinned and then hung up the phone. Grinning, she practically skipped out of the jail. She loved the thrill of the hunt and this Sam Winchester seemed like the perfect guy for her.

"Why are you so happy?" An inmate shouted to her from the walls of the prison. Amber winked at the direction the voice came from. Why shouldn't she be happy?

After all, she had a new target to hunt.

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