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The pain was unbearable. Rose wanted this baby out now. Rose was sweating uncontrollably and her matted red curls stuck to her face. She didn't even notice, or care, that she was cutting off the circulation in Molly Brown's and one of the nurse's hands. All she could do was scream and try to bear the pain. Rose needed someone with her to do this, and Molly was right there ready to support her in the birth.

She had found Molly Brown when she was on the Carpathia. Molly desperately wanted to go tell Ruth that Rose was alive. But, it was out of kindness to Ruth because apparently she was a wreck, thinking that her daughter died. Which made Rose very surprised and vaguely sad, but she still knew that if she ever saw her Mother again she would drag her back to her cage that was her first class life. But Rose throughly explained to Molly, everything she hated and she need to break away and live a new life as Rose Dawson. Molly had understood, and when she asked where Jack was, Rose felt her whole body erupt with pain and sorrow. It took everything Rose had to hold herself together to be able to tell Molly what had happened to Jack. Molly had gasped and gave Rose a bone crushing hug. Molly told her there was no way she would be out on the streets alone, and Rose could come live with her for a while until she got back on her feet.

During her stay with Molly, Rose began repairing herself. The loss of Jack devastated her. She would rarely talk or eat during the day and whenever Molly had passed Rose's room in the night she would hear her heart breaking sobs. Rose couldn't bear even breathing. She couldn't stand the thought of her taking in each breath when Jack was dead. She missed him. His kind, beautiful blue eyes. His blonde hair that always seemed to fall in his face. Most of the time she despised looking at that damned Heart of the Ocean necklace, that she found in Cal's coat. But sometimes she found herself looking at it, reminiscing and thinking of Jack. But it still made her heart break whenever anything reminded her of her lover. Sometimes she just wanted to give up and die just so she could be at peace with Jack, but then she always remembered the promise she made to Jack. She slowly, but surely, started to talk and eat more and her sobbing fits would eventually die down. Once she got most of herself together, she had made plans to move out. Molly had offered to pay for everything, but Rose declined. She needed to learn to do things on her own. She hated the idea of using Cal's money to support herself but she had no other choice. She never wanted to sell the Heart of the Ocean because if she did she would be filthy rich, which is what she wanted to get away from in the first place. She only used Cal's money when there was an absolute need for it.

Rose had moved into a fairly nice apartment in the middle of Brooklyn. She got a job as a waitress and began living her life as Rose Dawson. The diner where she worked was owned by a nice family that sort of embraced Rose into their family a bit and treated her like another daughter. Then a few weeks after she moved in and about three months after the sinking, Rose had began to feel extremely ill. She could barely manage to go to work, where whenever she smelled something odd in the kitchen she always ended up halfway down the toilet puking her insides out. She eventually contacted Molly when she couldn't take it anymore and she insisted Rose immediately go to a doctor. Molly had secretly known what was wrong with Rose, from how she described her symptoms, but had wanted her to find out from the doctor just in case if she were wrong. At the doctor's office, Rose had a few tests done and when the doctor had come in her room and told her the news, Rose almost fell over in shock. She was pregnant; with Jack's baby.

As her baby grew inside her, it slowly made her happy again. Before, she was numb, yes she was better, but she wasn't fully happy. Now she was. Jack not only gave Rose her freedom but also something very special, a child. But it also made Rose very heart broken at the same because Jack couldn't be here. She wanted him to see their child and watch them grow. Rose spent her remaining months of pregnancy preparing physically and mentally for what was coming. With the joy of having piece of Jack, she also gained a lot of fear. Would she be a good mother?, crossed her mind occasionally during her pregnancy.

Heaven forbid she be anything like her own mother. During her pregnancy, Molly visited her and helped her a lot with motherly worries. She reassured Rose that she would be a fantastic mother. Rose knew that Jack would have been an amazing father. Whenever the thought of him never meeting their child came to mind, tears sprung in her eyes. She would do anything to have him here with her and their baby.

Finally after a long 9 months and now many hours of labor, a newborn baby's cry was heard. The nurse squirmed out of Rose's death grip on her hand and took the baby away to get cleaned up. Rose caught a glimpse of her child's little red face and she felt tear's swell up in her eyes. That was her baby. Rose leaned back against the hospital bed, breathing heavily, wondering about her child. The nurse came back in the room a few minutes later and handed Rose the baby bundled in a bunch of pink blankets. The nurse rubbed her throbbing hand and forced a smile onto her face. The nurse obviously noticed that Rose was very young and had no wedding ring on her finger. She looked at her disdainfully and said half-heartedly, "Congratulations Ms. Dawson. It's a girl."

Rose remained unphased by the rude nurse, not giving a damn about anything in this world other than the baby in her arms. Rose felt tears of joy welling up eyes and fall down her cheeks. A huge watery smile broke out on her face when she stared down at her daughter for the first time. Molly gave an approving smile to Rose. "She's beautiful darlin'."

Rose smiled back, speechless at what is happening at this moment. She had a little girl. She stared down in amazing at this little girl in her arms. The baby was sniffling and her chubby face was a red that matched her mother's hair. But the hair on top of her head had blonde curls that were barely visible. Her warm, little hand wrapped around Rose's index finger as Rose gently kissed her head. Rose already felt an overpowering feeling of love for the little body in her arms. She couldn't believe that just one year ago, she was engaged to get married to a man she loathed. And now, after meeting Jack, she had a daughter. Rose's eyes flickered back to her child and watched as her eyes slowly drew back and she saw the little girls eyes were a sparkling blue. Just like her father's.

Rose stared in awe at this little girl. This was a little piece of her and Jack, their daughter. Molly interrupted her thoughts and kindly asked her, "What are you going to name her?" Rose frowned; She hadn't thought about that much. She had been so busy preparing she never had he chance to think about names. A song start to play over and over in her head. The memory of her and Jack belting out the song when Jack walked her back from the third class party came flooding back to her. Then another memory, of her and Jack standing at the bow of the ship. Her arms extended, feeling like she was flying. Jack's beautiful lips whispering in her ear. 'Come Josephine in my flying machine.' It even felt as if he were whispering it in her ear at that moment.

She snapped out of the memories and gazed at her beautiful child. She whispered in a loving tone, "Josephine. Josephine Dawson."


(Three weeks later)

Rose couldn't take her eyes off the little human being in her arms. It had only been three weeks but it felt like Rose has been with her forever. She loved Josie with all her being that she couldn't imagine life without her. Her employers at the diner had been kind enough to give her time off for a few months while she took care of her daughter and Rose had been extremely grateful to them for it. She spent most of her time in Josephine's nursery. Every time Josephine looked back at her with those eyes, Jack's eyes, she felt like he was with her.

One moment Rose was quietly rocking Josephine who was sound asleep until she woke from her slumber and started crying. Rose frowned and crooned to her softly. But Josephine continued to wail. Rose hated hearing her cry. She thought frantically what to do. She had done everything neccesary the past hour and she just got her down for a nap. But now she was crying again and Rose did the very first thing that came to mind. She sang softly to her,

"Come Josephine in my flying machine

Going up she goes, up she goes

Balance yourself like a bird on a beam

In the air she goes, there she-"

Josephine abruptly stopped crying and looked up at Rose. Rose was surprised at her expression. Her tiny face was blotched with red like when she was first-born into this world and her eyes shined with unshed tears. But her upward gaze was as if she were intently looking at Rose. Examining her features. Her bright blue eyes locked with Rose's green eyes. Like her child's, Rose's eyes started to form tears. At first, Rose mentally kicked herself. She always was crying. But now she had to be strong for her baby girl. But it was hard because whenever she looked into her eyes she saw Jack.

Rose broke the intent eye contact with her child and kissed her daughter's forehead, continuing to rock her. She closed her eyes and whispered quietly, "I'll never let go."

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