Hey sorry no lemon. I was kidding. I'm too young to write stuff like that anyway. Finn hates PB for rejecting him btw. Continue!

(Normal POV)

Right as their lips were gonna meet and their eyes started to close, "FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINN!"

(Finn POV)

"FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINN!" someone yelled as our faces were literally right next to each other. Then, PB came running up to us looking purple (because pink and blue make purple. ) signifying she had flame shield on. "Finn WHAT are you doing?" She yelled. "I- Uh- What are YOU doing?" I replied angrily. "I-uh..." She said. "How did you even know we were here? WHY are you here?" I asked. "..." FP could only sit there. "... So this is your old crush?" She asked. "Yeah. She's my OLD crush." I said angrily. I grasped her hand. "C'mon let's go." I said. "O-ok." She replied nervously. I didn't even look back but I could hear PB start to cry.


"FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINN!" I yelled running up to them just as their faces were about to meet. I had flame shield on so I wouldn't burn. "Finn WHAT are you doing?" I asked. "I-Uh- What are YOU doing?" Finn said angrily. "I-uh..." I came out of pure jealousy and I knew it but I couldn't say that out loud. "How did you even know we were here? WHY are you here?" He asked. Jake texted me and Lady that they were going to the flame kingdom and I wanted ask Finn why he hadn't come to visit me in a while. The flame princess only stood there. "... So this is your old crush?" she asked Finn. "Yeah. She's my OLD crush." He said angrily. He grabbed her hand and said, "C'mon let's go." FP replied with a nervous ok. The emphasis he put on "old" really hurt. And I started to cry.


As we walked away, he didn't even look back. Then, Finn realized he had grabbed my hand. His face turned light pink. "Uh..." he tried to pull away but I only gripped his hand tighter. "It's fine." I said and let go of his hand to hug him instead. His pink face turned hot pink but he hugged back. I smiled and cuddled closer to him. "Hey since your flames don't burn anymore, let's go to the tree house." He said. "Sure." I replied.


I couldn't believe he just REJECTED me. I thought I was still his crush. Guess I was so very horribly wrong. He didn't even look back. I walked away back towards the candy kingdom. "잘못된 공주 위주 무엇입니까?" Lady asked. (Google Translate BOYYEE!) "*sigh* Nothing's wrong. I'm fine." I said. "계속하시겠습니까?" She asked. "Yes I'm positive." I replied. She looked at me trying to find the problem in my face. "...그것은 핀의로해야합니까?" She asked. "Is this 20 questions? No it has nothing to do with Finn." I replied now feeling annoyed. "... 당신은 거짓말을하고 있소." She said flatly. " I'm not lying!" I yelled. But her surprised look made me feel guilty. "I'm sorry Lady. I'm NOT fine. Yes I'm positive. I WAS lying and it has EVERYTHING to do with Finn." I said. "How do you know, like, EVERYTHING?" I asked. "나는 심령 거든." She said. "... You are?" I asked. "농담도를 하하 없습니다. 그저 어머니 / 가장 좋은 친구는 본능?" She said. "Oh. Well that makes more sense." I said. "Rainicorns already have that magic color power but to be PHSYCHIC? That would be too much power for anyone but Glob to handle!" We both then shared a laugh.

"그래서 어떻게 된거야?" She asked. "*sigh* I went to the fire kingdom because I heard Finn would be there and I needed to ask him something so I went to find him. But when I did, he was with Flame Princess. They were about to kiss and, I don't know, something just... clicked inside of me and we got in an argument or something then he said to FP, "Yeah. She's my OLD crush." And he just left. He didn't even look back then I came here." I said. "흠 ... 당신이 그에게 호감을 나타냈습니다!" She said. "What?" I yelled. "I DON'T have a crush on Finn! I think... Oh my glob! I think I do! WHAT DO I DO?" I panicked. "혹시 그사 람이 당신을 사랑해서 직장을 옮기하지 않는다는 사실에 동의해야합니다." She said. "... No. That's... illogical." I said rather dramatically. "그럼 넌 어떻게 할 건데?" She asked. "I'm gonna have to either A. Win him back, B. Get over him or C." I said. "글자 C는 무엇입니까?" She asked. "... (lol pause for dramatic effect.) C. Get rid of Flame Princess..."

Heh. Two updates in one day. I should make these chapters longer... What does PB mean by "Get rid of Flame Princess"? O.o Find out soon... I think. Meh depends on how lazy I feel later.