Hello, welcome to the third chapter of Sharingan of the West. I am glad that the story is really getting a good responses out there. Though a few have question my liking for NaruHina and I have a good explanation for it too.

I guess the real problem I have with the coupling in each story. Is the fact that some writers make him accept her feelings way too fast. I mean come on, really! The way I can see Naruto from a different view on things and the way he carries himself in both Manga and Anime versions of the character. He does not really seem to understand the concept of love really. Sure there were people in his life that showed him these type of things, but not in a romantic situation. I personally think that he shields himself from being hurt by others in his life. Maybe from watching others around him, he can understand a bit on love. But not fully as he yet to really confront Hinata on her feelings with the war going on. He has a lot on his own plate to deal with such things really and from the way things are going in the cannon. It looks Naruto is being set up to be killed in someways and Sasuke will be seen as the hero.

But in general, I would like to read a cool fic NaruHina fic. Where he gets to know her little by little and opens the doors to discovering a little bit about himself really. Because, before returning another's feelings, one has to accept them self. If we can't accept ourselves, then how can we be honest to those we love. This is seen where Naruto confronts his dark self. Yami Naruto explains the way how disgusted they are with the people who terrorized him treat him like nothing happened. The truth of it all though, is that there are some things that leave a scar behind and what happened in the past cannot be changed. We push ourselves to hopefully find a brighter future.

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Chapter 3

Naruto took the sights of the west in like he usually did when traveling with Zangetsu strapped to his back on it's red beaded holster. He felt a bit off from walking with the other older girls as he could feel their gaze on his form. This did not really make him feel very comfortable in the slightest bit. Turning around to walk backwards.

"I-Is there, something wrong?" He asked nervously. Hoping it was not about what happened yesterday.


Touka then looked around the place again to see no sign of the whiskered blond. "I see that Naruto-kun is not here again." She said looking a bit depressed again. That was until she felt something on the top of her head. "Why are you looking so down?" Asked the mentioned male.

Then without any warning, Ryuubi jumped on to him with her arms around his neck causing him to fall on his back. All the while the pink haired girl being completely oblivious to the murdering aura of two girls behind her.

"Ryuubi-san?" Said the surprised blond.

"Touka" Said the pink haired girl. "Please Naruto-kun call me by my real name, Touka."

"But Ryuubi-san." said Naruto only for the girl to have the girl makes a pouting face. Naruto let out a defeated sigh "Ok, ok you win Touka." He finished while Touka had a victory smile on her face.

End Flashback

"You have a good selection to choose." Kurama spoke, breaking his container out of his thoughts. "What the in the nine hells are you talking about this time, Ero-Kitsune!" The blond thought back.

"Oh you can't lie to me, and you know that." The fox spoke with amusement. "I too can feel what you do, and you know that deep down. You want to ravish them with everything you are, hell I'd enjoy the free show."

Naruto scowled mentally. "What's stopping you from doing such a deed?"

"Jinchuuriki..." The blond muttered to himself and did not notice that the groups strategist heard him.

Shuri watched the blond walking forward with a slight increase in speed on his part. "Jinchuuriki..." She thought for a moment on where she heard this term before and the dangers that it carried. "What are you hiding?"

"I was asking, what kind of training regiments do you use, Naruto-dono?" Asked Aisha hoping somehow to get some inside look on how the whiskered blond achieved his power and physical strengths. Rinrin also wanted to know her older brother's secret training too. But then started the shiver when the male in question turned around with a menacing aura coming off his body and topped off with an evil smirk on his face. "Because maybe we could train together someday." She finished with a blush.

"Really?" He asked in a too polite way of speaking, placing a hand under his chin. "I suppose there is no harm in letting you train with me." Sees Aisha and Rinrin's hope skyrocketing. "But the training is very tough on anyone unlike me or Gejimayu and Gejimayu-sensei. So no complaining about it being to difficult."

"And speaking of training..." Naruto muttered off before walking next to Shuri and passed her a sheet of paper. "How is this, by the way?" He asked when the small blond took his paper gently to look it over.

"Hmm... It's not that bad." Commented the strategist with a quizzical eye. "But not enough for what you are trying to master at the moment. From the way you spoke about seals, the writing you need to do has to be prefect and without any sort of mistakes. But you did better from a few days ago. I think its time that I start over seeing your calligraphy from now on."

The blond jinchuuriki then slouched on the his body in defeat. "Oh man, and I was hoping that it was better this time around."

The girls giggled at their friends antics, when Shuri pat his hair. "Don't worry about it Naruto-kun." She spoke. "Learning calligraphy takes time and patience to master. It's like any other training in the world." This caught Naruto's attention. "Look at Aisha, Sei and Rinrin-chan. They learned to use their weapons efficiently at near master levels. Because they have the drive to training with said weapon they carry with themselves. But doing this also takes a lot of patients on their part, because there are no shortcuts in what they do."

These words then triggered something in Naruto's mind as he flashback to a time where he was naive. "You say that you want to be Hokage. But you have to understand that there are no real shortcuts to getting to the title..."

He then chuckled to himself at the memory, forgetting that part of him rang true. Though even with the help of kage bushin in his regiments of Chakra control and the accumulation of knowledge it gave the user of said jutsu. He did not slack off from using the methods that were taught to him by his older brother.

Now that he thought of his past, he wondered if Sandaime was among those that used or hated him like the rest of the village. Knowing he would never get an answer for this question. Naruto decided to not let 'what ifs' tarnish what memory he has of the elderly kage.

"Alright. I get it Shuri-chan." He grinned happily at the girls, unaware of making them blush before continuing their journey. The girls immediately notice his change in the strides he took. It made them happy to see such a sight of their friend or in Touka's case, her crush.

Sei then did the same thing the blond did moments ago in walking backwards. "Naruto, there has been something bothering me for a while." She said looking up. "What is it?" He asked the blue haired girl.

"How is it, that you always have a lot of money with you?" She asked as this got the girl's attention (minus Touka as she recently joined them).

The whiskered blond thought on what kind of answer to give them. They did not know of him being a ninja of the East and was uncomfortable talking about it. But things were different in the west than they are of his home land, nodding to himself. "I was a bounty hunter with my nii-san before left on his own." He answered, unsure of what he would say that he gambled and their reactions to it. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason, really." Replied Sei as she looked the blond ninja from head to toe. "You don't look to be carrying any other items on you other than your sword and that four separated scrolls across his chest on red beaded over holster that carries his sword."

"Even you have to admit, these vixens have far more than the ones in the east." The voice of Kurama spoke up again. Look at the black haired one, nicely toned around, good shaped legs. Naruto kept trying to block out the fox's voice to little avail. "Then there is that blue haired girl, a little slim but the way she uses that spear, or what about that pink haired one. A hell of a lot better than that flat chest violent one back home. You know the Sharingan can also give the ability to see through objects to a small degree. Why not give it a shot Naruto?"

"Arg! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Naruto mentally yelled while on the outside he is furiously scratching his head before his mind finally short circuited out on him and passed out with a nose bleed.

"Naruto-kun/Onii-san!" The girls yelled as Sei caught him and saw the goofy smile on his face. "O-Oi! What's wrong!"


Sometime later

The group (a now awake Naruto) found themselves in a new town with Rinrin singing to her hearts delight. "There's mountains 'cause they're mountains. And if there's a rivers, I don't care. If there're are swamps, we fall in up to our necks. And then a bear comes out and..."

"Hey, Rinrin. Stop shouting weird songs. It's embarrassing." Aisha scolded only for Rinrin to defend herself. "What are you talking about? Everyone you sing songs to keep away bears. That's what my grandpa said."

"But there aren't bears in the middle of town-" The black haired beauty deadpanned. Before hearing Touka gasped while Sei just looked at the pinkette.

"Whats wrong?" Asked Sei. "Are we under attack by a bear.?"

Naruto on the other hand looked to see where Touka is looking. "No... Look at that." Said Touka as she pointed at the nearest wall to see a picture of three girls.

"The super popular three Chou sisters are holding a preformance here today." Spoke Sei as Aisha turned to their blue haired friend before asking. "Who are the three Chou sisters?"

"Never heard of them." Spoke Rinrin as Touka had stars in her eyes.

Naruto followed up with his own view. "Can careless about it." He said.

This caused Touka to back up quickly before flaying her arms around. "You don't know them, everyone?" She asked in shock. "They're the super popular song and dance group." Touka then started to point out each girls for her explanation. "Tenhou, Aka Choukaku, with her easy going smile. Chihou, Aka Chouhou , who gets the crowd all fired up. And Renhou, Aka Chouryo, the smart looking type with glasses. Everyone's talking about them. They've been all over Seishuu!"

Aisha then turned to look back to the poster sounding mildly impressed. "So they're that famous?" Asking no one in particular.

Shuri then looked up to the group leader. "Come to think of it, I heard something like that when into town to buy some books." She commented.

Touka then went on to explain again the sisters again. "Since, they're sisters, their dance is pristine and their song is in prefect pitch, and the special effects, which Chouhou supposedly does with magic, are amazing! I've always wanted to see them." She finished, getting more excited at the possibility of seeing them. "And now we can see them on our journey..."

"Ano, Touka-dono..." Aisha did not feel like having to burst their pink haired friend's bubble, but had no choice. "Sorry to interrupt your fun but we'll never make it to Enjutsu's place-."

"Eeeh!" Touka let out while deflating with each second and her eyes watering on the verge of tears. "We're not going to see them?"

"Well.." The former bandit hunter tried to reason, but seeing Touka's puppy eyes were distracting, then finally gave in. "F-Fine, I suppose it won't hurt to take a break."

"Ne ne, will you be joining us Naruto-kun?" Asked the pinkette hopefully, only to sulk when he replied with. "Not interested..." But like Aisha, gave in to her puppy eyes. Then jumped in the air excitedly when the whiskered agreed to go with them.

"What is worse? Watching a live performance or staying with Karin-san in my Oiroke no jutsu?" Naruto thought to himself and shivered again at the thought. Bad enough that the small blond nearly caught him in his personal jutsu in the nearby town then, and nearly had her way with him in that state. "Oh, what the hell. Can't be that bad, watching something like that right?"

After arriving at the location for the Chou sisters performance, the girls bought candy. Though Naruto waved the offer off without a care for anything. He looked around to see some of the merchandise that is being offered to those who could pay for such items. However he was brought out of his musings when he saw the girls were 'eating' their candy. He could only stare at the sight of how they did such a thing, it was like a repeated of what happened against Reiha's competition on a perverted level, and Kurama wasn't helping him either, with his perverted giggling in his mind. The fox kept going on how Sei could do a lot of things from the way she is handling the orange candy.

Later that night

Everyone decided to stay in town for the night before continuing their journey at day break. Naruto got his own room to give the girls some privacy of their own. But he could not shake what happened earlier that day when a fight almost broke out. Luckily Rinrin's scolding managed to calm everyone down for the rest of the day.

But something did not sit well with the blond jinchuuriki at the performance. He felt something akin to genjutsu of the east, something that no one should have no knowledge of in the west. This would require him to somehow get in touch with his older brother. But for now, all he could do was wait for the man's Kage bushing to arrive when it could.

Getting up from the floor of his room before walking over to the small door of the girls room, he knocked. "Hey any of you descent?" Naruto asked when he noticed Shuri opening the door wearing her night robes. "Do you need something Naruto-kun?" She asked closing the door behind her.

He nods his head before giving his sword to the small strategist. "No, I'm gonna get some fresh air. So you mind holding on to this for me?" He asked before seeing Shuri looking a bit confused. "Don't worry about the way it looks. It is pretty light for those I consider a friend or alley, but if you are not sure then ask Aisha to place it in your room okay." He then left without saying anything else.

With Naruto

He walked toward the direction where the performance of the Chou sisters took place. Naruto was sure that what he felt was a genjutsu, he would have activated his doujutsu, if were alone at the time. But he had to go on guess work for the time being. However something caused him to stop for a brief moment looking forward.

A man wearing white, black robes came walking out of the inky darkness as he too came to a stop. He had black-blue shoulder length hair, purple eyes behind squared glasses. For a moment neither person made a single move toward the other. However the man in robes then started to walk, followed by Naruto going forward. But the two stopped at five feet past each other with their backs turned.

The man turned his head to the side slightly to give an arrogant smirk toward Naruto. The mentioned person did the same without the smirk, but the strains of hair preventing another person's line of vision. However the smirk left the glasses wearing man's face when a breeze blew by and revealed a set of eyes that did not look normal.

Nothing was said between the two before each going on their own way for the night. Not liking what has just happened moments ago, Naruto returned to his room at the Inn.

The Next Day [With Naruto]

When Naruto returned to the Inn that night, he explained that something earlier that night caught his interest and would need to get to the next town. The whiskered blond knew that the area is where Karin is ruling over which made him shiver. But he since early that night with the man from then, put him on edge on why he felt chakra coming off him. This needed investigation on his part and knew that the small warlord could provide some means to get answers for his uncertainty, though he feared the price in return for the help.

So here he stood at the castle where his fears lived, already his knees were shaking. Taking a deep breath outside the large building he was greeted by Shunran and Shuran who walked toward him. "It is a pleasure to see you again, Naruto-dono." Shunran.

"Yo, its been awhile, hasn't it." He replied before turning to the short blue haired cousin. "Have you been doing alright since the last time we met?"

"I have been doing just fine, and I thank you for assistance the last time we fought together." Shuran spoke before bowing her head in respect and Naruto to does the same thing. "May I ask what brings you to these parts?"

"Hey, can't a guy just come for a visit?" He said before sweat dropping at their deadpanned expressions.

Shuran then smirked knowingly at the whiskered blond. "I hardly think you are the type to visit because you want to and lets not forget the screaming you gave out from Karin-sama tried to take you one night."

"Or the time you ran into the forest and hid there for three days when Karin-sama surprised you in the bath." Shunran chimed in.

The two women saw him crouching on the ground sulking to himself at the memory. "You two are never going to let that go are you?" After a moment or two, he stood up. "Anyways, is Karin-san busy?"

"She is free for today." Replied Shunran who opened the doors to the castle as she and her cousin lead him to their leader.

The little trip did not take too long for them as the said person is sitting on a throne with a bored look on her face. Normally Keifa would be around to be pleasing her or doing something to take away the boredom. But the strategist was busy looking over the defenses in the war-room. Then as if the Heavens answered her plight, the door to the chamber opened. She saw her two cousins escorting a very familiar face into the throne room and in a quick check over. Karin made sure that nothing on her looked out of place for the person to see.

"I did not think we would be reunited so soon... Naruto-sama." Karin said in a seductive tone which made the jinchuuriki feel a chill down his spin and knew the two behind him were taking great joy in watching. "So have you reconsidered my offer on joining my army and becoming a bed-mate to me."

"I-uh..." Naruto took a step back with a nervous smile while turning pale. "You see the thing is..."

"Naruto-dono has come to you, asking for help, Karin-sama." Shunran said, saving his skin.

"...(sighs)... I knew it was too good to be true." Said Karin in a defeated voice before waving her hand off. "So what brings you to my castle?"

The three women (Shunran and Shuran walked over to Karin's side) saw the teen before them take a serious face. "I am looking for leads on a single man." He talked in a monotone voice. "I know that you don't care for guys Karin-san. But this one is different and is very unsettling to me, the aura this guy gives off. It is familiar to me, but I have no real evidence to confirm my suspicions."

"You think that someone from here may have some information on him." Said the petite ruler who saw the teen in front of her nod his head. "I normally can care less for men, you know Naruto-sama. But you are an exception to those I don't care about and if something is bothering you this much. Then I'll do the best I can for you. Now before we continue on..." She grinned perversely. "How will you pay me back for my help?"

"She would have to say that." Thought Shuran, Shunran and Naruto together as they watched Karin start getting lost in her own world. The two cousins could only pity the whiskered blond.

That night

The former eastern ninja looked out over the city to where his traveling companions were to arrive. He was worried that something may have happened on the journey here. But knew that the girls are capable of taking care of since Aisha is with them. He ate dinner with the blond ruler of the province

"I can't believe its been months since that day." Spoke Karin dressed in a towel and frowned when Naruto did not turn around. "You are perhaps the only man I would allow to touch me." She pressed herself against his back and felt him tense up. "Do you remember that night?"

"H-How could I-I forg-g-get." His face becoming more terrified by the memory.


The army under Karin were resting in the stationed camps over the battlefield. However a certain whiskered blond is at the main camp with the primary forces. Earlier that day the soldiers were becoming very disgruntled by the face that a young woman is leading the, into battle. Some looked at their commander with lecherous looks at the person in charge along with those that followed her.

Karin had been under so much mental stress from her own soldiers were not taking her seriously. But her two cousins had been trying to give her the much needed support they could give.

Or that was how it used to be when HE came into service as a free sword.

Again her soldiers were being completely unreasonable with her, saying that a woman has not place on the battlefield. With a great majority of them agreeing with the person who spoke. But the free sword then muttered about them being nothing but dead weight to them anyways. The person then demanded to know his name and say he would think such that.

The person then introduced himself as Uzumaki Naruto, a wanderer of the land. Naruto then walked up to side of the armies leader with her cousins on guard. But he then turned his attention to the ones he called dead weight before the air became to heavy for them to stand. The only people who were not affected by the sudden weight were Karin, Shunran, Shuran, Keifa and Naruto themselves as he approached the person who spoke out. He then talked about where his pride will lead him to his death and that everyone would basically forget his name. Or curse his name because he was the one who led the army toward its downfall if he were to survive. His family would also be disgraced by his actions of not obeying the person in charge.

Karin was shocked that a single man was defending her from an onslaught within her own forces. Her eyes then locked on to his figure as he spoke to the soldiers. Right now everything he was speaking was tuned out from her ears. He then looked back with his own blue eyes, even she could see that they are the eyes of a lonely person on the verge of falling into darkness. She did not know what he said to her soldiers, but they finally started showing their support for her the rest of the night.

But the icing on the cake for the petite ruler was him saving her from being stabbed in a blind spot on the battlefield. She was out numbered at the time as the enemy seemed to taunt her, on her leadership skills. Something that she really took offense to and factor in her pride too. Also seeing first hand the power that came from Naruto looked near godly. She barely heard what he said at the time, but it sounded like...

Getsuga Tenshou

All that she could see was a blinding light that he unleashed from a single sword swing. Once the light died down, all Karin could see were the dead bodies of her enemies on the ground.

It was sometime into the night that Naruto made his own tent of the night, but he was restless. Earlier in the night before going inside to rest for the next day, he noticed the moon was full. For reasons he could never understand, even to this point in his life. He would always feels more energized when the moon was full. Closing his eyes to try to get some sleep did not last very long for him.

He started to moan from feeling something trailing his chest. The feeling did not leave him as he was sure they were hands belonging to a woman as they were soft and had calluses on them to prove that they are of someone who fights. The hands ran over his skin gently which felt really good to him at the current time. Naruto's eyes then shot open when the feeling of someone's tongue started to glide across his neck. Looking down he saw the one person he did not expect to see. Because from reputation she preferred women then men at the drop of a hat. He could see that she did not have any clothes on underneath the bed sheet that covered the two of them, and it was not helping knowing this fact.

"W-mmmpphh!" Naruto tried to yell when Karin placed a hand over his mouth to keep him from drawing attention to them. "Just relax, Naruto-sama." She said in a seductive whisper as she sat up on his waist. "Last time you got away from me, but this time will not be like then. Let me show you what no man other than you will ever have the chance to have."

She then sat up on his waist, letting the blanket fall from her form before taking his right hand and started to kiss the palm of it. Karin could see that her fellow blond was enjoying the what was happening. But then he started to protest at what was bound to happen eventually. Then out of instinct, he did the one thing to protect himself against perverts.

Oiroke no jutsu

And the last thing anyone saw, was a dust trail leading out of the main camp.

End Flashback

"Why did you leave that night?" Asked blond ruler. "Does my body really repulse you so much?"

"No, I just have a lot of personal issues in my life." He answered truthfully when the Kyuubi made itself known. "Yeah right, you afraid. Simple as that."

"Fuck you, teme!"

"I'd rather be doing it with those girls left behind the let some other guy touch me. But you know that I am right, don't you Naruto. Your too busy being a little chicken shit. That the one time or few times any woman show the slightest interest in you, you run away."

"What would you know?

"More than you do." He knew that Naruto knew he is correct. "For someone to be the son of Yondaime Hokage, you sure do like to run like a Uchiha. Well I'm done talking to you for now."

Naruto then clenched his teeth at being talked down to by his prisoner. "So what if I choose to run. At least it won't hurt as much from being betrayed by those who said they were my friends, right?" He then blinked once, remembering where he is. "Sorry, I was just thinking about stuff. What were you saying Karin-san" He smiled nervously when the said girl pouted.

"I was asking what kind of issues were you having?" Karin asked a bit annoyed.

"Just personal ones." He answered. "Anyways, I'm gonna get some sleep and hopefully look for my friends starting tomorrow. Goodnight Karin-san."

"Sleep well, Naruto-sama."

When Naruto reached his room, he walked over to the balcony to look out over the view again. Sighing he then did a single hand seal before opening his eyes to reveal his sharingan. Then a large crow came into existence with the same eyes as the blond. The black feathered bird then looked around before taking to the air in the direction of the last city.

"Hopefully they are safe." Naruto said silently before going to bed in Karin's guest room of her castle. But then he saw a different crow flying in his direction before landing on the balcony. Not really needing any special type of sensory jutsu he had in him to know where it came from. Looking on the large black feather bird's back, he saw a scroll carrier for with a Uzushiogakure symbol on the carrier. After watching the bird dispel itself from completing its given task. Naruto opened the scroll to read what was inside.

Dear Naruto,

I have some news to inform you that is of great importance and a mystery to myself as well. Akatsuki has decided to put a halt on capturing the Jinchuuriki's for some unknown reason. I would investigate this matter further, but I fear that it would make the other members suspicious of my actions. All I know, is that when the organization tried to extracted the recently Rokubi Jinchuuriki, something happened moments before the extraction was completed. The statue started to crack for some reason. The eyes, that represented each Bijuu was being absorbed into the Gedou Mazo started to go blind. Then... The head of the statue broke open and each one we captured escaped. I do not know what this mean to the leader of Akatsuki, but he was furious. I believe the Bijuu are very intelligent, because moments before escaping. They looked at our leader for a brief moments as if it were a warning. As of now, everything is being pushed back by another 3 years again. My guess is that the leader is going to investigate what has happened with the sealing.

At the other end of this scroll, I left a gift for you. It will help you when while doing something as infiltrating into enemy lines. I call it, Nightingale armor... Just see what it looks like.

Until next time, Your nii-san

Uchiha Itachi

Once Naruto finished reading the letter again, not knowing what to think with a wrench thrown into Akatsuki's plans. More importantly, what would Gaara do now? As a former Jinchuuriki, like him, he would surely be able to sense the power of the Ichibi.

Would he seal it into a child, like his father did to him? Or would he find a way to seal the beast back into his own body once again. If anything, would Jiraiya be willing to help make a new seal for the red haired Suna ninja and not do something underhanded because of some weaklings who hide behind their chairs on the council, believing themselves to be gods. Naruto hoped, that his godfather would have some amount of decency to help Gaara. All that he could depend on was hope.

Deciding to put these thoughts away for the time, until a later update from Itachi. Naruto then went back into his room of the night to get dressed in dark blue clothing that him and his nii-san dressed in to train.

[A/n: Think of what Itachi wears under his Akatsuki cloak in his last fight against Sasuke.]

Little did he know, was that Karin is peeping on him through two eye holes in a painting.



With the others

The girls decided to stop in their travel to the next town when Rinrin was not feeling well at the time. They were met with three people in the forest, Kada, Kakuka and Teiiku who by chance are going to try get into service for Karin. Luckly it turned out that Rinrin just had a bad case of eating a bad combination of food she ate early on. However Touka's attention turned toward a single black feathered bird in the tree. Normally she would not be bothered with animals like a crow. But this one seemed very out of place to her as it kept staring at her friends intently.

Moments passed by when she noticed the bird looked large than normal and when it turned it's gaze on her. She nearly let out a gasp at the sight before her, the bird's eyes were red with three tomoes encircling the pupil. She then smiled at the bird as it seemed to nod it's head at her and knew that somehow Naruto sent it to look after them.



To Be Continued

Well that is it for Chapter 3 everyone. See you in the next chapter. I know that Nightingale Armor is from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, but it looks so cool.