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Cold Poison

Ivy laid in her cell as her whole body went numb. For the past few days she hardly ate and sometimes barely slept. All because of a woman named Harley Quinn. A few weeks ago Harley became very sick. Her face became chalky white and she shivered from her fevers. Even her eyes lost all trace of life and to Ivy's dismay the prison doctors said she may not make it. Remembering the last time she saw Harley, they were in their cell talking. Harley was telling jokes when she suddenly began to cough real badly and soon broke into a cold sweat. As her face went whiter she collapsed right into Ivy's arms. Ivy screamed for help as she held Harley in her arms. Before the doctors took Harley away she managed to look up at Ivy and she said," Don't worry Red I'll be fine". Gave her a weak smile and was taken away.

All of Ivy's life revolved around nature and punishing the ones who tried to destroy it. Now she would give up a thousand rainforests just to have Harley back in her arms. To love her and hold her real close while they kissed. But now that may never happen and Ivy could not bear to think of living on this Earth without Harley by her side. She brought joy to Ivy's world and warmed her once cold heart. Ivy rescued her from the Joker and Harley became not only her girlfriend but her soul mate. She just couldn't lose her and that was it. "Oh Harley please don't leave me", Ivy begged as tears streamed down her face. All those times she used poisons to punish people and now she was poisoned herself. This poison was the most dangerous one of all, a poison called depression.

Suddenly a guard opened the cell door. "Go away", Ivy mumbled.

"Hey I brought something to cheer you up", he said with a smile.

"Nothing can possible cheer me", Ivy muttered.

"Don't be so sure Red", came a familiar voice.

Ivy's blue eyes widened as she sat up. Could it be? She wondered. She turned around to face the voice and Ivy's face immediately lit up. Their standing in the doorway was Harley Quinn. Harley emerald green eyes lighted up the room her golden blonde hair in two pigtails. "I'll leave you two ladies alone", the guard said as he shut and locked the door. Harley smiled and happily skipped over to Ivy.

"So, Red did ya miss?" Harley asked. Ivy just grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her lips. When she let go Harley said", I'll take that as a yes". Ivy laughed her first laugh in weeks and then she began to cry. Harley frowned at this because she hated seeing Ivy upset. She decided to tell Red a joke. "Hey Red why didn't the fish cross the road?" she asked. "Cause he didn't have any guts get it fish guts ha-ha", Harley laughed gleefully. Ivy just held Harley closer kissing every part she could reach.

"Promise me you will never scare me like that again", she cried.

"I promise," Harley whispered softly. Then Ivy pulled Harley on top of her and said", I know how you can make me feel better", with a sly grin on her face. Harley returned the grin and gave Ivy a passionate kiss. Yes Ivy had been badly poisoned but Harley was the cure. They made love only to each other forever.

The End