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Deep in the Amazon forest, far away from the river and well away form the spiders there was a cave.

This cave was set far into the jagged cliffs, almost invisible to the naked eye.

Inside sat two people—a girl and her younger brother.

They were in the middle of a staring contest.

(Samar P.O.V.)

My life was a very complicated thing.

First off, I had to take care of my brother, Zain. He was a sweet kid, but playing mother at age 16 wasn't a thrill.

Second off, I had to hunt—in the Amazon jungle! Did I mention I bloody hate spiders?

And thirdly—well, I have nothing yet, but I'm sure another spider will try and eat me.

At the moment, I was staring straight into my little brothers light blue eyes, trying very hard not to blink.

My own light blue eyes were starting to water, and I finally had to look away.

Zain jumped up, his eyes dancing!

"Ha! I won, Sam, and you promised! I get to use the bow! I get to use the bow!"

I let out a groan, brushing my long black hair away from my face. Zain always said it was like a dark black shadow.

Zain and me always had to live on our own. I had no idea who my parents were.

My brother was awake when they dumped us in a boat and set it afloat (hey that rhymes!), and we ended up here.

I had never known them, but Zain was close to them. He was four years younger than me, only three when we got ditched. At the age of seven, I didn't know how to shoot or hunt, and for days we slept on the ocean, almost passing out from starvation.

I cast an irritated glance at my fellow cave-e, and he smiled a little.

"I know, I miss them too."

He had a weird sense, somehow reading my thought. It was creepy, and—I suddenly heard a loud yell and a bang above.

I narrowed my eyes, already pulling my teal helmet over my face.

"Lets roll."

Somewhere in the hot, hazy desert, were four teens. One had short reddish brown hair and light eyes, and was dressed in blue.

Another had stormy black eyes and midnight hair, and was scowling at the blue guy, who was laughing.

One in white was looking confused, scratching his grass-like white hair.

The last was a boy with messy dark brown hair that spiked up in the wind.

His eyes were burning like fire as he observed the group.

"Enough!" Kai yelled angrily, glaring at the three ninja in front of him.

Jay just grinned, humor in his eyes. Cole snorted, then stared at the ground.

Zane glanced up at the sky, the ground, then at his arm. He pressed a button, and a compartment popped open, revealing a small phone.

Picking it up, he touched a light green button and a girls' voice immediately crackled with static.

"Hey Zane! What's up?"

"Hi Nya, the guys are fighting and I just wanted to know what happened."

"Oh, I'm flying over the Amazon jungle and—hey, a cute bird is flying near me. Wait, its huge! Oh my gosh it gonna—" she was cut off as a burst of static emitted form the phone.

The three arguing ninja turned to look at Zane, who repeatedly hit the talk button.

"Nya! Nya, are you all right?"

"I'm-trying to land—not much use—they're—huge won't stop—coordinates 67, 43—89, and—AH!" the phone burst into flames and Zane dropped it.

The four stared at the smoke curling form the small deice before Cole announced, "Pack up boys, we're going to the jungle!"

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