Another Chance

Summery: an attack on their Coven, the last remaining in the world, and their child killed by one of their own Michael and Selene grieve for the loss their child. One night they and two friends are given a chance to go back and change the past in hopes of a better future. A future were theirs friends aren't dead, a future were they are not hunted, a future were their child be born and raise by them, a future that can finally have a happy ending.



A/N: they will go back to a few years before Underworld1.

Should I also send back Lida and Sebastian's wife? I know that they are already dead but I don't know

Ok what do you think? I'll post the first chapter in a few day when I finish with my list of things to do. The idea of going back in time came to me while reading Love of Major Proportion by SeleneDeathdealer21 . thanks girl for giving me parmition to use you idea of going back in time.