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"Sorry, we were hearing Matt's story."

"I am the gym leader."

"I challenge you to a battle."

"This is a One-on-One match between John, the Granite Island gym leader verses Matt from Westfield."

"Squirtle is unable to battle."

"The winner goes to gym leader, John."

Chapter 8- Redemption at the Gym

Matt and Dawn chased after Max until they got to the Pokémon centre which where there friends were staying there tonight. Matt and Dawn ran in and saw their friends looking at them with strange faces.

"Hey everybody." Matt said smiling. Everybody smiled and continued on doing stuff. Matt went up to Ash and Ritchie and asked them how they do against the gym leader.

"Look." Ash said as Ritchie and Ash pulled out a badge what looked like a rock but on a small gold plaque.

"That looks amazing." Matt said admiring the badge. Ash and Ritchie smiled at him and put the badge back in their cases.

"I beat him with Totadile as Ritchie beat him with his Butterfree." Ash said drinking his water. Matt smiled and grabbed his Pikachu up and went to the doors.

"To the gym." Matt said walking out the door.

"You have to heal your Squirtle." Brock shouted at Matt. Matt returned and walked to Nurse Joy and smiled at the others.

"I forgot about that." Matt said sheepishly. The others fell down and laughed at the trainers mistake.

(Theme Song)

A kid from Pallet Town (Ash running along a path in Drogan with Pikachu on his shoulders)
With a brand new world to see (
We see Drogan in a Bird's Eye view)
Don't know what's ahead (
We see Matt with his Pikachu smiling and waving.)
But it won't get the best of me (
Dawn holding a ribbon and smiling)
There's so much to learn (
Brock reading a book.)
And battles to be won (
Ritchie's Butterfree battling a hitmonchan.")
I've advanced so far (
Ash's Totadile battling a Magmar)
And still there's always more to come (
Misty and Brock smiling at eachother.)
[ Lyrics from: .com/lyrics/p/pokemon/i_want_to_be_a_ ]
Take a step and I'm on my way (
Max training with his Poliwrath)
Gonna start all over again (
Matt running down a path with Ash and Ritchie.)

I wanna be a hero (hero) (May smiling next to her Glaceon.)
Pokemon Drogan (
Matt smiling with Dawn while she's holding Piplup and Matt is holding Pikachu.)
I'm on my way (
Nurse Joy and Officer jenny waving.)
I wanna be a hero (hero) (
All eight gym leaders standing with eachother.)
Give it just one chance (
Max with Gallade and Shuppet smiling.)

And the future will decide (Team Rocket blasting off again.)
If there's a hero very deep inside (
Ash, Ritchie and Matt with their Pikachu sitting on a rock)

I wanna be a hero! ( We see our heroes standing on a cliff with all of their Pokémon smiling.)
Pokemon! (
Ash throwing a pokeball.)

After the Pokémon centre incident, Matt walked up to the doors of John's gym.

"Are you ready Pikachu?" Matt said to his electric mouse. Pikachu nodded and Matt walked in the gym with his friends behind him.

"I wish to challenge John." Matt shouted to the empty Gym.

John stood out of the shadows and called them over.

"Welcome back, Matt, you want to battle?" John said smiling as the others went into the stand. Matt nodded and walked over to the green side as the referee came out.

"This match is a One-on-One match between John and Matt." The referee shouted. John picked a pokeball from his belt and threw it.

"Graveler, let's go." (John)

Graveler came out and looked at the opposite field.

"Minccino, show yourself." (Matt)

The cute mouse pokemon came out and looked ready to fight.

"Why isn't he using Squirtle?" Max asked Ash. Ash shrugged and looked back at the ground, Dawn looked intently on Matt. Max smiled to himself and whispered to Brock about what he saw, Brock fell over in shock but quickly got up before anybody noticed.

"Let the Battle Begin!" The referee shouted.

"Graveler, Rock Throw." (John)

Graveler threw rocks at the mouse pokemon.

"Dodge then Aqua Tail." (Matt)

Minccino dodged all of the rocks and then powered up his tail full of water and hit Graveler what shot it back couple of metres.

"Graveler, roll out." (John)

Graveler jumped into a ball and rolled towards Minccino.

"Double Team, Minccino." (Matt)

Hundreds of forms spreaded out over the arena and confused Graveler.

"Graveler, spin and rock throw." (John)

Graveler span around picking rocks up and throwing them at the forms, the forms disappeared as the rocks hit them, and the real Minccino jumped towards at Graveler.

"Aqua Tail." (Matt)

Minccino tail glowed blue and hit Graveler what knocked it back and it hit the wall. Graveler had been knocked out by Minccino.

"The battle goes to Matt from Westfield." The referee shouted rising his flad towards Matt. Minccino ran towards Matt and jumped in his arms and hugged him. Matt laughed as he celebrated his first gym badge with Pikachu and Minccino.

"Congratulations, Matt." John said handing a badge to Matt. Matt smiled and did a pose with Pikachu and Minccino holding the badge. Everyone laughed and headed out to the next gym.

"What's the next gym?" Ritchie said eager for his next badge. Brock and Max were reading the handbook and looked up to face everyone.

"Golden Grove." Max said pulling out his pokenav.

"The way to get to Golden Grove is to go thorough Grove Forest." Brock finished. Everyone smiled and ran forward except Matt and Dawn who stayed back and talked.

"Do we tell them?" Dawn asked. "About us?" She finished. Matt shrugged and looked dead ahead and saw May and Ash walking together talking together. Matt smiled and pointed it out to Dawn.
"That's get them together." Dawn said with a grin. Matt laughed and put his arm around Dawn which she accepted happily.

"You guys coming?" Ash yelled back to the young trainer and the coordinator. Matt quickly pulled his arm away from Dawn before Ash could see.

"Yeah were coming." Dawn yelled back at Ash who ran off to see Brock.

"Maybe later." Dawn said winking at Matt before running off to the rest of the friends. Matt blushed and ran after his 'friend'.

Unknown to our heroes, three villainous people were spying on them in the bushes.

"Well, looks like the new twerp likes the blue twerpette." Jesse said to Meowth and James. James laughed and whispered into something into Jessie's ear.

"That's brilliant, James." Jesse said while bringing them into a huddle.

"We kidnap the blue twerpette and the brunette twerpette so the two twerps go looking for them." Jesse said with a evil cackle. James laughed and the two Team Rocket members ran off to where our heroes are. Meowth stayed back and was a little hesitant to go after his friends. He decided to follow and see what Jessie and James do the twerpette's.

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Next: Ash and friends head into the forest and stop for lunch. While stopping for Lunch, Dawn and May go for a walk to talk about Matt and Ash but Jessie and James kidnap them and it is up to Ash, Matt and Meowth! Will they rescue Dawn and May? What will Team Rocket do with them? Why is Meowth helping? All these questions will be answered in the next chapter of Pokémon: A New Journey