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Safety 5

Harry had stayed with Magic for a long time adjusting and training with the assurance that Bobby knew he was safe and no matter how long he stayed he would go back on the winter solstice after he left. He stayed with Magic for over a year learning to control his new abilities and training his body for when he returned and he was now an amazing fighter and much more knowledgeable then when he had left. His year with her had also done wonders in repairing some of the damage the Dursley's malnutrition had inflicted, he would always be shorter than he should have been but he no longer like a slight breeze would knock him over. He was lean with wiry muscles from the training he had put himself through and he had grown a couple inches to reach a still short 5'4". He wondered what had happened while he had been gone but Magic would have told him about anything life threatening. He was leaving soon and gathering up some items that Magic had given him including a sword that with the ability to kill both demons and angels that was tied to his soul so he could summon it at will and a set of necklaces that would sink into the skin of the wearer and appear as a tattoo somewhere on there body and enhance their physical abilities that he planned on giving to the Winchesters and Bobby. Magic appeared and she sent him back with a smile and a wave.

He reappeared next to a sign that said Greybull, Missouri and headed towards the town wondering why he had been sent here instead of Bobby's. There was something off about the town and he couldn't figure out just what it was. He caught scent of the Winchesters and followed it to an empty warehouse and went inside. He found the psychic he had healed before sitting with the bodies of the Winchesters. "Hello Harry, it's nice to see you again."

"Hello, I'm sorry but I never found out your name before."

"It's Pamela." She smiled at him and he came and sat in front of her between Sam and Dean.

"What happened to them?"

"They're astral projections are researching this town because people have stopped dying."

"Do you know where they are?"

"No, sorry."

Pamela and Harry chatted for awhile until Harry heard something in the warehouse. He didn't have much time to react as a demon came charging in and attacked them. It stabbed Pamela and Harry quickly killed it with his sword. He rushed over to Pamela and slowly healed her wound as best as he could. Once she was healed she called Sam back into his body who grabbed Harry in a hug when he saw him.

"What happened? Where were you?"

"Calm down Sam, I'm back. I didn't think you would miss me that much. I'll tell you all about it later but I want you to tell me what's going on here."

"Demons were trying to break one of the seals, they had to kill two reapers during the solstice moon. You know what a reaper is?" Harry nodded. "Okay, so the demon that tortured Dean while he was in hell was behind it, Alistair. He killed one reaper but we managed to stop him from killing the other. That's it so tell me what happened with you."

"I spent over a year staying with Magic, and I mean the goddess Magic. She helped because I'm her favored child and she wanted me to be happy and she also has a job for me. I don't actually know what it is yet so you're guess is as good as mine. I've, changed a lot, I trained as well but there are some I want to show you, but not until we're back in Bobby's panic room."

Sam nodded and Dean came back to his body. He glowered at Harry and Harry could feel him burning holes into him with his eyes. He looked and Dean and was taken aback by the emotion he saw in Harry's eyes, relief, sadness, and happiness all mixed together. "Hello Dean."

Dean just stared at him and Harry turned back to Sam and Pamela, hurt in his eyes at the obvious dislike from Dean. Sam glared at Dean and Pamela gave Harry an encouraging smile and they all got up and headed out. Pamela said goodbye to Harry and gave him her number if he ever wanted someone to talk to and she left the town in her own car and the boys all got in the impala and headed back to their motel to grab their stuff and head out.

They were driving for a few hours when they stopped at a gas station and Sam got out and went to make a phone call while Dean looked in the backseat to see Harry sleeping and he got out to gas the car and get some food from inside. They left the station and Sam spoke up after a few minutes. "Ruby's gonna meet up with us after she checks a few leads."

Before Dean has a chance to comment Harry asks sleepily from the backseat, "Who's Ruby?"

Sam turns in his seat to see Harry rubbing his eyes tiredly. "She's a demon, a good one though. She's helped me out in the past."

Dean clenched the steering wheel tightly and focused intensely on the road ahead of them. "I'd like to meet her then, find out how true that really is."

"We'll probably see her in the next couple days. You can go back to sleep, we'll be checking into a motel as soon as we see one so I'll wake you up then." Harry nodded and laid down in the backseat, relaxing into sleep. "Why won't you give him a chance? Is your view of the world so black and white that you can't see the middle ground?"

"We are not talking about this now, especially not in front of it."

"His name is Harry and we are going to talk about this sooner rather than later Dean."

Dean pulled into a motel and went to the front desk while Sam got out and went around to the backseat to wake Harry. Dean came back with a room key and Harry leaned against Sam and yawned as they went to their room. They opened the door and Harry was instantly more alert as they saw Castiel and another angel that Harry didn't recognize in the room. Castiel nodded at them in greeting while the other angel studied Harry. Harry stared right back and missed the first part of what Castiel said until Dean interrupted whatever he was saying and his head snapped towards them. "Hell no, I won't do it."

The other angel sneered at him and replied. "It's not a request."

Harry grabbed Dean's arm and they find themselves in an empty warehouse. The other angel was studying Harry and Castiel was looking at Harry with a confused expression on his face, head slightly tilted to the side. "Why did you follow us Harry?"

Harry looked at Castiel and gave an apologetic smile. "I wasn't listening but whatever you want Dean to do he doesn't want to do. I'm not about to leave him either."

Harry glanced at Dean and saw surprise and a glint of respect in his jade orbs. The other angel was staring openly at Harry trying to figure him out, he didn't seem like an ordinary mud monkey. "Who are you and why should you care?"

"My name is Harry and I care about the Winchesters. Dean is fractured and I'm not about to let him break again."

Harry grabbed Dean's sleeve tighter and Dean brought Harry closer when the other angel got a predatory glint in his eyes, shielding him slightly with his own body. Castiel looked between the three and interjected before anything could happen. "Uriel, I'd like to speak with them alone."

Uriel glanced at Castiel and left leaving the three alone. Dean relaxed and Harry let go of Dean's sleeve, confident he could get back in if Castiel sent him away. Dean looked at Harry like he was seeing him for the first time and nodded at him. "Thanks."

Harry beamed at him and turned to Castiel for an explanation. "Why do you need Dean?"

Castiel looked sad when he answered. "We have captured a demon named Alistair that has information on who has been killing my brothers and sisters recently."

"You need Dean to torture him?"

"Yes, I wish there was another way."

"Can you not talk about me as if I'm not here, I refuse to do it."

"There is no other way, I do not want to ask this of you but I do not know of any other way."

"Actually, I know a way. I can get the information out of him but you must promise not to tell anyone what you see, either of you."

Castiel nodded his acceptance and Dean looked at him suspiciously. "Is this another of those magic things?"

Harry nodded and Castiel tilted his head. "It is but not completely, there's a reason I was gone for three months."

"And why was that?"

"Two things: training and adjusting. I'm different now. Castiel, I'm letting you know because I trust you, that's not something I give away lightly. No one can find out what you see."

Castiel nodded and led them to where Alistair was being kept. A man Harry assumed was Alistair was restrained against what looked like the Star of David in the middle of an intricate symbol that covered the floor. "Is Deanie here to torture me, there's a rather nice set of tools in the corner. Oh, but who's this? You've brought a child with you, what's gotten into you angels these days, recruiting children now?"

Dean glared at Alistair hatefully and Harry looked at Castiel and motioned him towards Dean. Castiel nodded and grabbed Dean's shoulder gently. Harry raised his eyebrows at the way Dean visibly relaxed and turned to face Alistair. Alistair looked at him curiously and Harry closed his eyes and focused. Harry stepped forward with his eyes still closed and opened his senses. He ran a hand over his neck and a tattoo appeared for a moment before disappearing and Harry opened his eyes again. They were glowing and as he walked toward Alistair a tail creeped out and a pair of wings spread out behind him. One side was like an angel's wing, pure white and almost glowing while the other was leathery and bat like and jet black.

Dean and Castiel were staring in awe, forgotten in the back of the room while Alistair's eyes widened and Harry stepped in front him. They were staring directly into each others eyes and Harry put one hand on Alistair's chest and let it sink into his demonic soul. Alistair convulsed once before going limp and his eyes drifted closed and Harry closed his eyes. Harry opened them again and found himself in the very core of Alistair's soul with Alistair standing in front of him in his true form. Alistair looked young, about mid-twenties with black hair and white eyes. His ears were pointed slightly and his canines were elongated and there was a pair of skeletal wings on his back. He was staring at Harry in surprise to see Harry in a similar form. Mismatched wings and tail and glowing, slitted emerald orbs with elongated canines and pointed ears.

"How is this possible? What are you?"

"I'm a neutral party, I'm Magic's angel. I used to be a wizard before I was chosen to right the wrongdoings between the angels and find out what tore apart the archangels. I'm telling you this because you are a high ranking demon who might have information that can help me. I know you didn't kill the angels and I know there is something very wrong with things as they are now. I want your help in fixing things."

"And what makes you think I'll help you?"

"I've looked in your memories, you've been around a long time. I also know that hell is a place of punishment, demons should not be as they are now. You're an original, someone who was there in the beginning before Lucifer was sealed away but only just, I need to know what happened all those years ago that no one knows about. I know you don't have the answers but you know someone who does. I'll help you, up to a point, if you help me."

"You're making a deal with a demon? Is it worth what it might cost you?"

Harry smiled, slow and almost sad. "I will do anything that Magic asks of me, she's the only one who stuck by me all my life and saved my life more times than I have knowledge of."

Alistair was staring at Harry, studying him closely. There was a small glint of understanding in his eyes and he nodded slowly. He smirked suddenly, "Is this going to be an official deal?"

Harry looked slightly confused but his eyes gave away his amusement. "What are your conditions in return?"

"Protection from the angels, is there anything I should know about you first?"

Harry thought for a moment. "I can make you a body, I can basically fake your death and if and when I see you again you can pretend to be an old friend or something."

"If you can do that then what are we waiting for? Let's get this deal done quickly."

"It will take time, we're going to be stuck here for a few days so I can gather the energy and make it look believable. You'll be expelled from the body you're inhabiting and it will die, I can claim you attacked me in here or I can kill you out there somehow and you'll be housed in my sword until I can get enough time alone to create you a body."

"As long as I survive then you can decide."

"Then I'll kill you out there, that's easier and requires no explanation."

"Deal." Harry looked slightly nervous and Alistair held out his hand for Harry to shake and Harry took it. Alistair pulled him forward suddenly and kissed him quickly and let Harry stumble back, laughing.

"You do realize you just kissed a child if I use the same words you did when I entered the room?"

Alistair smirked at him. "I'm a demon, my morality level is a little low. The expression on your face was worth it."

Harry scowled at him. "Fine, we've been here long enough, we're going back and I'm probably going to be out for a few minutes so act unconscious until I wake up. I saw the water dripping from the ceiling so I know you did too. I don't know how much time has passed out there but it won't be more than a couple days."

"Then I'll see you out there."

Harry closed his eyes and reopened them a few seconds later. He heard footsteps coming towards him and he blacked out for a few minutes. He came to and looked up to see Dean holding him up. "Dean?"

Dean looked down at him and gave a forced smile. "Hey, you uh, you're awake. You were standing there for almost a day. Did you get any info out of him?"

Harry nodded and stood up on his own to see they were still in the room with Alistair. "He's not the one killing the angels, and he doesn't know who is either."

Dean cursed and Harry glanced at Alistair to see him with his head down as if unconscious but Harry could see him peaking at him discreetly. Alistair looked up suddenly and flung the two of them against the wall and broke out of his restraints. Dean was slumped against the wall unconscious and Harry stood quickly. "You should hire a plumber, there's a couple of leaky pipes in the building."

Harry charged forward with his sword and Alistair let him as convincingly as he could. He slumped against Harry and fought the urge to smirk as he felt himself being pulled into the sword. Castiel rushed in a second later to see Alistair speared through with the sword in Harry's hands and Dean slumped against the wall. Harry got rid of the sword and lowered the body Alistair had been in gently. He walked over to where Dean was and fought to stay conscious long enough to heal him. Castiel rushed over quickly and grabbed Harry as he stumbled and prevented him from falling. His vision was getting blurry but he vaguely registered as Sam and the brunette from when he first met Sam rushed in and he was passed off first to Sam and then to the brunette. He looked up and caught a glimpse of all black eyes for a sec before they turned back into warm brown and he smiled weakly at her before slipping into unconsciousness.

Ruby was staring at the boy in her arms as he was passed off to her and her eyes changed when he looked up and smiled at her. She stared at him confused for minute while Castiel healed Dean and Sam fussed over him when he woke up. Castiel watched Ruby suspiciously and Dean glared at her when he noticed her. Sam hit his brother in the back of the head. "Ow, what was that for?"

"You're glaring at her again. I asked you to stop doing that. I'm not drinking demon blood anymore and you know it so stop with all the glaring."

"I'll stop when she's gone."

Sam sighed at Dean and looked at Ruby apologetically. She looked back at him in understanding and then looked at Dean tiredly. She sighed and picked up Harry. "Sam, I think you should take him and I'll leave."

Sam sighed and stood up when Ruby started walking towards him. He reached out for Harry and Harry latched onto Ruby in his sleep. Sam groaned and Castiel looked slightly amused while Dean just looked at Harry's unconscious form dumbstruck. "Not again."

Ruby looked down at Harry to see him completely relaxed except for the death grip he had on her shirt. "Does he do this often?"

Dean looked like he didn't know whether to laugh or rip Harry out of her arms somehow and Sam looked amused. Castiel shook his head and left wordlessly. "He did that to Castiel and me when he first met us but he had a reason for it and he did it to Dean too. I think he does it when he doesn't have any energy left."

"Well that's great, so what do I do?"

"Honestly? Just wait until he wakes up, he won't let go otherwise."

Sam tossed the impala keys to Dean and Dean headed out with Sam and Ruby following behind. Ruby climbed into the backseat somewhat awkwardly and Harry shifted his grip so he was still snuggling into her in the back. They stopped at the first place they came across and checked in. The brothers stayed in one room while Ruby and Harry got the other when they realized Harry wasn't going to wake up anytime soon.

It was the middle of the night before Harry woke again. Ruby was just laying on the bed and Harry was sleeping peacefully, hugging her around the middle instead of gripping her shirt. Harry snuggled into Ruby and the sheets wrapped around him as he woke up and looked up to the brunette staring down at him both amused and exasperated. "Good evening, you've been using me as a teddy bear for the last several hours."

Harry smiled at her sheepishly and yawned before snuggling a little more, too tired to move anymore. "Sorry, I'm tired."

"You don't even know who I am and you're going back to sleep?" Harry nodded at her tiredly as his eyes started to droop. "I could be a demon or something."

"I already know, I'll talk in the morning." Harry snuggled back in and fell asleep. Ruby just shook her head, amused, and wondered what Sam would say when she told him about this.

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