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"Hmmm," Amber murmured as she poured the holy water over Sam's head. It washed some of the blood off of his chest from the numerous wounds she had inflicted over the past hour—each cut a different way of checking for a certain supernatural creature—and the young hunter bit his lip to suppress a moan from coming out as the water hit his open wounds. "Well, no reaction to holy water." She made a little note on the piece of paper that she had managed to drag out from the mess that was her purse. Her apron was spotted in blood and she grimaced as she realized that her gloves were completely drenched. She would need to change them before they continued. "It's like you're almost human, Sam."

"I am," He hissed, still defiant though his voice was drained. Blood loss would do that to you. In fact, Amber was surprised he was even conscious at all. The cuts she had made into his wrists had been deep, but apparently not deep enough. She didn't relish the idea of having to cut deeper, but if that was what was required of her, she would do it. "Amber—" A feeling akin to guilt coursed through her veins at the sound of how truly pitiful his voice sounded.

"It'll be over soon, Sam." She attempted to comfort him, though she mentally kicked herself for doing so. He was a monster! Gordon had told her what Sam Winchester would become and she was doing all of humanity a service by killing him. Truly, this was what was best for all parties involved, especially Sam. Dying by her hand was better than dying by his brother's hand. If Amber were in Sam's place, she would be grateful that an outside party was taking care of this because she wouldn't be able to bear the pain of watching her loved one pull the trigger.

This was best.

"Why?" He wheezed, his words slurring as his eyes drooped.

"Why what?" Her hands hovered above the salt, wondering if she should wait until he was unconscious before sprinkling some salt in his wounds.

"Why are you doing this?" With a strength that she hadn't know he had within him, he met her gaze. His hazel eyes locked onto hers and she felt compelled to answer him. He was on his deathbed, for pity's sake. Could she really deny him this?

"For Gordon." She replied, her fingers brushing the container of salt.

"Why?" He pressed. Amber sighed and took a few steps away from him, her eyes locked onto a dark corner of the wall.

"He saved my life. Ah'm in his debt." It was as simple as that. There was no need to elaborate.

"How?" Sam continued, refusing to bow to the effects of blood loss. She could tell his voice was wavering and that it was struggle to remain conscious. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't the least bit impressed by his will.

"He killed my little brother." She spoke quickly, making the words rush together in the hopes that he wouldn't understand.

"Thought you said he died in a hit and run." Sam remarked and she faced him, salt container in her hands.

"He became a monster. He killed my parents. He was going to kill me," She spat, eyes flashing with murderous intent. Forget pity. She was going to make Sam Winchester pay for bringing this up. He was going to suffer before he died. All monsters deserved to suffer. Who knew how many deaths that Sam had caused? Who knew how many families had been torn apart by him? "Gordon killed him and then taught me how to fight back."

"M'not a monster," Sam's eyes drooped as he began to list to one side. "Gordon is."

"Shut up." She growled.

"Amber, you don't have to do this," His eyes were falling close now, though he seemed to desperately fighting for consciousness. "You're not like him. You're not a killer."

"Enough!" She poured salt in his wound and Sam's eyes flew open as a moan of pain passed through his lips. Amber smiled, pleased by herself. "You're the monster, Sam." There was no reaction from the salt and Amber sighed as checked that off her list.

Well, she still had plenty of other things to check for.

"You need to calm down—"

"Calm down?" Dean exploded, his pacing forgotten for a moment as he spun on the older hunter. "Bobby, I almost lost Sam to Gordon and if another hunter has him—"

"Just take a few deep breaths," Bobby ordered gently, his expression uncharacteristically soft. "You yelling at everyone isn't gonna solve anything." Dean sighed and carded a hand through his hair. The two of them had canvased the whole town and aside from that one witness, no one had seen Sam or knew who took him. They had no leads and a huge suspect pool full of hunters.

"Bobby, I just can't . . ." His voice faded and the gruff family friend placed a strong hand on his back.

"Your brother's a fighter," He assured Dean. "He'll hang on until we get to him."

"I know," The eldest Winchester breathed. "It's just . . . it's just too close, you know?" Bobby nodded his head. When he had arrived, Dean had quickly explained the near-fatal encounter with Gordon and after chewing Dean out for not telling him—Idjit! You think that just because Sam sees the future that I'll start hunting him? Jesus, Dean, I've know you two since you were kids! Something like this happens, you call me!—he had begun to mentally go down his list of hunters that he knew. All of them were suspects, but some more than others. If only they could narrow their search . . .

"Just tell me what you two have been doing." Having a task seemed to calm Dean greatly and he recited in careful detail what he and his little brother had been up to. "Wait, Amber?"

"You know her?" Dean questioned.

"Not personally," Bobby admitted. "But word is she was Gordon's apprentice for a few years. She struck out on her own two years ago."

"Well, let's go pay her a visit." Dean hissed, murderous intent flashing in his eyes. Bobby nodded his head and silently wished that Amber had nothing to do with this. She was a young girl and her backstory had one that could rival any sob story. He hadn't blamed her for going with Gordon—the rest of her family had been killed—but God help her if she was behind this. Sob story or not, crossing a line like this was one that warranted a severe punishment. Bobby doubted that Dean would hesitate if it came down to shooting her and the gruff hunter would help if necessary. He thought of these two boys of his own and Sam was hurt, than he would make Amber pay once Dean was done dealing with her.

Family didn't end with blood.

And if Amber was behind this, it was time to teach her that lesson.

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