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This story was triggered by "Overthinking it" by Haiju and some comments from Nebulous Mistress.

Mind over Matter

Tucker knocked on the door and Danny yelled at him to come in, not bothering to get up.

Tucker sauntered in, "How did you know it was me?"

"You're the only one that pauses to sniff the air when you come in," Danny added.

"How else am I supposed to know what you had for dinner last night and what sort of leftovers might be in the fridge?" he asked casually. Inwardly he had to suppress a small shiver. Sometimes it was easy to forget about Danny's keen hearing.

"So, how are you feeling?" Tucker asked as he walked into the living room.

"Better," Danny answered. He was sprawled on the couch and covered with a disheveled blanket.

Tucker looked at Danny's washed out pallor and decided not to ask for details. He moved to take a seat on the chair opposite. "So, whatcha doing?"

Danny shrugged, "Cartoons."

Tucker glanced at the screen. Coyote was building an elaborate trap.

"Why do you have the sound had been turned way down?" Tucker asked.

"Is it? Sorry." Danny shifted and fished the remote out from between the couch cushions. He tossed to his friend who thumbed the volume button. "And before you ask, Mom and Dad locked out the news stations."

"Seriously?" Tucker asked.

"They don't want me worrying about ghost attacks," Danny stared at his lap where his fingers were gripping each other.

"Oh," Tucker watched as the plan failed in a spectacular explosion.

"So, have there been any ghost attacks?" Danny asked in an overly nonchalant voice that didn't' fool Tucker in the slightest.

"It's been quiet," Tucker assured him. It wasn't exactly a lie. Valarie had been more than able to handle the few weak ghosts that had shown up.

"So, how did you get a Saturday morning to waste?" Danny asked.

Tucker stared at the TV where another Acme booby trap was being set up.

"Not exactly," he admitted with a sign. "I wanted to give you the head's up. My parents and your parents have been talking about school again. I've been having trouble keeping up with my school work and at some point someone's going to point out that you haven't done a lick of school work since I don't know how long and we have physics this year."

"I knew our get out of jail free card is going to expire sometime," Danny sighed.

"It's not actually as bad as it seems, they're hiring a tutor," Tucker informed him.

Danny and Tucker sat watching the TV for a while in silence. Roadrunner dodged aside and Coyote went running off the cliff.

"I never thought I'd say it but it would be better than watching this all day," Danny mumbled morosely.

"It's ridiculous," Tucker joined in with his own sour grapes, "He runs off the cliff and doesn't fall until he suddenly notices he's on thin air."

Danny watched as a boulder fell into the Coyote-shaped hole at the bottom of the cliff. "No, actually it makes a lot of sense," Danny mused.

Tucker turned to stare at him, "what?"

"He doesn't fall because he doesn't know he's supposed to. It's how I do it." Danny informed him.

"Do what?" Tucker asked.

"Fly. It's mind over matter. Ectoplasm is funny like that. As long as I believe it will work, gravity doesn't affect me." Danny levered himself into a sitting position and rubbed his eyes. He paused in mid yawn as he noticed Tucker was continuing to stare at him. "What?"

"Maybe getting tutored in physics isn't such a good idea, after all," said Tucker shakily.

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