Chapter 1: Too Fast

Barry silently wondered how this could've happened, how he ended up in the Watchtower sick bay with Wally vibrating wildly in front of him, uncontrollably.

He felt his fingers push into his skin as he clenched his fist, he should've been able to get to him faster, but he hadn't, it was his turn to be too slow.

Sighing he leaned back in the chair he was sitting in and tried not to let more tears stream down his already wet cheeks.

Wally was just a teenager; he had his whole life ahead of him, why did he get hurt and not him?

Barry closed his eyes as memories came rushing back into his head.

It had all started with a news report that had blared over the TV as he worked in his lab, upon instinct he reached out his hand and turned it up, listening to his wife's voice worriedly.

This is Iris Allen, reporting live coverage from Central City. It appears that a new speedster who has been identified as Zoom is now being attacked by Kid Flash the Flash's young teenage partner.

Instantly every part of Barry became tense and he dropped the beaker he was holding causing his partners to look up at him in shock.

"Barry is something wrong?" He turned to see Nelson, his boss, looking at him worriedly. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

Barry couldn't respond or move his blue eyes were glued to the TV screen as he watched his nephew battle the one Rouge in his gallery that would kill to get what he wanted.

The question on everyone's mind is where is the Flash? Iris's voice reached his ears and Barry could see the fear in her eyes. Did he abandon his younger partner or does he simply believe that the Fastest Boy Alive can take down Zoom?

Barry turned to Nelson, "can I leave please its important?" He asked his eyes wide, but he watched as Nelson shook his head.

"I'm sorry Barry I know you must be worried about your wife, but it's not safe to leave the building right now I'm sure she'll be fine."

It's not her I'm worried about, Barry thought wildly as he watched Wally get punched across the face sending him flying back into a brick wall, lose rubble falling on top of him.

"The poor kid's dying out there!" Somebody behind him yelled. "Where the heck is Flash?"

Trapped with you morons, Flash thought angrily as more people ridiculed the Flash for not being with his younger partner. He was going into panic now as he watched Wally take punch after punch, too slow to do anything about it.

Wally couldn't even run as fast as Barry himself, how could he take down someone as fast if now faster?

Another punch and Wally was sent flying into a police car, denting the door and not getting up, just lying there limply.

"Barry you okay you're trembling?" Nelson spoke again, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Oh crap, Barry thought as he concentrated on slowing down his molecules, in his panic he had begun to vibrate out of instinct.

"I'm sorry Nelson, I'm fine I just, I really need to go, please," he begged as he watched Zoom advance on a stirring Wally.

"Barry I'm sorry I can't do that, rules state that everyone is to remain indoors when possible during an attack, unless they have special permission."

Barry felt tears coming to his eyes as he watched Zoom pick up Wally by his hair, "come on Kid." He mumbled his nails digging into the counter as he leaned closer to the TV as if trying to transport himself into it to help Wally. "Wake up."

Suddenly Wally's eyes flashed open, brilliant green registering the threat, and his whole body vibrated wildly, slipping away from Zoom and he ran.

Barry watched in a mixture of horror and relief, as Wally ran away from Zoom, leaving only a yellow and red streak behind him.

"Coward," a man behind him huffed. "Running away like that, if anyone dies now it's on him."

Barry gritted his teeth, wishing he could punch the guy; luckily someone else did it for him, and began screaming at the man about being heartless and how Kid Flash was near dead.

It appears, that Kid Flash has fled the scene, Iris spoke softly. Why he did it we don't know, was it fear perhaps? We may never—What was that?

Suddenly there was a gust of wind, and a yellow blur that only Barry could see clearly, as Zoom was punched in the gut and then it was gone.

No, he thought wildly as the blur came again and again. No, no, no Wally slow down, you need to slow down.

Barry's eyes were wide as he watched Wally's face in the milliseconds it was on camera, the pain and fear that was sown plainly only to him, each time he ran past, but he kept fighting.

Barry watched in horror as Zoom tried to dodged Kid Flash only to get sent flying into the nearest brick wall falling to the ground limply, but that wasn't what sent fear stabbing into his heart. No what scared him was the fact that Wally wasn't stopping, he just kept running, his legs rushing him off the screen.

"Nelson, I'm leaving fire me if you want this is an emergency I promise you," before his boss could even react Barry was gone, running human speed out the door before bursting to the speed of sound and transforming into the Flash.

"Come on Walls," he moaned, rushing to the park where Kid Flash had fought Zoom moments before. "Where are you?"

Suddenly there was a yellow blur, and Barry watched as Wally reached out towards him his green eyes wide with fear only to get rushed away by his own speed.

"Kid!" Barry screamed, pushing away a journalist and running towards his partner.

"Fl-Fl-Flash!" Wally's voice was already distant, and it sounded like a scratched disk, robotic and jumping over syllables. The words were spilling out of his mouth like a machine gun, almost too fast for even Barry to catch what he was saying.

Barry's eyes narrowed and he sped up, trying to catch up the yellow blur in front of him.

"Kid! You need to slow down!" He screamed, wishing that the red head still could.

"I-I-I ca-ca-can't," Wally screamed, fear in his voice. "Un-Uncle Bar-Barry he-help m-me!" Wally cried, and Barry could feel water splatter onto his face as tears ripped away from Wally's face.

"Hold on!" Barry cried, only to watch in horror as energy began to surround Wally's body crackling wildly and he began to fade.

"B-B-B-Barry!" Wally cried, reaching out towards his uncle, green eyes filled with tears, pain, and fear. "He-he-help—"He never got to finish.

"WALLY!" Barry cried, reaching out to grab his nephew only to have him disappear from view. "No! No! No!" He skidded to a stop and looked around wildly, before he kept running.

"Kid! Kid! WALLY! Walls! Kid!" He screamed. "Kid answer me!" He skidded to a stop outside of the park where Zoom still lay out cold. "Kid! Kid!" All he heard were the questions of reporters, all he saw was the flashing of cameras and with that he collapsed to his knees.

His head in his hands, his whole body shaking and the world became silent; the reports stopped questioning where Kid Flash was and hung their heads, a near-by radio announced it to the world.

This, Iris sobbed, her whole body trembling. This just in, Kid Flash partner of Flash and teenager, has been declared dead after witnesses watched Flash break down in the park the fight took place moments before against Zoom.

Zoom, Barry's eyes narrowed and he shot up grabbing the man by the front of costume.

"You," he growled at the man. "This is all your fault!" He vibrated wildly as he shook the barely awake man. "You killed him!"

"No, Flashy he did that all himself," Zoom taunted coughing up blood. "How's it feel to know that you couldn't save him."

Barry growled and threw the man to the ground, punching him in the gut.

"Flash!" Batman's voice echoed into his ears, but he ignored it as he attacked the man in front of him. "Flash! FLASH! BARRY! Stop!"

"Why?" Barry cried, tears streaming down his face as he spoke. "Give me one good reason why?" He picked up Zoom and prepared to punch him again. "He killed him! He killed Kid! He doesn't deserve to live!"

A crowd had gathered around Barry, most watching wide eyed as their normally easy going hero broke down in front of not just the city, but the world.

"BECAUSE WALLY WOULDN'T HAVE WANTED YOU TO!" Batman's voice screamed through the comlink and Barry let his grip on Zoom relax slightly.

"Bats," He sobbed. "I'm sorry I—How am I going to tell everyone?" He fell to his knees once again dropping Zoom and allowing authorities to take him away.

No answer came, "Flash I'm so sorry I—" Bruce, not Batman, began only to be cut off by a yell.

"UN-UN-UNCLE B-B-BARRY!" Flash was up in a millisecond trying to pinpoint the sound no one else could hear.

"Flash? Flash? You still with me?"

"Shhh, Bats hang on I think I heard him."

"Barry I'm sorry he's gone, his life signal went off line almost a half an hour ago."

"No you're wrong!" Barry screamed and waited, closing his eyes and listening. A scream of pain meant his ears.

There, Barry thought and raced after the sound, reaching towards it, his hand meant a blue field. Surprised Barry stopped and planted his feet as it began to drag him in.

"Kid!" He cried. "Wally!"

"Uncle Barry?" The voice was different now, less scarred, in fact it sounded almost content. "Uncle Barry, it's cool in here, there's a force, a Speed Force. I don't want to go."

"I know Kid!" He screamed. "I know, but you have to! Please!" He begged, reaching into it trying to grasp Wally's hand. "We need you! Iris, Robin, Batman, your parents, the rest of your Team, me! Wally please take my hand!"

The seconds that followed, were the longest seconds of Barry's life, as he feared this time Wally had truly left. Before, suddenly somebody clasped onto his wrist and Barry began running backwards, pulling the young speedster away from his doom, but Wally was far from safe.

The red head was still vibrating wildly in his grip and his green eyes were wide with pain and fear.

"Un-Uncle, B-B-Barry?" His voice although less robotic still held the ring and Barry scooped him up into his arms and cried.

"Bats, Bats, I found him, he needs medical attention, now," Barry clutched Wally close to his chest, ignoring the heat that he was giving off, worried that if he let go Wally would take off again.

"On it," Batman's voice crackled and Barry stood up and ran towards the nearest Zeta-Tube he could find.

He tumbled through into the Watchtower, clutching his trembling nephew.

"Un-Uncle B-B-Barry? Wh-what's go-go-going on?" Wally stuttered. "W-W-Why ca-can't I-I-I-I-I—"

Barry's eyes widened as Wally stuttered over that I for what seemed like hours before finishing.

"I sl-sl-slow do-down?"

Barry bit his lip, "you went to fast Wally." He spoke quietly tears pouring down his face.

"A-am I-I go-go-gonna di-die?" Wally asked, tears trying to pour out of his eyes only to evaporate when they hit his skin.

"You're not going to die," Barry sobbed clutching his nephew to his chest as he ran. "Bats honor."

The last part brought a smile to Wally's lips, but it soon vanished as pain once again beat against his body.

Barry carried him into the med bay and set him down on the bed Batman had designed to hold Barry if he ever couldn't stop moving, never had Barry imagined that Wally would use it first.

"Barry," Bruce, had removed his cowl showing his worried blue eyes.

"I'm, I'm okay, just please he needs help," Barry spoke softly clutching Wally's hand, only to jump as it slipped through. "No! No! Wally slow down! Walls! You need to stop!"

"Tr-try-trying," Wally stuttered, his eyes closed. "H-h-hard."

Flash sobbed and clutched Wally's hand tightly as it again became tangible.

"Bats, what do we do? He needs help!"

"I'm, I'm not sure Barry, we never really knew what gave speedsters their powers."

"Bruce! He's going to run out of fuel! He needs to stop!"

"R-r-right, he-here," Wally's robotized voice meant his ears and Barry turned towards him, to see slight humor in Wally's eyes, but both men could see the fear and pain that trembled in the green orbs.

"Barry I need you to try and steal away some of his speed."

Barry blinked, "Can I do that?"

At the same time, Wally stuttered out the same question, causing Batman to groan and both speedsters to smile slightly.

"I don't know that's why I said try."

"Okay, Wally tell me if this starts to hurt okay," Flash touched the young speedster's arm and concentrated on absorbing some of his nephew's speed, under his grip Wally slowed slightly, everything was going well.

That is until Batman spoke, "Barry you need to stop, you're going to end up like him."

"I can do this Bats," Barry lied, his head was beginning to pound and he began vibrating wildly in place.

"Barry you need to stop! You dying won't help anyone!"

Reluctantly Barry pulled away, to see an unconscious Kid Flash still vibrating, only this time he was slower, and blood was beginning to escape through his nose.

"Go run five laps around the world Barry," Batman commanded, as he set to work on Kid Flash.

"Come on Bats, I can help," Barry spoke quickly, leaving Batman slightly annoyed.

"I'm going to assume you said you can help, but seeing as you can't even talk normally I am ordering you to go burn off some speed."

"Jerk," Barry huffed and ran out of the Watchtower.

Five laps and 32 pizzas later Barry was once again up in the Watchtower, staring down at his nephew as he sat in a chair by his bed, he hadn't moved since.

Opening his eyes, Barry wished the memories would leave him alone, would stop haunting him, but they wouldn't even if, when, Wally recovered.

He sat and waited, watching his nephew slow down gradually, before suddenly he woke up gasping, his whole body ceasing to vibrate.

"Uncle Barry?" Wally asked confusingly and Barry felt tears come to his face as he hugged his nephew tightly.

"Don't ever do that again," he sobbed pulling him into a tighter hug. "We almost lost you."

Any normal teenager would be humiliated, but Wally wasn't normal, so instead he hugged his uncle back and cried with him and for the first time in his life since he was ten Wally was happy that he wasn't running, that right now he was slowly down.

Barry pulled away from Wally, but continued to clutch his arms tightly.

"We honestly believed you were dead Wally," Barry told him. "For a whole half an hour you were dead to the world."

Wally gulped, "Uncle Barry I'm sorry I—It's just, why weren't you there?" The words were out of Wally's mouth before he could stop them.

Barry tensed, and looked down at his nephew, "I'm sorry Wally I got stuck at work—"

"Work! You almost let me die because of work!" The fear and pain Wally had felt moments before turned into anger as he pulled away from Flash and curled into a ball.

"No Wally, you don't understand, we were under lock down, I promise you I left as soon as possible." Did I? Barry thought. I could've left any time I wanted, against Nelson's wishes, so why did I wait?

Luckily for him Wally accepted the answer, and began to settle down.

"I'm so sorry Wally," Barry muttered softly, reaching out to touch his arm. "It should've been me, not you."

"Nah, I shouldn't have taken on Zoom alone, I just I guess I assumed you'd show up, but then again since when is a Flash on time," he finished with a smirk and Barry laughed, Wally was going to be just fine.

Kid Flash died this morning at 8:00 AM no body was found, The TV announced suddenly causing both heroes to jump and look at each other, Iris was no longer reporting and Barry could only imagine what was happening with her and Wally's parents right now. Tomorrow a funeral will be held in his honor, and a statue will be started.

The reporter continued to go on, but Wally was too busy snickering, "so what do you say we go for a run and mess with people's head?"

"After we go tell your parents you're alive Squirt," Barry told him ruffling his hair. "Come on Bats is only gonna let us stay in the Watchtower so long, I don't think he can live with two of us."

Wally eyes suddenly went wide and he jumped to his feet, ignoring his bloody costume, "I'm in the Watchtower! Oh my gosh! The Team is going to be so jealous! Be right back Uncle Barry!" With that Wally was gone racing off to look at the orbiting satellite.

Seconds later Batman was yelling for Barry to come catch his nephew before he broke something.

Barry just laughed and stood up, racing to catch his hyperactive partner. One of the things he loved about Wally was that no matter what happened the kid would not stay depressed, it seemed as if happiness radiated from him.

As Barry and Wally burst into Wally's house, after cleaning out the Watchtower's fridge twice, and were meant by millions of don't you ever scare us like that again, hugs, and happy tears, Barry smiled.

Everything was going to be just fine.

This is based slightly off Justice League Unlimited episode, Divided We Fall, where Flash (Wally West) gets sucked into the Speed Force, yada yada yada

I use almost a direct quote from it, see if you can spot it :D

Also the idea of Barry being able to steal speed is from Wally West when he's the Flash, apparently he could steal an objects speed, not sure about Barry, but I liked the idea so ya XD

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