"In you go!"

Riddick growled as the man behind him shoved his gun in his back again, but still stepped into the cargo bay without struggling. He couldn't not with Jack in his arms. Once he was in the door shut, but not just that the lights went out. Kneeling down he put Jack on the floor before lifting his goggles. She was still out cold…

"Run Riddick!" Jack yelled at him trying to get him to leave her behind even as this sick fuck, Toombs he had said his name was, pressed a gun to her head.

Like he was going to leave her there, or watch her die. Likely they'd use her as bait to try and get him later, but he noticed the bandage on her leg already coloring red. She probably wouldn't make it if she was left alone with them.

He held out his hands to be cuffed saying, "Why? Slam ain't so bad kid, no reason for you to get shot up over this."

If he'd known what they were going to do to her he would have fought on the way to the ship. He would have come up with a plan to get out of custody sooner, but he hadn't known. Riddick figured he could get them out of any slam, it would have just taken time, but they weren't taking them to slam.

"Come on Jack," He grumbled to her, "I fixed up your leg, you're alright now…" Normally he wasn't for this pleading shit, not even with Jack. She wouldn't move though…

"Oh, just so you know, we're not taking you to no slam," Toombs finished up his rambling once they were in space. "Private bounty willing to pay more for your asses than any slam." It was then that Riddick lunged, taking the opening he'd been ignoring. People who put up private bounties for people like him were usually sick individuals, the fact they knew of Jack didn't help any. Jack slammed into the girl who'd went to help subdue him, and he slammed into one of the other men, but in the fray Toombs got a hold of Jack and Riddick's full attention giving the others the opportunity to get their guns on him properly.

He whined like a fucking kicked puppy when Jack wouldn't get up. Riddick kneeled there almost afraid to touch her again, his hands hovering over her.

"We might not be allowed to rape her, but this we're allowed to do," Toombs chuckled as he wielded a large syringe with one hand the other keeping Jack in a headlock.

Toombs. That fucker was going to die.

"We're just going to make sure you know who's boss, so we can get where we're going. This little chip always gets a big reaction out of people if you know what I mean.

Him and whoever he was taking them too. They were going to die slow, painful, deaths. He was going cut a finger off of Toombs for every time he had to hear Jack scream, even though he was holding her as close as he could to him. After he was done he was going to cut off Toombs' hands for making him put her down while she was in so much pain. The beast in him let out this keening noise, it was low and pained because Jack wasn't moving except for the shallow rise and fall of her chest because her system couldn't stand the pain anymore. He was going to cut out that man's tongue, because he had it coming to him for all the shit he said to Jack. Shit, some of which, Riddick was sure Jack started to believe, because every time she denied it she'd gotten a jolt. Eventually she'd stopped denying it… Stopped denying it was her fault, stopped denying he was going to leave her behind for this…

"Get up…" Riddick breathed as he leaned over her putting his forehead to hers. She was going to be so scared when she couldn't see, so to try and stop her from freaking too much he stayed as close as he could to her.

He felt like a failure. He hated the feeling, but it washed over him as Jack whimpered her eyes shooting open before snapping back closed as she grabbed for him blindly. Spinning her around on the floor Riddick got her all the way under him, his legs on either side of her hips as he guided her arms around his neck. He'd failed her, and now he was going to have to hurt her more. They might have relieved him of his knives, might have kept their bag, but they always forgot to check the wrist guards beyond getting out the throwing knives. He still had a razor. It'd get this thing out of Jack's thigh.

Once it was out he was going to kill them all. Toombs and his little crew, it wasn't a big operation. They were in the cargo hold of the small ass ship, locked in there, and under the threat that if they did anything stupid they'd hurt Jack, and if it came to it they'd put them both out the airlock. The thing was, though, Jack and him were needed. Obviously there would be no payment if certain rules were broken. They couldn't rape Jack; otherwise Riddick was sure Toombs would have done it, they had to deliver them both in one piece, had to take them straight to the drop point, and those were just the rules he'd caught on to. Specific rules that meant they couldn't put them out the airlock if they wanted to get paid. Toombs seemed like the special kind of sick fuck who'd sacrifice his team if it meant getting paid.

Right now he had to take care of Jack, who was crying into his chest like at any second she was going to be in pain again.

She was going to be in pain.

He was going to put her in it. He wanted to recoil from the idea, but his beast pushed him forward roaring that they needed to get that thing out of their pup, their mate.

"Jack…" He growled more than spoke. "Baby, I'm going to get it out of you."

"No, no, no, he's going to make you hurt me," Jack sobbed against him. "He's going to make you leave me all alone."

"I'll never leave you," Riddick rumbled as he pulled Jack up against him so he could use one hand to get the razor out of the other wrist guard while his hands were under her, where any camera's wouldn't be able to see. Though, in any case, he really doubted this deathtrap was equipped with night vision cameras. "We'll never let you go." He nuzzled and licked her getting her to calm down. When she merely whimpered against him Riddick, feeling more than a little feral, kissed her lips wetly before growling against them, telling her quietly, "I'm going to cut it out, it's going to hurt, but then I'm going to make it up to you mate."

"Riddick?" Jack whimpered, and he knew that she knew his animal was more in control.

"He'll make it up to you too," He insisted kissing her on the lips again before letting her back down to the floor so he could kiss his way down her body.

Jack's hands found his shoulders, and she squirmed, but when she tried to push him away he shoved her hands from him. She keened, and he could see her put her arms over her eyes, but she let him get back to work. He kissed her sides, down the line of her stomach, below her navel where the shirt had lifted, around to one hip over the jean short-shorts, then the other, and to her thighs where the shorts didn't hide her skin. Using his tongue to find the spot where the chip was Riddick listened to her breath hitch with reluctant pleasure. Once he was sure he found it he growled out an apology as he put his fingers, the razor between them, against the spot he felt out before he lifted the other leg over his shoulder. Putting his lips to her inner thigh intent on leaving a mark he pushed the razor into the skin of her other thigh, splitting it open easily. She cried out, and thankfully the one hand she reached down with found his head. He sucked and bit at the skin of her inner thigh, before he used the razor to feel around and try and pop the chip out. The smell of her blood, pain, and tears did something to him and he licked up a little further on her thigh. She whimpered, and jolted under him and he felt the tip of the razor scratch against something and with a little bit of difficulty he got it to come most of the way out. Only Jack yelped, but her hands clapped over her mouth. Running his finger over the wound he felt the little bump, no bigger than a pebble, but as he pinched at it, and it didn't just slide out he lifted his head for a second to look at it. The fucking thing had little string like material coming out of it.

"Fast or slow baby?" Riddick growled against her skin as he put his lips back to her other thigh. He could work it out or he could rip it. Either way they'd probably need a med bay.

"Fast," Jack sobbed, only for Riddick to rip it out. It hurt almost as much as the pain it had caused.

Riddick pulled his mouth from her thigh before putting it over the wound he'd caused her. When Jack just kept crying and crying Riddick pulled away from cleaning the wound and moved up to lick her cheek. Then he made a low sad noise, whined, at her trying to get her attention. It worked she reached out, and he helped her find his face. "It hurts Riddick…" Jack whimpered before pulling him in for a kiss.

"I know, I know," Riddick growled against her lips, "Now, I'm going to deal with this."

He just hoped that no one was coming to check on them because they were all asleep. Lifting Jack up into his arms he put her next to the door, laying her down with a few more kisses. "Stay here I promise I'm coming back," Riddick growled before he carefully stood up, letting her hands linger on his arms before pulling from her. Walking over to the door Riddick pulled on his goggles before he put his palm to the control pad, and watched as it told him "access denied" before he went to work. Best thing about being in the cargo bay, near the airlock was failsafes. He hit each corner looking for the failsafe, once he hit the upper right hand corner it read "emergency?" and hitting it again it opened the door. However it also set off an alarm that beeped loudly and flashed the security lights.

That was fine though, it'd bring everyone to him. Riddick looked down at Jack as she struggled to sit up. She could see now, and one good look at how her other thigh was torn up made her give this strangled gasp before looking for him. When she found him so close she seemed to settle, her hand going to put pressure on the wound. He looked out into the hallway as the thundering of boots sounded. Riddick looked to Jack before stepping out into the hallway. A look up told of pipes and Riddick used them to lift himself up, hooking his legs around them too. Looking over his shoulder he watched as the small crew ran right into the cargo bay. They were yelling at Jack but she wasn't talking. Fuckers never learned, never looked up.

Dropping down the man next to the door was dead almost before Riddick's feet touched the ground. With the noise and the flashing lights he wasn't noticed until after the woman was shot in the head, the remaining male in the room barely even got his gun trained back on Jack before Riddick shot him in the neck. Letting the body in front of him fall finally he looked to Jack who looked almost like she didn't understand what happened. Walking in he hoisted her up in his arms trying not to notice how her blood was already wetting his arm. He didn't want her left in the cargo bay, and so he moved out into the hallway just as the alarms shut off and the ship's lights all powered up.

"Riddick come up to the flight deck and you can talk to the man who's paying your bounty. I already have a med kit waiting."

Riddick stopped at Toombs' voice rang out in the ship from the intercom.

That was fine, he was dying next.

"I got you Jack," Riddick growled against her temple as he headed for the flight deck.

"You can't fight with me in your arms Riddick…" Jack breathed against his chest. "You're going to have to stash me somewhere." She was bleeding a lot, she could feel it. It was going to come down to Riddick saving her or killing Toombs. If not it was going to be damn close, and Jack knew she couldn't be first on the list of priorities.

He looked down at her suspiciously for a moment before glaring as he asked her, "What's with the sudden change?" He didn't understand but he knew Jack was up to something.

"Now really isn't the time, to take your time Riddick…" Jack insisted. "I can't come first, and… I don't exactly feel alright."

Riddick frowned looking back down the hallway. There was a fucking trail of Jack's blood. She was going to have to come first. He knew this model of ship, and doubted Toombs remodeled shit on this ship. Somehow Riddick doubted it belonged to the bounty hunter. Toombs didn't exactly seem like he had the dough for that thing, and since they were the only cargo, he really didn't think he was running any side business. This was a cargo ship, not a bounty hunters. Still he did everything but full out run to the med bay, which was thankfully in the center of the ship like he thought it would be. Wasn't exactly secure, with viewing windows everywhere, but fuck it.

"Riddick that isn't the fucking cock pit now get the fuck up here."

Not paying attention Riddick set Jack down on the examining table, also ignoring her protesting, in the middle of the room.

"You know this is your fault, didn't have to rip it out of her. It was going to be removed."

Moving around Riddick gathered supplies starting with a numbing agent, he didn't wait on that he set the auto-injector to the right dosage (or estimated by dialing from the amount he would use for himself) and stuck her with it. She jolted from the sudden, new, pain but then she settled, just watching him.

"Fuck it I'm patching this guy down to you."

Riddick didn't show any signs of recognition as he found some sterile needles and thread… dropped it when synthetic skin made itself known under the stitching kits. He almost dropped it and the alcohol wipes when he heard the next voice…

"Mister Riddick, did you really need to kill those men?"

He almost didn't recognize the voice but when he forced himself to turn around to start fixing Jack up he could see the com on the desk against the opposite wall. Apparently this little chat was going to be face to face so to speak. He tensed, but moved over to Jack saying, "That's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you Holy Man. Where's Johns? He in on this?"

"He doesn't know yet… Mister Johns is under the impression that when we find you, he'll retrieve you," Imam said looking mildly ashamed of himself. "Plans changed… in case you did to Mister Johns what you did to Mister Toombs' crew if you didn't want to come peacefully."

Riddick looked at Jack touching her cheek as she frowned at him. Maybe he should have dialed it back a little more; she looked more high then relieved. "I'm still not coming peacefully old man. Our next meeting will be anything but peaceful. That's a promise." Riddick looked up to see the fear that crept across the dark skinned man's face.

"Mister Riddick we're ready to offer you a large reward for your services," Imam insisted, finally seeming to cut to the chase, "Please do not refuse us."

"When did you become a "we" and "us" old man?" Riddick asked as he opened the package and set up the spray. "Thought you were just a preacher last time I saw you."

"I am a prime minister on Helion Prime now; I'm speaking for the council."

"I take it if I don't comply I'll be hunted down?" Riddick questioned, trying to pull out more information on what was going on.

"If you don't comply, if the ship does not remain on his predetermined path you will be over taken by the ship following behind the cargo ship you are currently on, and… please just comply Mister Riddick."

Riddick looked up at that. Imam didn't want to tell him what would happen. Just meant it would be something that would make his death slower. "And what?" Riddick growled as he set to work on Jack's leg, first cleaning it up.

"Jack will be removed from your possession," Imam sighed.

Riddick's jaw clenched and he glared as Toombs showed up in the doorway of the med bay saying, "And gods know who'll they'll give her too."


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