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Teddy Lupin didn't know his father. He had a father, of course, everyone has a father. He thought that was a rather stupid distinction to have to make. Fathers were a bit like noses in that sense. Everyone had one at some point and most still did. Teddy lost his—his father, not his nose—before he was even born. His mother wouldn't tell him how exactly; she wouldn't tell him much of anything about his father. When he tried to ask her something, she looked quite sad and her hair would sometimes turn brown—not that she wore it any particularly exciting color anyway—and she would tell him she was tired and feel like talking right now, and "Why don't you go run wash up for supper?" Eventually he stopped asking because he knew it would just make her sad.

He knew what his father looked like. He found a picture of him and his mother once at their wedding when he was exploring his Gran's attic. He wouldn't have known who it was if Remus and Dora on their wedding day hadn't been written on the back in his grandmother's neat writing. The woman in the picture looked very little like his Mum. Perhaps she looked like her cousin or a sister that inherited all the opposite traits. She looked much younger, more than eight years could justify, and her eyes were bright and merry. Her smile lit up her whole face and made dimples on her cheeks. Most shocking of all, her hair was bright bubble gum pink. He didn't think his mother was the pink hair sort of person. She did mess with her hair and her face to make him and his cousins laugh, but she didn't wear it like that normally. She wasn't boring exactly, she just wasn't particularly exciting, but not many Mums were. Except his Aunt Ginny, anyway, when Teddy was younger she was a professional Quidditch player, but after Al had been born she started writing about matches. Teddy didn't think the writing would be very fun, but she got to go to matches all the time. She even took Teddy sometimes.

After he got over the fact that the woman in the picture was his mother, he eagerly turned to his father. Compared to his mother, his father looked, well… old. When he had asked his Uncle Harry about later it he had said that his father was thirteen years older than his Mum. That seemed like quite a long time to Teddy and he told his Uncle Harry so. He just laughed nervously and said that his mother didn't care because they were in love. Teddy had then asked why she never talked about his father if she loved him so much. Harry seemed at a loss for a moment, but then told him that sometimes when you lose someone you love it hurts to talk about them. He had then quickly changed the subject.

The man in the picture—his dad, Remus Lupin—was smiling as well and occasionally leaned down to kiss his mother on her lips. Her eyes would slip closed and her lips would curl into a smile. He had never seen her kiss anyone on the lips, so it was strange to see his parents together that way. His father had sandy brown hair, streaked with grey. His face was slightly lined and had several scars across it. He might have looked severe if it wasn't for his mischievous blue eyes that were easily the youngest part of his face. They twinkled in a way that suggested that he wouldn't be the sort of father to be particularly strict about bed times, or much of anything really. Teddy wished he knew him; he was sure he would like him.

When he got home that night he looked closely at his mother. She noticed him staring and quirked an eyebrow at him and asked what he was looking at. He asked her why she never wore her hair pink anymore. She had drawn up short and asked him why he would ask something like that. He had lied and said that he saw some pictures of when she was younger and she always wore her hair fun colors in the pictures. She just sighed and said that she had to grow up. He blurted out that he thought you had to be grown up to get married. She started to look sad again and her hair turned brown. Teddy didn't even wait for her to tell him to go wash up. He just mumbled sorry, and started to walk toward the bathroom. It surprised him when she spoke. "I thought I was grown up then, sweetheart," she had said, "But I was really just young and naïve. What picture did you see?" Teddy handed her the picture that he had kept in his pocket. Her eyes welled up with tears. He asked her if she didn't like the picture. "He is a good man, Teddy, and a better wizard. I am not ashamed of marrying him, I just wish he stayed." She gave him back the picture and told him to keep it. That had been two years ago and they hadn't talked about it since.

He loved his mum. She was generally a cheerful sort of person, but she had her moments. He was proud of her. His mum was the head of the Auror department at the Ministry. She got to keep a very predictable schedule of work and home, so he got to see her more than he would have if she had been a regular Auror. She got up every morning at six every morning to get dressed. At seven-thirty she woke Teddy up and got him dressed and fixed him breakfast. At eight, she dropped him off with whoever was watching him that day and went to work. Unless something bad happened, she picked him up at six. They went home, or if it was a Friday, sometimes they did something fun like go to the cinema. Once or twice a week, they would eat dinner at his Gran's. On Sundays they would go to the Burrow for lunch. These were loud, exciting gatherings and always managed to make her laugh. Once a month, they ate dinner with her friend the Minister. These meals were more subdued, but they made his Mum happy.

A few times a year, he would go stay with his Gran or Grandma Molly because his Mum "needed a break." Teddy didn't know what she did on a break, but he guessed she deserved one. After all, she worked hard and her job was stressful. He knew it was starting to be time for a break, because she would start to look sad and tired. Occasionally, usually after one of her "breaks," his mum would go, "out to dinner." Teddy did not go to these dinners. Someone would stay with him until his Mum and the guy she was eating with got home. At about eight a man would come pick her up. They were never the same man, but without fail he would always say how cute Teddy was. His mum would smile proudly and ruffle Teddy's hair. She would kiss Teddy on the head, take the man's arm, and walk out the door. No later than ten-thirty, she would come home. The man never came back inside because she left him at the door. Teddy didn't know quite what to make of these dinners. His parents had never officially divorced. He had heard his Gran talk to her about it when they didn't think he was listening. His mum had just said that she would get it done when she had to, claiming that she hated paperwork. Teddy had didn't fool himself into thinking that his parents were going to get back together. As far as he knew, they didn't even speak to one another. Judging from the way she acted when she had to talk about him, Teddy couldn't imagine her talking to him, especially talking in a getting back together sort of way. All he knew was that he was glad that these dinner guys didn't stay. They didn't make his mum happy, anyway. She had never come back from dinner smiling the way his father had made her smile in the picture, or smiling at all, really. Once he asked her why she kept going and she just said that everybody wanted her to and she didn't want to worry them.

All and all, Teddy considered himself a pretty lucky kid. He loved his mum, and they got by well on their own. He had his Gran, his Godfather, Uncle Harry and his family, and all of the Weasleys. That didn't stop him from wondering how it would be if his father was still around. He would be turning eleven in a few months, and going to Hogwarts a few months after that. Was is so wrong to want to know his father before he went to school with other kids who would probably know just as much about him as he did by reading a history book? Teddy decided he would meet his father before then. He would learn all the things a kid should know about their father, like what team they cheered for and their favorite candy. Now he just needed to figure out how to meet him.

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