In the morning at 9AM, a tennis match occurs between two women. On the left is aspiring model, Misa Amane. Her choice of clothes appears to be wearing a black short sleeve shirt and tight shorts. To her front is a fairly young looking adult with brown hair. Her name is Fujiko Mine. Her choice of clothes appears to have cleavage as usual. In fact, she's wearing a black tracksuit with her jacket's zipper opening up to show she's not wearing a shirt underneath.

Now the match begins.

Misa's first to serve. In fact, she makes a serve so good that even Fujiko can't hit back.

"What do you think about that?"

"Well, Misa," Fujiko started speaking. "I guess that when you're first to serve, you score first."

"Well, let's continue then, Fujiko."

As the match rages on, the two women appear to have good reflexes, not to mention speed in getting the scores high. By the end of the match, Misa has won.

Now for the second round.

It's Fujiko's turn to serve. She makes the serve so fast that Misa can't even hit back. She smirks from this.

Now that is for the serve from the first round.

In this match, these two have appeared to have more tough than ever in hitting the ball back to each other. As the scores rise, Fujiko's score appears to be higher than Misa's; therefore she wins.

The final round.

Misa serves again.

Now I'm going to win this final round.

Unfortunately for her, despite all that practice she had last week, she has lost the match. Therefore, Fujiko wins. Despite for the loss, Misa remains cheerful as ever.

"Now that it's over, why don't we return this equipment back at the shed?"

"Why not?" Fujiko replied.

Inside the tool shed is the equipment for a tennis match. Besides that, there's also equipment for basketball and soccer. Additionally, there's also volleyball and the nets used. After putting all the equipment back, Misa started a conversation.

"I got something to tell you, Fujiko, and I think it's going to surprise you."

You got something to tell me? At a time like this? Fujiko thought. Just what is it?

"What's that, Misa?" she started.

"I saw you at the jewel store last night. You were wearing a black leather catsuit that has cleavage as usual, and running around, and acting like a weirdo in that outfit as if you're planning to rob the place or something."

While she's talking about this predicament, Fujiko started to sweat in fear of this. In fact, she looks afraid of what Misa just found out about her.

What was Misa doing in there last night? She's gonna give me trouble!

"Hey, now that I thought about it, maybe that's your deal, huh, Fujiko?" Misa continues on. "Maybe you were into some drama class and you're rehearsing for a play of your very own. Come to think of it, I saw other four weird people in there, too. Those must be your co-stars."

Fujiko realizes that she's talking about Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and their enemy, Inspector Zenigata. To think she didn't realize Misa has caught all that action last night.

"I think there's some explosive equipment to make the smoke appear, not to mention how that guy with the red jacket, blue shirt, and yellow necktie managed to make smoke appear out of his handgun..."

While Misa explains of what she saw, Fujiko started to gather her thoughts of this.

I'm just lucky Misa's a total idiot. It's like I dodged another bullet.

"...I don't know what's with that samurai fellow, but he sure is a weirdo," Misa finishing her explanation. "I mean, what's with that getup?"