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Chapter 1

Uzumaki Naruto could not really understand what had happened that has led him to this point in life as he floated down stream the Valley of the End. He blinked his eyes since he could everything in perfect detail than he used to before. However that is not what has him in his current state of mind as he watched Sasuke's unconscious body laying on the ground near Shodaime's foot or at least he remembered before his body drifted from the waters. His body felt so weak after his battle against Sasuke as it took him to his physical limits.

Now he looked at the clearing sky as if everything was telling him a truth that is reality. Is that no matter what how much he would try or the people he cared for in his life, it was all for not. Because he was a jinchuuriki a human that would always be seen as a creature below they're feet. But even with this one truth about how the people of Konoha were to him in his life. He would never accept that information as he knew that he was indeed a human being that can be like anyone else in the world or his name was not Uzumaki Naruto.

After getting this one thought into his mind he then used all the strength he had to get out of the water. Only to lose his balance once he reached the went ground that will slowly turn into mud in a matter of moments. However he was shocked to see that he did not make an impact on the ground like he was suppose to. But rather he felt the warmth of a human body against his whiskered cheek as he became a bit shocked at this turn up event. He then slowly looked up to see the eyes of a man he did not expect to be here. Because the person was none other than Uchiha Itachi who did not have his sharingan activated. No, his eyes were onyx that is like normal members of Uchiha clan that did not have sharingan or those who do not activate their bloodline. Naruto then cursed at his luck seeing that he was going to finally be captured by Akatsuki before his world went black.

The blond jinchuuriki opened his eyes because the bright sunlight that shined down on his face brought him out of his sleep. He then slowly got up to find himself sitting down on a comfortable bed. Blinking a couple of times in confusion, did he finally remembered what happened. Looking around to find any change of clothes to put on before trying to make an escape. However that thought soon came to a screeching halt when he saw Itachi coming in with a tray of food.

"I see that you have finally waken up Naruto-kun." Said Itachi as he placed the food tray on a desk nearby. "Calm down, you are not in a Akatsuki hiding base. Rest assured that you are in my personal safe house that no one from Akatsuki knows about and in my prefect care for the time being." He looked to the blond sitting in a corner with a look of pure horror.

"His prefect care!" Thought the whiskered blond. "Why do I have to be captured by weirdos and its bad enough that I incidentally kissed his stupid brother because some dumb-ass could stay in his fucking seat! Now I am gonna be his older brother slave, Nnnoooo!"

"Get the hell away from me!" Roared Naruto as he stood up with a look of desperation. "I ain't gonna be some slave to you or anything for that matter.!"

Itachi could only look at the blond in confusion at what he said. "What is he talking about?" Thought the sharingan wielder. "Listen I think that you are not understanding the situation here." He spoke calmly. "Please sit down, I know that you are asking why I did not turn you over to Akatsuki."

This caught Naruto's attention since he expected anything from Akatsuki would look more gloomy or something that reeked of bad guys. But then he noticed that Itachi is wearing something similar to the ANBU uniforms in Konoha. "Now, I know that you have a lot of questions to ask why your not in the organizations grasp yet." Spoke Itachi. "Or why am I not trying to capture you for the moment." He sees Naruto nod his head. "This is going to be a very long story to tell and somethings will change the way you see things in the world. But keep in mind that human tend to fear what they do not understand or sometimes because of envy like with Sasuke. Don't interrupt me until I have finished my story that only very few know of the truth. One being a bit more annoying than some and one other who is obsessed with power."



3yrs. Later

A figure dressed with blond unruly hair sat on the edge of a cliff that is overseeing a small village in the distance. On his back is a large black meat cleaver sword with a metal grip with the blade being covered in wraps. His outfit being black with outlines on the rim of his open haori that shows off his chest.

[A/n: Think of Sasuke's outfit in Team Taka being black with white outlining on the hoari after the three year skip]

His hands having black markings crossing over his fists going a little past the wrists and the same could be said for his exposed chest. On his neck is what would look like a neck piece of armor being black with bone white marks on it.

It had been three years since Itachi took him over the great wall that blocked the Elemental Nations from the west for training away from prying Naruto did not like the idea of copying jutsus like how his former sensei and former best friend did things that they considered training. But Itachi assured him that using this method would prove to be very useful in the long run. Along with telling the blond Naruto learning of his lineage from the rouge Uchiha, that both his parents were powerful in their own rights, mainly his father was famous. Yondaime Hokage, Konoha's Kiiroi Senko, Namikaze Minato and his mother Uzumaki Kushina Aka Arashi. But the most shocking news for the blond jinchuuriki was the reason behind gaining sharingan. Itachi theorized that one of his grandparents was Uchiha and the gene passed by a generation. But somehow awakened during his battle with Sasuke at the Valley of the End to full maturity in the aftermath of it all.

Itachi then taught him the true purpose of using Kage Bushin no jutsu to the blond. Little did Naruto even know that this was the reason he was able to out smart his enemies during battle. But was more impressed with the method Itachi instructed him to use for his training. It was difficult at first to use the methods in training because it caused him so mental strain at first. But he eventually learned to get used to the pain as he fully developed his powers and met with the Kyuubi no Kitsune, later revealed his name to be Kurama.

Kurama spoke with his container about many things, of course this was after a small battle of wills. In which Naruto won by never giving in to his more darker desires. He knew that once he walked down this path of darkness, there would be no coming back for him. The fox stared into the blonds eyes as if he were looking at another person standing before him. Then with a great sigh, Kurama told Naruto that chakra could actually be used as separate parts to unlocking a long forgotten power. But the he would have to fight a battle that very well may end his existence. The blond without any doubt in his heart accepted what may be his last battle. No one knew what happened from that point on. However when Naruto finished his battle,

Naruto learned as much as he could under his real sensei, one who did not brush him off for a book or one who let his perverted nature take most of his time. No, Itachi made sure that the small blond worked each jutsu the was copied from him to perfection in his standards. Naruto would not have had it any other when it came to training. But like all good things in life, things had to come to an end for the two as Akatsuki called his sensei back. The blond asked if he would ever see his mentor again sometime in the future. Only for the older male to flick his forehead and promised that he would. With a smile on his face, he watched the man that became a true brother to him leave.

That happened at the end of the second year in their training. Naruto looked back where his older brother once stood as he no longer could see his form because of walking over the small hill. He then turned himself around to start his own path that he would forge with his own hands.

The whiskered blond closed his eyes for a moment to walk away from the site of the village. But stopped when he heard the cries of a battle taking place. He did not want to get in the mix of another battle going on since he came off a small war in the northern area in the western continent. For a moment he listened to what is happening below and the calls for help were pulling his heart.

Touka Village

Aisha along with her friends Rinrin, Shuri, Sei, Sui, Shion and her daughter Riri looked at the battlefield where their enemies fell. Due to Ryuubi's incompetence of underestimating the enemy forces and not wanting to wast soldiers on defending the village. These women set out to defend the people that are not even apart of the war. Shion provided the group some distance with her archery in the gate tower behind her friends, with her daughter Riri bringing arrows to her mother. Aisha with Rinrin were covering each other as they fought off their enemies with their spears. The same could be said for Sei and Sui as they too are using the same method as their friends. Shuri watched the battle from the same tower as Shion to make sure their friends were safe in battle.

"I didn't think that had more soldiers in the wait when Shunran came with her forces to aid us." Said Aisha as she parried a sword attack before striking the assailant down. "You think they were just waiting to see how much troops were deployed before going on a full attack?"

Shunran looked to Aisha for a moment who took out a bandit. "It appears so." She commented before fighting back again. "I guess bandits are not as brainless as I thought." Shunran then rolled out of the way before looking up. "Watch it! That arrow almost hit me!"

Shion then bowed her head apologetically at the red dressed woman. "Sorry about that." She said as she began to fire again when her daughter Riri came up with some more arrows. "I brought some more Kaa-chan." The purple haired woman smiled. "Thank you Riri."

"Whhee, how come they wont give up already?" Whined Rinrin feeling her muscles begging for rest as they rest of the girls. The moment she said this, the enemy back off for a moment as if they gave up. That was far from the case as they gathered with their reinforcements before looking at the girls who are heading the defense of village.

"Tch, I knew I should have brought more soldiers with me." Shunran stated as she prepared to fight once more not to disappoint Karin by losing here.

But then a figure dressed in black holding a large meat cleaving sword on his back with the blade being covered in wraps. The figure turned out to be a male blond teen with unruly hair that flowed in the wind with his front lock shadowing his eyes for a moment.

What the girls would not see were the red eyes with three tomoes surrounding the pupil. But the next thing they would see would shock them to their very core. Because it was little short of that being a massacre as the blond charged the enemy with unrelenting force. Killing all those who stood before him and those the that chose to run away from the blond left with not wanting to fight the new enemy that appeared. When the battle finally ended in the village being saved. The mysterious blond did not turn around as he sensed a surviving member of the enemy stand.

"Give up, you have no chance of defeating me." Said the blond with closed eyes and his hair still covering his doujutsu. "Never! I would rather die than to run away like a coward!" Yelled the bandit as he grabbed a short sword. "I see..." The black clad blond said sadly hearing the bandit gaining some speed in running.

Aisha along with the others started to hear the crackling of lightning nearby and they noticed that there is no cloud in the sky. Only to hear the sound getting louder when the blond male turn around to face the battered enemy. Their eyes widen when they saw lightning covered his entire hand as he ran at the bandit before hearing the words.


Naruto dodge the sword strike to punch the man with enough force to sen him high in the air. He did not stop with the attack before jumping high above his enemy with his fist still covered in lightning. The bandit saw the blond above him before being hit with a kick which sent him crashing down to the ground. Naruto did not stop his attack as he came falling down before cocking his lightning covered hand and the moment he collided with the bandit. A powerful burst of lightning erupted from the spot of the collision of the two men.

After moments of seeing such an attack coming off a human being, they saw the blond walk out unscathed. His hand looking completely normal once again and his sharingan deactivated from being visible. He stopped in his tracks to see everyone defending the village with gaping faces.

"What? Are my clothes all torn or something?" He asked as he started checking himself over for any rips or holes on his clothes. He then scratched the back of his head at getting a bit uncomfortable silence. "Can all you stop looking like fish please." He sweat dropped.

The next day after seeing Shunran departing from the group of girls with the one male named Uzumaki Naruto. Who leaning against the wall with his eyes closed for a moment before turning his gaze to the red clad woman and waved a hand in recognition. The woman then turned around to return to her cousin, Karin's side once again.

The girls then turned to new arrival to with apprehension who is leaning against a wall. He looked back at them with a bored look in his eyes. "Is there, something I can help you with?" He asked when he saw the one with long purple hair stood up. "Why did you save us?" Shion asked holding her only daughter close to her. "Not many people would help anyone in a losing situation without wanting something in return."

Naruto then smirked at the group of girls in front of them which put them on edge. "Then I guess I am among them the few who would help without a reward." He answered. "Is it truly that hard to find someone who helps people because he wants to." Sees the skeptical look on the girls before sighing." Truly the world is pretty messed up beyond belief."

Aisha looked at the way the new arrival is dressed as it looked strange from their own or any others for that matter and the power to control lightning as he did, it was inhuman. "T-The Prophecy was true!" She exclaimed which caught everyone's attention. "You are the Messenger of Heaven." Naruto gave her a confused look before saying. "The what?" Everyone looked to Aisha to continue. "The Messenger of Heaven is said to be able to bring peace to the land. Your physical features, clothing you wear and the power you displayed last night! You must be the Messenger of Heaven."

"Listen lady, I ain't no Messenger of Heaven that's for damn sure." Said Naruto waving his hand off. "Whatever you think I am has to be someone else who is not tainted." He grinned at the girls and for a split second they saw one of the reasons why he considered himself tainted before walking back to the village for rest. "Messenger of Heaven, tch... I am far from ever being someone who is bless with the light. The power of Sharingan will never be cleansed from the blood that has been spilled. What would you say to me Kaa-san, Tou-san?"



Hours later, Ryuubi's Main Camp

Aisha along with her friends stood at the gate with leader of the volunteer army, Ryuubi greet them happily. But Naruto noticed that the girls looked less than pleased to see this man. To him, he seemed to be like a complete moron with nothing going on for him.

Naruto completely ignored the person as he did not really seem to be worth the time to listen to. But that came to a screeching halt when he heard Riri say something about him being a bad man. He watched the man ride away on a horse, like a bat out of hell. Shion said that Ryuubi kidnapped Riri to make her perform an assassination for him. He then watched Aisha and Rinrin yell in shock at what their new friend told them.

Shion then turned to the direction where the man fled to. "His words about being a prince of the royal family is probably a lie." She said with an angry face, but stopped when she saw their new friend walk in the direction the man left in. "Ara, where are you going Naruto-kun?"

"I'll be back just going to find out something." He lied somewhat waving his hand lazily as he preferred to travel alone. Minutes later he came to a small open tea shop to relax for a moment after arriving in Joshou. The blond sat on the top floor of the tea house when the waitress arrived with his order. "Hey miss." He said to see the waitress blush at him. "Y-Yes s-sir, h-how may help you." She asked.

"Where can I talk to someone about information." He asked pulling out a bag of gold coins and pulled the string to show the coins are gold. He saw the waitress look at the bag for a moment or two before walking away for a few moments and coming back with another woman. "I take it that you are the one I can get some info."

"Indeed I am." Said the woman as she tossed the bag of coins to the waitress. "So what kind of info do you need handsome?"

The whiskered blond could only smirk at the remark before getting serious. "I need to know about this man who was in Joshou for the past few days named Ryuubi." He saw the woman in front of him narrow her eyes. "I take it that the guy is really not who he says he is."

"Considering the fact that Ryuubi or Touka is actually a she." Said the owner of the tea shop before looking at the blond for a moment. "She would often come here in disguise to relax, but lately I have not seen her." The woman watched the blond get up from his seat to toss another bag to her. "What's this for?"

Naruto then smirked at the seated woman for a moment. "That is for giving me some real info and looks like I have an imposter to catch." He said before going to a window and jumping down on the stone street. "Well, I don't want to leave without saying goodbye to the girls. But its better that I travel alone for this one."



2 Days later

One dirt road is Uzumaki Naruto who is traveling by himself once again, he may felt a little guilty for not saying anything to those he helped. But he thought that chasing this imposter that had threatens anyone with kidnapping loved ones is far more important. Leaving in the night of the same day as he learned from tea shop owner where the fake Ryuubi traveled to.

Right now, he couldn't wait to shove a rasengan into the man's chest or slowly impaled him on Zangetsu's blade for all he cared. Either way, people like this man disgusted him to no limits and was one of few types of people he truly hated in the world. But these thoughts came to an end when he heard something that scared the living hell out of him.

"NNAARUUTOOOO!" Yelled several voices at once from a distance.

The blond who is not trusting his better judgement in hightailing out at full speed to lose his pursuers. Instead he turned his head to with a creaking sound coming from his neck. He did not see anything but a dust trail off in the distance and knew the female fury that is following with that. "Now what to do, run away now to getting beaten into a pulp by them later or stay where I am to hopefully get a lesser punishment." He thought to himself.

Later that day he not only did get an earful, but also got a small slap on the wrist by Shion. They asked why he did not join them for watching the peach field with them. He answered truthfully with the reason why he is traveling by himself. Naruto told that he did not think them to be weak or need saving from anyone. Rather, he was used to traveling by himself in the world now to track down the imposter.

"Why the sudden interest that coward?" Asked Aisha when Naruto countered saying. "Because I hate people who threaten others by using children for their own needs. That along with hypocrites, arrogant people, traitors and rapists are the people I can't stand the most." He looked away for a moment with his eyes looking in the distance. "When I do find that guy, I am gonna do things, that is going to make you see me differently. Better to part ways now than to see something like that, and I am not this Messenger of Heaven would not do things the way I have in mind for that imposter."

He had hoped this would somehow deterred them from seeing him again. But to his shock, they simply decided to travel with him in hopes of seeing justice be done. Much to his disappointment of his strategy failing him miserably. Either that or he did it all wrong as Itachi was able to do something like that with some people who wanted to follow them. He just couldn't figure out how his older brother could pull that off, and not him.

"Tch, do whatever you like." He replied annoyingly much to the delight of the girls as this was the start of his journey in the west. Mentally he was whining his eyes out at not being cool like Itachi as they traveled together.

Shion watched her daughter walk up to the blond and wave her hand down to kneel down. Which he did since he always did have a soft spot for children. Riri touched his face in random places before moving his hair to see his sapphire eyes and smiled happily at him. "You really are a good guy." Riri said happily which made Naruto's eyes widen for a brief moment.

"They say that children can see the truth behind people with one gaze." Aisha spoke bending down to Naruto. "If she can see that you are a honorable person. Then you must be the skilled actor to hide your self worth from a child and you are pursuing a dangerous man to prevent something that happened to Shion-san days ago. That alone says a lot about you."



Months Later

After arriving in a small town in the area of the western side of the continent. Naruto separated from the girls to gather information on the man who used Shion. The reason, well the one thing he learned under Itachi, is that some of the lowest places do have accurate information. With the right incentives, he could get all sorts of information, that were more than truthful. But unlike the white haired Gama Sennin, he would not succumb to desires of the flesh.

So Naruto walked into the brothel, hoping that none of the girls seen him walk in. He was soon met with women swooning over to him for his looks. Though not like his former teacher Jiraiya, he kept a straight poker face on and asked for the one in charge. He would later get a shock by the fact that the owner of this place is a married couple.

After being lead to the owner private room he waited for a moment before being greeted by the couple. The three of them made some small talk about the establishment, before the husband made a serious face to the blond. "Since you are not here looking for a wild night. I assume that you are here for information of sorts." Stated the husband not taking his eyes off Naruto who smirked and tossed a bag the size of a soccer ball. "I know how things work, ou-san." Said Naruto.

The male co-owner did not look at the bag on the table as his wife made a move to open it. Her eyes then widen at the contents inside before showing her husband who also looked inside and smirked at the whiskered blond. "Well seems like you know the trade." He said before making a motion for his wife to bring some drinks.

"What can I say, my nii-san taught me enough to know my profession." Said the blond coolly before crossing his legs leisurely. He then watches the female co-owner pour them drinks and they take small sips of the wine. "Now on to business, I'm looking for a man with short black hair, dressed in black and white armor, with a red cloak that has a collar of white feathers going around his neck. But he carries a very particular jeweled sword on his waist."

Both owners frowned at the description of the man being mentioned by the blond. Naruto noticed the looks on their faces and knew that this guy was here and most likely pissed these two off somehow. But he could care less for what goes on in a brothel unless it was a murder. "I take it the pretty boy was here." Said Naruto seeing the husband break the cup in his hands.

"That ain't the half of it!" Said the husband. "That little prick tried to steal some money from this place. Says that it would help him fund for a new army to help in the war. The guy kept saying he is from the royal family and said that he answered to no one. But when I went up to him, the little shit started to beg for his life and tried to pay me off with his sword."

Naruto later inwardly scowled when the owners said they sold the sword to someone else. But was relieved to hear that the guy he is searching for is not very far. Finishing his drink he was about to leave the brothel, but decided to leave through the window. So that none of the girls see him coming out of such a place and hoped to avoid getting a beating by them. He started to jump rooftop to rooftop so that he could reach the other exit to the town. From the height in his jumps, he could see only three possible paths to where the imposter ran off to. Thinking for a moment in wanting to use his Kage bushin no jutsu. Only to decided against the plan all together since he was not entirely sure that the west knew of ninjas of the east. Sure some people in the west regarding them as myths or legends to control the elements. But disregard the opinions of the people as he did not want to cause a scene to prove a point.

The blond jinchuuriki stopped in his small trip to see the guards at the gate when he saw the short blue haired, white clad girl named Sei on the street. Naruto then jumped into an alley way before walking to the girl with her spear in hand as she looked to be in search of something.

"Are you looking for something Sei-chan?" Said a voice from the side which caused her to jump in being startled. "Ah! N-Naruto-k-san." She said in a surprised voice when she turned to see the blond. "Yo!"

"I really wish that you would stop doing that." She leaned up placing her hands on her hips. "You might get your injured because out of reflex with our weapons and we don't want you to get hurt."

"You don't need to worry about me." He said with placing his hands behind his head. "So what's got you out here yourself?" Naruto then saw the blue haired girl stop in her walk to look at the whiskered blond. "Oh yeah, everyone asked me to lead to the Inn for the night."

Sei then smelled something on his breath when he spoke then a sly smile appeared n her face. "So you been drinking huh." She said with her smile never leaving and Naruto starting to sweat.

"So what about the Inn where we are staying for the night." Trying to change the subject so that he would not get in trouble.

"ONII-CHAN!" Yelled the voice of Rinrin coming from behind the Sei as she is accompanied by the rest of the group. "Where were you?"

"Ehya, just talking to some people ya'know." He said with a bored voice. "Nothing really important to sa-."

"He was drinking." Sei interrupted the blond teen who sweat dropped before smiling. "Now, it's not what you girls think." The blue haired girl closed her eyes in offense. "Please, I can smell the booze on your breath."

"Mah mah, it is just strong tea." The was poor lie on his account and did one thing he never thought he would do.

"That's a lie." The girls thought as one.

Later That Night

The girls in the group starting eating to their hearts content(Mianly Rinrin & Sei) while a tied up Naruto just watched with anime tears. Because the food looked really good to eat and knew that this is what he gets for lying. All he could do was watch them eat for the time being and wait to be untied by them. Sadly, that did not seem to be the case as they left him like that to go into the open bath to wash up before going to bed.

Later in the night Naruto closed his eyes before activating his Sharingan and used his doujutsu to see the all the girls are asleep. He then moved his arms for a moment or two before dislocating it all together with a popping sound. Despite being hungry and not being able to eat for his stupidity, he left out the window to get some distance away from everyone before using his Kage bushin jutsu to gather information in three locations. The sun kissed blond waited for his clones to dispel themselves in a place away from prying eyes. The felt slight discomfort in his head for a moment before looking to the north. He then did the one thing would make any person scream in his position, popping his arms back in place.

"So that's where you went faker." Naruto said silently before going his normal speed to hopefully catch up to the imposter.

He wasted no time in stopping for a break since he wanted to get back to the Inn before dawn. But knowing his own luck that did not include gambling sucked. He readied himself for whatever happens afterwards as he could careless about any punishment and the only thing that mattered to him was finding the fake Ryuubi before he tried something that would surely piss him off again.

It did not take the whiskered blond very long in tracking the fake Ryuubi to a small camp where he is cooking something for himself. The guy looked pretty smug with the fist he is cooking considering that he no longer has any fame or political power anymore. He even started talking about looking to scam another person for his next move. Naruto could only scowled at hearing what this man's obsessing rants about power. So much that it reminded him of his former friends Uchiha Sasuke.

Having heard enough of listening to this person did Naruto make his appearance and the imposter demanded to know who is. "About time I caught up to you, Ryuubi Gentoku." Said Naruto in his own monotone voice and having his sharingan activated. "I heard that you were from the Royal Family."

The imposter was afraid at being addressed as Ryuubi, but calmed down when this person thought he is from the royal family and saw this a chance given to him. "Indeed I am." Said the imposter. "My camp is not to far from here, so I'm just here to relax the night away." Looks at Naruto's sword for a moment. "Heh that is one impressive sword you go there. Even I can incredible power coming off it, with it I can get back on track with fame and riches." The imposter the gives a friendly smile. "Do you mind if I can see that sword of yours."

"Mmm, how about no to that." Said Naruto coldly. "I heard about you from Shion-san and the thing of kidnapping her daughter to make her kill Aisha-chan." The fake Ryuubi becomes frozen in fear as Naruto walked to his person. "You see I really can't stand people like you who use anything for self gain and I know your type too. The moment you notice that losing a battle, you would just leave those who fight for you to die as you save yourself without a second thought." Raised his sword up high as it starts to glow. "You want to see my sword? Well then here it is!"

The last thing the fake Ryuubi would ever see were a pair of glowing red eyes with three tomoes circling the pupil before begin blinded by a white flash.

The next day Naruto walked back into town with his sword strapped by red beads that go around his chest to his right shoulder blade. He knew the girls were going to get mad at him for leaving without saying anything. But for him it was better to get rid of a person like the fake Ryuubi without anyone watching. Good thing that there was a river nearby to get himself washed up and the gate he left through had a small tea shop near the exist so he can eat.

After returning to town to get some much needed breakfast that he missed out on dinner. Naruto pulled out some gold coins, that is more than enough for his meal. However just as he was going to take that first savoring bit a chill ran down his spin from feeling killing intent behind himself. Going over his options on what to do next he sighed before eating his meal as it is much needed.

Hours Later

Naruto was walking back to Touka village. The girls had appeared behind him after he finished eating and with the exceptions of Rinrin, Shuri and Riri the rest were pissed off for ditching them again, but after explaining that Ryuubi wouldn't be a problem anymore they seem to be more forgiven and more remarks from them about being the Messenger of Heaven.

"So how did you figure out I was gone?" Asked the former Konoha ninja who is sporting a bump on the head.


Aisha finished getting dressed as the others looked ready to leave back to Touka village. "You know, maybe we should get Naruto-kun something to eat." She said sounding a little guilty for tying him up and noticed that everyone else felt the same way. "He looked really hungry last night and I am sure he won't be too mad at us for leaving like we did."

Rinrin having to be the fastest got up to see if their new friend is awake. "I'll go check on him and see what he would like for dinner." She said happily who is followed by Riri. "Wait for me Rinrin-onee-chan!"

Shuri placed a finger on her chin in thought. "What do you think Naruto-kun's favorite meal is?" Sei was about to say something when the two youngest members of the group came panting.

"Naruto-Nii-chan is gone!" Said Rinrin in a worried voice and Shion only daughter started to cry in worry.

The a murderous aura started to emanate from Sui who eyes are darken by her front bangs. "The jerk managed to get free and ditch us again..." She said with everyone else backing away in fear. "I'LL KILL HIM!"

End Flashback

"Well that explain the shiver I felt when I was coming back." He said scratching his chin.

"Ne ne Naruto-Onii-chan there was something I wanted to ask you." Rinrin started walking backwards as they traveled. "Whats that?" He asked as he watched the short girl holding her right hand out. "How did you do that lightning thing with your hand in Touka village?"

Sei started to do the same as Rinrin because Naruto always seemed to avoid this question or was saved from answering all together. "I have been wondering about that myself too." She interjected. "I have never seen such an attack with lightning or anything that remotely comes close to what you are capable of doing."

Naruto then sighed to himself for a moment knowing this was bound to happen. He then motion for the small orange-red head to come closer to him which she did. But the moment she is within his arms reach he flicked her forehead leaving a small mark where his fingers touched. Rinrin tried to look where the blond flicked her before pouting at him.

"Sorry Rinrin, I'll tell you later." He smiled at the girl before starting to walk again.

"Ohh that's not fair Onii-chan!" Rinrin said turning her head to the side as they kept walking back to Touka village. "You always say that and never do it."

"Rinrin is right Naruto-kun." Said the groups best archer, Shion who is carrying her daughter Riri. "Lying to your friends is a very poor way of becoming a honest man. Besides, you are Riri's only male role model of a good man and I know that you don't want her think all men are no good."

The blond started to sweat bullets as he knew the light purple-haired woman could be very strict sometimes. Powerful he may be, Naruto knew better than to make a woman angry. "I tell you everything about me when I fell you are all ready to hear it." Said Naruto as he started to walk backwards with his hands clapped together.

The girls seem to take notice that whenever they bring up anything remotely to his past. He would do everything in his power to no go near the subject or he had the real far off look. Naruto for a moment looked up to see the girl in thought for the moment before. "I'll race all you back to the village! Go!" He said cheerfully while running.

"Eeehhh! no fair! We weren't even ready!" Yelled Rinrin before running at her own speed and the others started following too.

Touka Village: Days later

The blond jinchuuriki hummed for a moment in his walk with Shuri to accompany her to a book store. "Why did you want me to go with you again?" He asked as the group strategist looked down with a smile before replying. "Well, I just wanted to and so I can teach you about calligraphy too and you mentioned something about needing to be good at the art to do that thing you called fuuinjutsu remember."

Naruto laughed embarrassingly with a hand scratching behind his head. "Heh, I guess, I kinda forgot about that Shuri-chan." He said to the small blond girl who just face faulted. "A-Anyways lets go then!"

"No need to rush Naruto, we're already here." Said Shuri in a deadpanned voice which made her whiskered friend stop in his tracks before replying with. "Cool, no need to start looking like idiots to find the place. Hey did you say that you had a book ordered from this place?"

"Uh-huh." Was the strategist answer.

After arriving the small blond girl looked over the selection the store is stocked with. Naruto on the other hand seemed more interested in the taijutsu books or as they called them in the west martial arts. He looked over each one to with a calculating eye because Itachi insisted on the blond to expand his hand-to-hand training. But each of the selections did not seem to peek his interest. He was then brought out of thoughts when he heard the owner. "Ah Shuri-san, are you here to pick up your order." Said the elderly man.

"Yes, and I would like to purchase these too." Shuri said placing a couple of books on the table and the owner look them over before smiling. "Very well, I will add them to your order of Introductory Sexual Techniques and The illustrated to Sexual Position." He said out loud that made the small blond freeze on the spot and everyone in the store look at her in surprise.

"Hawawa, you don't have to say it out loud!" She said in a raised voice blushing in embarrassment.

Naruto for his part palmed his face to hide the blush on his face and pretended to not be around. But in the end the two left the store embarrassingly as they could not look at each other in the face. "Note to self, make sure this girl never meets Ero-sennin. Correction She-Must-Not-Meet-Him." He thought. "EVER!"

The two travelers stopped when the overheard something two people were talking about woman named Pairen who found some special type of sword in a bandit camp. Shuri knew the woman is a small feudal lord in the land. She then left with the whiskered blond to return to their friends who are eating. Only for Naruto to walk in a different direction saying he would meet up with the others later.



A girl with pink hair in two loose pigtails that are decorated with white feathers. She is dressed in a green short sleeve shirt over a long white sleeve one and pink-red skirt that is a couple inches above her knees. Her skin tone looked creamy from the looks, eyes that were a gentle blue. The green top seemed to give an imagination with her breasts being c-cup.

Right now she found herself surrounded by three men dressed the same in damaged armor. One man with a double edged sword looked pretty average. The second man with a big nose being shorter than the pink haired girl, he looked pretty weak as he carried a dull spear. Finally the third man is a large rounded man with a droopy face holding a battle axe.

The pink haired looked around for a chance to escape before asking. "W-Who are you?" The average looking man stepped forward. "I don't have any money" The guy just smirked at her. "That's true. You don't look like you have anything valuable. But you do have some pretty good stuff to make up for it." He stared at her breast.

"W-What are you going to do!" She asked in a frightened voice as they started walking closer to her.

(Insert Music: Bleach - Number One)

"Get away her you assholes!" Yelled a voice and the a blond haired teen appeared out of thin air bringing up a large sword out to see the average looking man block his sword. The four people could see a teenager with tan skin, unruly blond sun-kissed hair in black. But the most noticeably part about the person is the whisker marks on his cheeks. "Temes, I noticed that look you were giving her and that just pissed me off."

Landing on the ground from coming down in a slash down attack. Naruto then kicked the normal looking man of the group in the stomach before stabbing his sword in the ground and charged at the guy in a daze. He then used his speed to give the man a rising knee strike before following up with two more kicks to the guys face. Using his first opponent as a springboard and going through some quick hand seals before taking a breath.

Fuuton: Daitoppa! Naruto called out his jutsu before blasting the large man into the forest behind.

The blond jinchuuriki then spun his body to evade a stabbing attack from the spear wielding man. The shorter man watched as he would-be dead enemy dodge the his weapon and was about to go for another lung. But the young man stopped in his spin to catch the base of the blade on the spear with his right hand. Then break the wooden portion of the weapon by bring his left elbow on the staff part. Letting the broken blade portion of the weapon drop to the ground.

While at the exact same time the girl that was nearly going to be a victim of rape watched her blond savoir fight off her oppresses in complete awe for his strength. In the same hand that dropped to blade part of the spear, a blue orb started to take form in Naruto's hands, getting large as a human adults head. Time just seemed to slow down when the orb of energy came to existence and the blond vanished from where he stood. Only to reappear behind the rouge spear-man with the orb going to the targets back. The short man screamed in pain when the attack made contact with his back before being blasted off into the woods.

(End Music: Bleach - Number One)

The moment the blond turned around to see the person he saved, he did a double take. The person in front of him, reminded him of a certain person back in his old village of Konoha. Her long pink hair though a little darker than his former teammate's and her eyes are a dazzling blue. But compared the his former crush, she seemed to have a very gentle aura around her person and the blush on her face made her look cute to him.

"Well that takes care of that" said the blond while shaking the dirt from his hands. He turned to see the pink haired girl still lying on the ground, he walked towards her while extending his hand "Are you ok?" he asked. The girl for her part was trying to fight the blush that appeared on her face seeing her savior.

"I'm okay, thank you for saving me" she said as she took the blonds hand and sat up.

"Its not safe to travel alone. Were are you heading anyway"

"I'm heading to Touka village" she responded.

"Well your in luck since I currently reside there, so it would be my honor to escort you the rest of the way. Oh yeah I'm Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto" He introduced himself.

"I am Ryuubi" Naruto blinked for a second.

"You said Ryuubi?"

"Yes Ryuubi Gentoku" she said giving the blond a smile, Naruto for his part put a hand over his chin while seeing the girl.

"So you are the real Ryuubi Gentoku" he said causing the girl to lock at him in surprise "You are cutter that i thought" he finished with a smile making the girl turn shades of red that would make Hinata jealous.



To Be Continued

And Cut! I hope everyone has enjoyed this first chapter of Sharingan of the West. See you in the next chapter.


Sharingan - Copy Wheel Eye

Kage Bushin no Jutsu - Shadow Clone technique

Fuuton: Daitoppa - Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Raikiri - Lightning Edge, Lightning Cutter or Lightning Blade

Rasengan - Spiral Sphere