"Tyson can you come down stairs for a second." Jared said.

"What do you want?" I asked a little annoyed by him interrupting me from beating my game.

"I need your help." He yelled from down the stairs.

"Couldn't you ask mom or dad." I said walking out my room and down the stairs.

"There not our real mom and dad plus, they kinda scare me." Jared said.

"Yes, Nora and Shane are kinda scary, but what do you need?" I asked.

"I need your help for this." Jared said pulling out a baby raccoon from his bag.

"So you need help for a raccoon? You freakish retard why would you keep him in a bag." I said smacking him upside the head.

"He needed help." Jared said grabbing a cage that we once used for a bird we had.

"It's a damn raccoon Jared, Nora will kill us, and what did she say about you going in the woods at night." I said hitting him again.

"I didn't know what to do it was being attacked by a big raccoon, and I didn't get hurt." Jared said wincing a little when he bent down.

"Lift your shirt up Jared." I said walking towards him.

"Fine but its not that bad, just a little scratch." Jared said wincing just to lift his shirt.

"Look you have scratch marks all over your stomach, did your stupid butt go out without a shirt." I said.

Before Jared could answer the front door opened as I grabbed his hand and grabbed the Raccoon running up the stairs.

"Jared!, Tyson!, get your asses down here now!" Nora yelled holding bags.

"Yes Nora." Jared said earning him a slap across the face "Mom!" He yelled holding his cheek.

"Mind your manners Jared, Now both of you up with your shirts." Shane said checking our stomachs for bruising or scratches.

"Jared, Again, I thought we said no more woods without Ty." Shane said.

Shane can be the fatherly type but on the other hand Nora was just down right pissed off at him.

"Jared Andrew Atwood you've been in the woods again haven't you." she said "And Tyson this is your fault you know, you two are nothing but trouble since your parents died." Nora said.

"Nora."Shane said as Jared started to cry silently.

"You two should have died in that fire as well as your parents, you two don't deserve life because you are just ungrateful children, and I've about had enough of it." Nora said slapping Jared once more for crying "Stop that crying boy."

"Nora stop it, do you think hitting us will do any different,You have no respect for anyone but yourself you know, And Shane we love you like a father but I have to do this to both of you, Nora I hate you with all my heart and now, you die for it." I said throwing the lighter at Nora's shirt which caught fire and she hit Shane who's shirt did the same.

"Tyson, we have to run now." Jared said walking up the stairs behind me.

when we entered our room, I grabbed mine and Jared's clothes, and put them in a bag as he put the raccoon in the cage. We began to run out the door to the street and didn't stop running.

Tyson's PoV

It's been 6 years since the day I killed Shane and Nora. But I'm proud I did, we didn't deserve to live like that definitely if your only 10.

"Ty, Mark wants us home by 10 tonight." Jared said.

"Okay that's fine." I said.

Mark and Amy are our best friends and they know our past, plus there all 17 so they live on there own.

"It's today huh." Jared said. "It's the day you killed them." He added in.

"Shh, no one needs to hear, do you want me to be in jail for murder." I said hitting him upside his head.

Me and Jared are identical twins so if me and Jared go in front of a mirror it's like seeing double except he dyed red highlights in his hair.

"Hey baby, hey Ty, what you guys up to." Ally said kissing Jared on the cheek.

"Nothing much just about to head to the mall and meet, Eric, Mark, Sydney, Kendra, and Elise." Jared said winking at me when he said Elise which Ally happen to catch.

"No way, you like Elise." Ally said holding her hands to her face.

"So why does it matter to you." I said a little pissed that Jared made it a little obvious.

"Well just that she likes you too, I mean who wouldn't, you have dirt blonde hair, blue eyes, and a great personality." Ally said.

"Well that's all true, very true. so today I'll ask her out, but first, lets all get to the mall." I said laughing a bit.

"Yeah, so who's driving us there?" Ally asked.

"" Jared said.

"Well into the car we go then." I said opening the car door for Ally to get into the back of Jared's red Ford Mustang 2012.

We got to York dale Shopping Center in like, five to ten minuets because we took back streets. When we arrived to the mall Eric and Kendra where in a hot make-out, then Mark and Sydney where flirting so much they didn't notice us walk over to them, Elise was looking at flower's, her favorite.

"Why don't you two breath for once." Ally said.

"We breath but its only for a short moment." Eric said.

"Well anyways, once you guys finish kissing and flirting lets go, and by finish I mean now." Ally said.

"Hey, why don't we go to the hmv to buy some music." Elise said.

"Okay that works." I said earning a grin from her "Now if me and Elise could stop being fifth wheels we can go."

"You wouldn't be one if you guys dated." Mark said in a singly tone.

I looked over at Elise who was looking down blushing which caused me to start blushing.

"Aw look there both blushing." Jared said gesturing over to Elise.

"Okay, okay, I get the hint." I mumbled walking over to Elise "Hey, uh... Elise can I um, talk to you for a minuet." I said making a fool of myself but she agreed to talk to me anyways.

We walked over to the bench not to far from the others but out of sight and out of ear shot.

" I hear you like someone huh?" I asked.

"Yeah, and I hear you like someone as well." Elise said getting redder.

"Yeah, but who you like is my question." I said, adjusting my self to face her as she did the same.

"Why don't you tell me first." She said smiling.

"Okay, how about I describe her instead." I said as she nodded in agreement.

"She has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a great personality and shes beautiful." I said blushing.

"Well the person I like has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and is captain of the hockey team, and has a wonderful personality and happens to be sitting next to me." She said grabbing my hand and holding it.

"Hey, Elise?" I said.

"Yeah." She said.

"Will you go out with me?" I asked.

"That depends, is this a joke." She said.

"Nope, my own question for the answer yes." I said.

"Then yes." Elise said pulling me into a loving embrace but got ruined just as I was enjoying it.

"It's about time you lover's got together, we've been behind the wall for like five hours now." Kendra said.

"Oh shut up Kendra." I said grabbing Elise's hand to lift her off the bench, but deciding to hold it the whole day.

"Oh, look there already acting like a couple." Sydney said making me and Elise turn red.

"Well let's head for hmv!" Elise said gripping my hand harder so we could run to the store.

We ran though out the mall all of us laughing together, until Sydney fell in the middle of a crowed.

"Smooth Sydney, smooth." I said pissing her off more than she already was.

"Shut up Ty!" Sydney said being picked up by Mark.

"Are you okay?" Mark asked her.

"Yeah I'm fine." Sydney said.

"Well, where is hmv anyways?" I said.

"It should be on the other side of the mall." Ally said.

"Do you know how big this mall is!" Kendra exclaimed.

"Well I do now." Ally said looking at the mall map.

"Well let's get a move on then." I said glancing over at Elise's smiling face.

Today's going to be wonderful.

Chapter 2 will be up as soon as possible.