The war had begun.

The next swarm of formless marched their way to the doors of Shuggazoom city. The people had evacuated long ago, knowing that their home would become the battle ground for the war. It was safe to say that both good and evil were at a stalemate. The shear size and velocity of Skeleton's King's army was enough to conquer and fight against the smaller but more skilled Hyperforce and their allies.

The sound of the intercom glazed Chiro's ears. "We are in position, kid." The red monkey's voice said through Chiro's communicator.

"Roger, Sprxs. Take them down!" A few seconds later, a group of planes past Chiro's spot on the shoulder of the Super Robot. The fist rockets and brain scrambler had both been disengaged in preparation for a stealth-bomb attack.

The red monkey sat in his fist rocket, flying closer to his target with each passing second. "Gibson, is the second wave prepared to fire?" Sprx asked. The monkey team decided to break up their aerial assaults into three groups.

"Yes, Sprx." The blue monkey was in the center of his formation, a few miles behind Sprx, while Antauri was just about to set off behind Gibson.

"What about you Antauri? Third wave set to launch?"

"Indeed we are." The silver monkey pressed the launch code on the ships key pad and grabbed ahold of the controls. "Third wave prepare to take off," he said over his mic. The roar of other airships sprang to life around him. Among them was Suupa, Aurora Six, and a few other allies who were skilled in flying. With Antauri in the lead the took to the skies.

Sprx stared on as he closed in. The bridge leading into the city had not gone unharmed; it had suffered damage from previous fights. However, after this attack it would no longer be standing. "We're closing in," he said to his squad. "Firing in three, two, one…"

The bombs were dropped and the missiles were fired. The first part of the bridge along with the formless crossing it had been destroyed. "Clear the air for Gibson!" Sprx's group flew away as Gibson's fleet dropped their bombs on the second part of the bridge. However, instead of just formless, other machines began to catch the scientist's eye. Larger, more ferocious machines were walking across the bridge.

"Sprx, do you see what I'm seeing?" The blue male asked his red brother.

"Unless formless ooze fried my brain then I'd say so!" Sprx looked down in horror as he saw the boxy replicas of the Super Robot from Professor Maezono's laboratory march their way across the bridge and into the water. "There still coming! Gibson, contact Chiro and let him know we are going to need heavy artillery at the coast of Shuggazoom."

"Will do, Sprxs," said Gibson. He then prepared to fire a distress sequence to warn the others. It was at this point in time that Antauri let out a yelp in pain.

"Antauri, are you alright?" Sprx had just noticed that the silver monkey had gone awfully quiet over the intercom. He turn on his monitor to display his silver brother on the screen. What he saw was Antauri in a half-meditating state.

"Sorry, Sprx, but I suddenly felt a disturbance." He grabbed his head in pain again. The pain was mind-numbing and was causing his ears to ring. He felt he was in the middle of an exploding mine field. His gaze turned to wear the explosion had just taken place on the bridge. "Someone is trying to mind link with me. It's distressful, like it's in trouble."

"It's not Chiro or Captain Shuggazoom?" His blue brother asked. Antauri nodded no. "They are the only two other people we know currently on this planet that can do such a thing. So who could it possibly be?"

"No matter. We must find them. The pain sharpened after you launched your attack Gibson. It must be down there." Antauri was referencing the sea wreckage that was floating in the ocean abyss. "Gibson, can you do a Bio-scan?"

"Already on it," the blue simian smirked. He looked on his scanner. "Scanner is picking up life signs about a hundred feet off the edge of the bridge."

"Can you zoom in?" asked Antauri, who had also just called off his attack on the massive structure. Gibson nodded and proceeded to focus in on the person who was floating in the ocean. When he finally got a good look on his monitor, the blue monkey's mouth went agape.

"Hey, Brainiac! Would you mind sharing what's got you tough-tied?" Gibson absentmindedly pressed the button that displayed Sprx the information he wanted. His eyes widened in surprise.

"Well I'll be….what should we do, Antauri?" The red one asked.

"An invasive rescue mission," he replied. "Sprx, you and I will distract any remaining enemies in a two hundred yard radius. Gibson, you are in charge of retrieving her body." Gibson nodded silently. "Ready, Hyperforce go!"

They dived. Sprx and Antauri aimed for any armed formless while Gibson landed and reached the girl's floating figure. He acted quickly but approached her form with caution. He came in two feet of her body, reached out slowly, but then was suddenly caught off guard when she lashed out at him. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the water, wrestling him into submission. Gibson was fast though, and with a kick to the chin she had released him. While she swan vigorously to the surface for new-found breath, Gibson brought out his drills. "Maybe some nice tranquilizer-darts will make you cooperate." He shot her square in the back; screams could be heard as she fought to resist the electrifying slumber. Her body once again fell limp, but this time for good. Gibson gently grabbed her body and moved it into the fist rocket with him. In the next ten seconds he was in the air and away from the battle grounds.

"Is she alright Gibson?" Antauri asked as they flew back to the Super Robot.

"I had to subdue her into submission, but she is fine. I'll have to give her a better medical look over once we get back to the robot however." Gibson responded, a hint of edginess in his voice. Neither Sprx or Antauri overlooked it, but both preferred to stay silent on the matter.

"Very well. Sprx, contact the others and tell the others to activate the shield upon our arrival, as well as prepare the med lab for full-time use." That was the last command given before their return home.

Nova, Chiro, and Sprx each sat in the corner of the medical laboratory while Antauri helped Gibson work silently on his newfound patient. Otto had yet to arrive. He was currently making sure the self-defense system that had once been defective was now working properly to keep any Skeleton King threats outside of the city. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and the old defense system was the best way of momentarily protecting the city while the allies restocked and rested for the oncoming battle.

"Well, I've reached my final diagnosis. She's sustained a concussion from when I hit her in the head, or possibly from the debris that fell after our attack hit the bridge. Her one leg is broken, followed by several fractured ribs and muscle groups on her upper torso..." Gibson rambled, stating his complete verdict of the patient's medical condition.

"So are you saying she's gonna live, or not?" Sprx said, cutting his brother off.

Gibson became red in the face with annoyance. "Yes….she will, Sparky!" He said the red's nickname with new-found venom in his voice. For once, Sprx didn't respond right away. Gibson actually scared him! The room fell quiet, as all eyes turned to the blue monkey. "Look, I'm sorry if I hit a nerve. I didn't know you were so close to the edge. Is something wrong?" The red-comedian locked eyes with his brother. It was a rare moment to see blue and red getting along, more or less showing each other compassionate concern. The blue monkey shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Sprx, everyone. I'm just sort of jumbled by the change of course in these recent events."

Gibson turned to Antauri as he began to ask the scientist a personal question. "Does it have to do with the appear of this woman before us?" The blue scientist nodded.

"It does, but I don't feel comfortable talking about it without Otto here. It sort of deals with both of us, and he has yet to see her face."

"What about me?" Otto asked. The Hyperforce turned their gazes to the doorway where the green mechanic stood. He slowly made his way over to the others, smiling his goofy grin as he always did, but he did not think twice to look at the contents that laid on the medical bed before him.

"It seems an old friend from our past has chosen to show themselves once again," said Gibson to his green companion. Otto finally then took notice of the person lying on the table. His reaction was much less restrained than Gibson's. He stared, long and hard, at the figure before him. He absorbed in the details of her brown hair and battle gear that Skeleton King had forged for her. After giving the mechanic a few minutes to process the situation, everyone turned to look at the blue scientist. "Now that Otto has arrived, I believe it is now appropriate to discuss this matter." He looked to his green brother to make sure it was alright to continue on. Otto gave more or less a wave of his hand in confirmation as he continued to stare at the woman before him. Gibson cleared his throat. "Anyways, this particular female was our teacher back when I was first discovering my love for science and Otto for his love of machines. Her full name is Chameel Keruki." The rest of the Monkey Team looked at Gibson with wide-eyes. He was one who never spoke much of his time before protecting Shuggazoom, but he had to have gained his massive knowledge database somewhere.

"So she was you teacher?" Nova asked mainly at Gibson, as Otto was to out-of-it to really listen to the conversation. "Is she as smart as you then?"

Gibson nodded. "In the areas of medicine and bio-mechanics she surpasses even my own. She created a device that allowed one to learn at an accelerated rate."

Sprx laughed. "I was wondering how you got so smart, so quick, Brainstrain. We were gone for like five years and yet you came back with the intelligence of someone who might have spent their entire life slaved away at the books!" Gibson smiled at his brother, and took to looking a his past mentor once more. The blue monkey looked the woman over tentatively, still unable to comprehend how over sixty years of time could not age a human female by a single day. Sure enough she should have been the Captain's age by now.

"Is she going to be alright?" Gibson turned his attention to Otto. He saw the look of worry on his face and sighed.

"It seems she can't recall any past memories, Otto, because I am sure she would have recognized me on the battle field. She attacked me without question. Skeleton King must have erased her memory somehow." Otto frowned; this was not the news he had hoped for. "Don't worry, I'll find out what is wrong with her eventually." Gibson smiled, trying to reassure the mechanic that everything would be alright. "I suggest we move her to the healing chambers. There isn't much more I can do for her right now." The others nodded, and slowly made their way to the other side of the lab to the healing tubes where Captain Shuggazoom was also still residing.

Meanwhile in Skeleton King's castle…

"You have done well, Valkyrie." Skeleton King turned to the mechanical intellectual who was standing proudly in the corner. "The reprogramming seems to have been successful, and the monkey team has taken her to their robot as planned."

"Master, if I may intrude, but it was my work to re-interpret the original blue-prints that made it possible for her to even accomplish this feat in the first place," said Professor Maezono. He did not take well to being overlooked, especially since he had volunteered his experiments for the evil overlord's cause. This Valkyrie had to have been tracked to a far end of the galaxy in order to be persuaded to join Skeleton King's side.

The stranger laughed a cold, evil laugh. "Please, do not degrade my accomplishments because I simply achieved what you failed to do by yourself." Whether she was referring to her robotic body or the blue-prints he didn't know, but both struck a nerve. The first more so than the last. Both scientists were silenced with a loud clanking of the overlord's staff to the floor of the castle.

"Silence! I will not have you too arguing in my presence. Get back to work on your designated duties, and if I hear a single complaint out of either of you I will be sure to deliver suitable punishment myself." With that he began to walk away, having other matters to attend too. Valkyrie simply smirked while Maezono began to swear up a storm.

"See ya later, Brain Boy." With that last comment, the mecha walked in the direction of her own quarters, leaving a very angry Maezono to plot his partner's demise.

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