Another Chance

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Dear Readers

Hello! Don't worry I have not forgotten about this story and no, I'm not holding this story hostage just so that I can get more reviews. There are about three or four reasons why I've not updated. 1. We are busy planning and getting everything ready for my sister's baby babshower. 2. I'm working on many different stories at the same time that they are all tangle in my head that I'm barely able to get them past 1,000 words.

Third reason. Someone asked me to explain why or what the sickness is. I've tried doing it in a chapter but it doesn't want to come out right. Originally I was going to send Michael, Selene, Sebastian and his wife, David, and Lida(she took care of Eve) but later I change it to have more so that way the original six would have some help in order to save the vampire race. The sickness is a side effect of being send back in time into their passed self. I'm not planning to have two Michaels, two Selenes, two David sect. ect. that would be confusing and weird don't you think. Sonja send them back from the second they died to X number of years before the Purge she was in a hurry so of course there would be some kind of side effect. Does any of this make any sense to any of you because I swear that I don't any other way to explain it.

Now that got that out of the way I need the help of you guys and girls.

Should I bring Sonja back to life?

Should I have Selene do something to Viktor after she and the sick get better?

What should the sick do after the get better, A) should they get together and make their own coven. B) go back to their own covens and start gathering people that believe them.

I'm thinking of changing Jenny Carla's (JC) story a bit and have her call Selene mommy after Selene and the others become sick so this is my question, should I somehow make JC related to Michael?