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Phone Call Part 14: Easier to Get Pardoned than Ask Permission

"I take it the term 'negotiating in good faith' is not to be taken lightly," the President said before forcing his voice back into a more jovial tone. "Speaking of which, the Presidential pardon is just exactly what it sounds like: a pardon for damages caused by ghost fights; no hidden strings attached."

"Not that I'm not grateful, but that makes it sound like I'm guilty," Danny said warily.

"I am afraid some might see it that way," the President admitted. "But it will keep this out of court."

There was a long slow exhalation.

"Then, thanks, but no thanks."



"If it goes to court, it will have more publicity than the O. J. Simpson trial. It could take months or even years, the press will drag you through the mud whether or not you're guilty, and you will risk exposing your secret identity. If you accept the pardon, there won't be a trial and you can have a normal life," the President urged.

"I think my chances for a normal life are pretty much shot anyway," Danny grumbled unhappily.

"I suppose they are," the President agreed soberly, "But there is no sense making things more difficult than they are."



"If I accept the pardon, I'll never get a chance to clear my name," Danny objected.

"I didn't think you cared about public opinion," the President commented.

"Accepting the pardon means admitting I'm guilty, but the pardon only works for past crimes. I can hardly plead innocent when it happens again," Danny objected.

"So, stay out of trouble," the President suggested.

"The ghosts aren't going to go away, so I'm going to keep having problems in the future," Danny said.

It shouldn't be your problem," said the President, "That's what we have professionals for."

Danny groaned, "Are you kidding me?"

AN: I had to condense the title to fit in the number of spaces allowed for chapter titles.

The titles comes from paraphrasing the expression: It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.