Pokémon: A New Journey

Summary: Ash, Dawn, May, Brock, Ritchie, Max and Misty set out to the new region: Drogan when they came across Matt who is starting of become a trainer. Follow Matt and friends as they defeat gyms, make friendships and sing some songs.
MayxAsh DawnxOC

Chapter 1- Start of Something New

It was a beautiful day in Castalia City, as the big skyscrapers tower above of everything else. We see three people standing near the boat to Kanto. One of the people is Cilan, a Pokémon Connisseur with green hair and green eyes and is also the ex-gym leader of Straiton Town. One of the girls in the group is Iris who has big, bushy purple hair and brown eyes, who is also a Gym Leader of Opelucid City. They are talking to a sixteen year old boy wearing a cap with a pokeball on it. He has messy raven hair and his faithful companion, a Pikachu, his name is Ash Ketchum.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." Iris said softly to Cilan and Ash. Ash nodded and put his hand out to Cilan, who hit it and crushed him into a hug.

"This journey was so fun." Cilan said releasing Ash. Ash smiled and nodded and remembered all of the good times with the green hair boy and the purple hair girl. The horn alerted everyone to get on the ship to Vermillion city, Ash turned around and hugged his Unova travelling companions before walking off with his Pikachu and his shoulders. When Ash got on the ship, he waved back to his two friends before finding his room.

"Welcome to the S.S Anne, your captain is speaking just to remind you that, we will be arriving in 30 hours, please enjoy your trip." The captain said blaring out of the speakers. Ash smiled and turned to his Pikachu.

"We are going home, Pikachu." Ash smiled. Pikachu smiled and climbed on to Ash's bed before climbing on his bed. Ash laughed and then turned to the T.V to pass the time.

Meanwhile in Drogan, 2 days later

A sixteen year old boy woke up and looked around his surroundings before realising he was in his bed. He looked around at his voltorb clock and quickly shot out of his bed. He put on his new travelling clothes which was a black jacket, a new hat which had half of a pokeball, jeans and white trainers, he was about to start his new journey as a Pokémon trainer.

"Matt! Are you up?" shouted at the new adventurer. Matt shouted back a yes and quickly sped to the breakfast table and devoured his breakfast and quickly shot off to Professor's Yew laboratory. Matt went up to the laboratory and knocked on the front door and waited a few moments. The door opened and a old man with long beard stood in front of Matt.

"I was expecting you, Matt." Prof. Yew said while smiling. Prof. Yew lead him into the lab and Matt got a glimpse of every kind of different Pokémon. Matt stared in awe as he walked down to the main room. Matt walked in to see four Pokémon eating on the table.

"Matt." Prof. Yew said in a gruffy voice. "I like you to meet Chikorita, Chimchar, Squirtle and Pikachu." Prof. Yew said. Matt looked at the Pokémon and thought who he should pick to be his friend and partner. Matt looked at all of them and decided to go with the electric mouse Pokémon.

"Pikachu, would you be my friend?" Matt said bending down to look at the little mouse Pokémon right in the eyes. Pikachu nodded and jumped at Matt who caught him and hugged him. Prof. Yew smiled and one of his assistants telling him that Prof. Oak was on the phone.

"Oak, long times no see." Prof. Yew said to the screen which had Prof. Oak on the other side.

"Hello Yew, just telling you that you might be expecting seven trainers coming to your Lab." Oak said looking behind him. Yew nodded and Matt decided to leave the lab, when Matt was about to leave he forgot his pokedex and pokeballs; he picked them up and walked out with his Pikachu on his shoulders.

In Kanto, before Matt getting his Pokémon

Ash was walking down the street to Oak's lab. His Pikachu on his shoulder looking around trying to see someone, Ash sighed and continued on to the Oak lab. He got up to the front door and knocked but it was already opened, Ash shrugged and walked to the Coral. When he opened the back door, he saw his mum, the professor and his closest friends there.

"SURPRISE." Everyone shouted before running off to hug him. Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder and ran over to the other Pokémon. Ash hugged everyone and after they said hey, they went over to a big table with heaps of food on it. Ash looked around to see his first travelling partners, Brock and Misty. Ash smiled at them and waved to them, and then he saw Max, Dawn and Ritchie talking, Ritchie came to the Ranch to see Ash and ask his something. Ash walked around and then saw her, May, he liked May since the beginning of his journey with her, everybody knows except May, and even Ritchie knew when he got here.

"He-y May." Ash stuttered. May turned around and crushed him in a big hug. When May let go, he turned around to see all of his Pokémon even his Unova Pokémon stampeding towards him, he grew big eyes and before he could do anything, he was trampled by all of his Pokémon. Everybody smiled when Ash was crushed, when Ash got up he saw the professor gesturing towards him.

"I have big news concerning Ash but first a toast to Ash's wonderful performance in the Unova league." Oak said while raising his glass, everyone did the same and congratulated Ash on his top 8 performance before losing to Trip. Ash smiled and didn't even remember his defeat to Trip.

"Now, there is a new region and I know Ash will want to go." Oak said before he heard Ash say a 'hell, yea'.

"So, I will give you the information to Drogan now." Oak said before coming down and talking with the trainers and coordinators. Oak told that Drogan is near Unova and they will need a plane to get there. Ash smiled and went around and asked if they wanted to come. Brock said yes immediately, so did May, Max, Dawn and Misty. Ritchie thought about and then finally nodded. So the seven trainers got all of their Pokémon together, there gear and set off the next morning to Drogan

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Pikachu (Sparky)
Charmelon (Zippo)
Butterfree (Happy)
Fearow (Wings)
Pupitar (Cruise)

Tailow (Rose)