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I heard footsteps from the stairs and I knew Dimitri was coming down to help me finish cooking dinner.

"I swear that kid is going to give me a heart attack," announced my husband, walking to me.

I giggled. "Thank God Oliver isn't like him, huh?"

Mika has always been the more outspoken of our two sons. He was the rebel and was so stubborn, that sometimes I wanted to whack his head with a wooden spoon. Oliver, our youngest, was more calmed and academic. He loved to read books and to play his violin for hours. Mika wanted to become a photographer and had even worked for Adrian during the summer, while Oliver wanted to be a cop like his Dad; he even hinted to maybe apply to the FBI.

"Yes, and we still have a couple more years before he starts bringing girls home."

Dimitri took the knife from my hand and turned me to face him. He lightly caressed my face and then peck me softly on my lips. "They grow up so fast, don't they?"

I sighed, remembering when it was just Viktoria and Mika. "I still remember what it felt like to hold him in my arms when he was a baby."

Vika had been thrilled to be an aunt, and often bragged about the fact she was the youngest aunt in the world, though that wasn't exactly accurate. Viktoria had grown to be an amazing young woman, and I still remember when she had graduated with honors from college. She had shocked us all when she said she wanted to study forensics, but we supported her all the way. Dimitri and I were so proud of her.

I made a mental note to call her tomorrow.

Dimitri chuckled. "Don't worry, you won't be holding any babies anytime soon, I made sure of that."

I laughed and pushed him back. "No doubt, after the talk you must've given him."

Dimitri smirked and shrugged, then started to help me out with dinner.

After dinner, we called Mia and Mason and told them about what happened. They were pissed and grounded Gabrielle for a month. Though they did tell her the punishment would start in two weeks, after Mika had gone to college.

Mika couldn't use his car for the next two weeks and Dimitri had forced him to garden duty during the rest of his stay. Mika had tried to plead his case with me, but then I told him that, had I been giving out punishments, he wouldn't have a car for his first semester of college.

That shut him up pretty quickly.

That night, as Dimitri and I got ready to bed, I couldn't help but to send a silent thank you to whomever was watching over us. Though I had never been religious, I did believe in blessings.

We had been blessed with loving family and friends throughout the years.

And it all started one afternoon while coloring about life and love.

~The End~

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