Mafia Wars by Androidfish7

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I recently caught and reported a person who attempted to steal my work so I'm taking a few minutes of your time to get some legal stuff out of the way.

1. This is MY work, if you're reading this it's because I took the time to bring it to you. Please don't attempt to wreck and/or alter or steal it. You don't work on it, do you?

2. Please keep criticism constructive please. I get a lot of mail from people and don't have time to read things such as "Screw you this sucks".

3. Let's be clear. You may use the settings and guns included, as I cannot patent the world and guns as they are not mine. But you may not use characters I have created and you may not use so much as 1% of my idea, if I find this has been violated, I WILL find your account and have you banned.

Now that I've established all this, here's my newest work: Mafia Wars!

Setting: The Bronx, New York. Here there lies several headquarters for several mobs inhabiting the vast state of New York. Some mobs are made up more and have more money than others, some have more weapons, some have more vehicles, each mob is unique in it's own way. The main mob, controlled by our own Blake Winger about 100 years before he met anyone other than White, as this is the mob he was in when White located him when trying to rescue Doctor Jones. When Blake discovered the hijacked OH23 Raven, Antonio helped him get it back. Antonio is Blake's right hand man. Here, about 500 years in the past, Blake's mob is not the best mob in the Bronx, and Blake has been the leader for about 1 year after their original leader was killed in an attack. Blake has been with the mob for about 25 years, so by default, he was voted in as the leader, and the first 6 months were not as planned, as the crew had been in a financial struggle for about 3 months and as mobs around them obtained advanced weapons and became more wealthy, Blake did not exactly inherit a throne.

Blake was on the phone with a secret armory service attempting to buy several cargos of equipment. Blake knew the mob could not remain defenseless much longer before other mobs caught on and attacked them, as they had lost about 10 fights in a row and had lost many thousands of dollars. "Look, I'll give you $430,000 for the Lamborghini, and another 150,000 for the RPG-7. That's my last offer!" Blake shouted through the phone. "Screw you man, we're done on the phone here." the guy on the other end said, as he hung up. "Dammit!" Shouted Blake, as someone entered office. "Blake is everything alright?" the person asked. "Oh, Antonio, please enter." Blake said, as Antonio entered. "What's wrong?" asked Antonio. "We couldn't complete the deal." said Blake. "I'm sorry to hear that. What are we going to do about it?" asked Antonio. "I'll tell you what, the only thing we can do is launch surprise attacks on other mobs, and hope we find good items or a lot of money, IF it's a surprise. God help us if they know we're there." said Blake. "I'll pack my .44 Magnum" said Antonio, as he was famous in the mob for being their "Armed Guard" as far as that went, not that he alone could fend off other mobs, so Blake always packed a 1911 Chrome and a SPAS 12 Shotgun on him, even that wasn't enough, as they had 26 mob members, and they didn't even have 7 weapons, and they constantly had to have large carpools whenever they went on attacks, as they only had 6 vehicles for 26 mob members. They would have to sneak quietly on to enemy mob turf, however enemies usually had either Security Feed Systems, or Laser Alarm Systems. Blake decided to call a mob meeting. Once everyone was there, Blake made his statement. "As you all know, we are not exactly rich here." Blake started. Everyone began to chatter with dismal voices of agreement. "Well! I propose we go next door and leave a little bomb attack on La Mafia, what do we think of that? It is a democracy after all" said Blake. One of the weapons the mob did have was a Time Bomb, capable of destroying a whole building if planted effectively and not defused. "Blake, suppose it fails and they defuse the bomb?" a mob member asked. "Good question Jake [mob member's name], if that happens, I have a SPAS 12 and I'm good at using it. If we succeed, I hear that group filed for a shipment of about 4-5 million dollars of equipment. If we get our hands on that stuff, it'll change us. We need this if we want to stop losing fights. We'll strike them tomorrow, anyone else have questions? [waited for about 30 seconds] no? Well then it's settled."