"Is there any way we can reverse it?" Mr Pierce asked after a concerned glance at his sobbing wife.

Mr Lopez looked offended by what Brittany's father was suggesting- as though his family's ability to imprint was some kind of horrendous curse. He was about to open his mouth and give Mr Pierce a piece of his mind when the calming weight of his wife's palm pressed down on his arm.

"I know this is a lot to take in… and we both feel like our daughters' childhoods have been stolen from us but I promise you that 'imprinting' is a beautiful thing that you shouldn't fear. Your daughter is luckier than the both of you can possibly even comprehend," Mrs Lopez calmly insisted with a warm look to her husband. "It is a gift. She has found her soul mate."

"She's too young for soul mates!" Mrs Pierce hissed, overcome with regret.

Mr Pierce hushed her gently as he pulled her into a hug. His eyes looked sad and sorry but he finally seemed accepting of what had occurred as he looked to the Lopez's to simply understand more.

"There is a way…" Mr Lopez began uncomfortably, with an awkward look at his wife as though it was unsettling for him to even be discussing such a thing.

Mrs Lopez was surprised because this was the first time she'd ever heard of such a possibility. She couldn't ignore the way fear clutched at her chest at the thought of her bond with her husband being lost to her. As much as the idea of Santana imprinting so young was unprecedented and undoubtedly fraught with challenges- she would never wish for her own flesh and blood to know love in its truest form only to have it ripped away from her…

"Carlos-" Mrs Lopez jumped in, trying to dissuade him from sharing such hurtful information.

"But it is not within our means to control," Mr Lopez continued firmly with a pointed look at Mr and Mrs Pierce.

Mr Lopez frowned, clearly overcome by his own thoughts but never less he carried on…

"Santana would have to forsake her claim on Brittany."

Mrs Lopez gasped.

"But she never would unless she feels that Brittany doesn't need her anymore," Mr Lopez explained. "Yes they are both so young but Santana would never have imprinted in the first place if she wasn't responding to a need deep within Brittany. She wouldn't have been able to if the need wasn't there. And she won't willingly leave her now."

"So separating them won't change anything?" Mr Pierce pressed uncertainly.

"Now that the imprint has already occurred, the shock would surely kill Santana," Mr Lopez divulged gravely. "And while Brittany would live on… she would never truly be happy without Santana."

"So the damage has already been done then," Mrs Pierce sighed. "Even if Santana were to revoke her claim on our daughter… the impression she has made on Brittany cannot be removed."

"Brittany is as much responsible for their connection as Santana. They are in this together."