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I couldn't think of a better way to complete the fanfic than to finally introduce the chapter that I think almost everyone wants to see: the Mirajane vs Erza swimsuit contest. I've been planning this for a long time but never came up with anything. Now something popped up in my mind just for this. Some lines may be taken from Persona 4, which I will note.
I'm giving this a try as always, so I hope it entertains you all.

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Fairy Tail, fresh off their third day landslide victory, celebrates by renting a local pub for the night. Though the guild was recently charged with Ryuuzetsu Land's repair costs due to Natsu wrecking the entire place, Makarov is in high spirits due to an unexpected event that the others have planned.

"Rokudaime, why are you so excited?" Fairy Tail's First Master, Mavis Vermillion, asked him.

"The brats have thought of the best way to cheer me up, Shodaime." Makarov answered, blushing madly as he thought of the plan once more. "I will never forget this night." He had a 'perverted old man'-look on his face as he comedically smiled at Mavis.

Mavis took this time to look around, noticing that the guild members have been decorating the stage with flowers and several ornaments. She sees Max practicing his emcee skills while Macao, Wakaba, Nab, Vijeeter and Warren place some money on the table. The Fairy Tail ladies are seen practicing a short dance routine while the men poke fun at them. On a certain part of the pub is Laxus and Jellal, dressed as Mystogan, talking to each other. Her attention is then caught by Pantherlily, who is being chased around by the cute and cuddly Asuka.

"Teddy-cat!" Asuka giggled as she ran after the Exceed.

"I'm not what you say, child! I'm an Exceed!" Lily yelled.



"Huh?" Lily stopped flying after noticing that the child that was trailing him just disappeared. "Where's the kid?"


Lily could only let out a grunt after recognizing the wail, "Don't tell me..." Asuka tripped while chasing him. Her cry made Lily guilty for not playing with her.

"Teddy-cat no pway!"

"Ugh..." Lily stopped flying and walked to Asuka. The toddler stared at him with her big, adorable eyes. "D-Don't look at me like that!"

"Teddy-cat?" Asuka reached her little hand out to Lily and repeated what she said. "Wanna pway?"

Lily sweatdropped before letting out a sigh, "Teddy-cat wanna pway."

Mavis giggled at the sight of Asuka hugging Lily like a teddy bear, much to the latter's annoyance. She once again caught Makarov smiling like an idiot for the nth time before asking, "Rokudaime, what's this plan that your children have come up with?"

"Ah, actually, Shodaime, the brats have-"

*Lights go out*

Their conversation came to an abrupt end when the lights went out and smoke covered the stage.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen in attendance. Are you ready for our 'special' event?" A mysterious voice said. A spotlight lit up the stage and revealed the mystery emcee.

"Give me your hearts." Hibiki Lates winked at the ladies in attendance. (note: This is a reference to Teddie from Persona 4. XD)

"It's finally starting!" Makarov jumped up and down in excitement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to... the 'Very special, heart-stopping, super steamy, super gorgeous, once-in-a-lifetime swimsuit contest'!" Hibiki yelled in delight. The men in attendance yelled back in approval and took the seats nearest to the stage.

"Yow! Thank you, brats! Thank you! Yahoo!" Makarov jumped on his table while yelling.

"Would you beautiful ladies like to join? Say... Lucy-sama?" Hibiki asked.

"What- Over my dead body!" Lucy shouted. (note: reference to Chie Satonaka)

"I'm too drunk to change into any swimsuit." Cana blurted out before drinking another barrel of beer.

"Okay, we're all fine with that! Ladies and gentlemen, are you all ready?!" Hibiki shouted.


"I said, ARE YOU READY?!" Hibiki shouted again.


"First, I'll introduce our judges." The lights go dim as the spotlight goes around the pub. "Our first judge is a well-respected man. Though he may look scary, he is a big gentleman inside. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Laxus Dreyar!"

"Eh?" Laxus held his glass after his name was called. "What is going on?"

"Looks like they chose you to be a judge for the swimsuit contest." Jellal chuckled.

"All right. Since I've got nothing better to do, why not?" Laxus smiled and walked to a special chair on stage.

"Laxus, you lucky bastard!" Wakaba laughed.

"Our next judge is very mysterious. Few have seen his face and only few know of his real identity. Ladies and gentlemen, Mystogan!" The guild cheered as Jellal blushed after hearing his name.

"M-Me? A judge?" Jellal began to nosebleed as Lucy and Levy push him up the stage. "W-Wait- Ah, crabsticks." Jellal gave up and sat beside Laxus.

Meanwhile, at the top of a hill...

"Ultear, what is a swimsuit contest?" Meredy asked.

"Isn't that the contest that was held yesterday? The one with the nude wager in it?" Ultear answered.

"Oh. Jellal-sama is acting as a judge right now."

"What?!" Ultear sat in front of the crystal ball to check on Jellal. "That sneaky blue-haired moron..."

Back to the pub...

The judging panel is now complete. Laxus, Jellal, and Ichiya (who no one expected to see) have been chosen to judge the evening's special event.

"So judges, what's your criteria for this contest?" Hibiki asked. "Laxus-san?"

"Just one. Be as sexy as you can be." Laxus smiled confidently before crossing his arms.

"Myst-sama?" Hibiki turned his attention to Jellal.

"...S-Sexy..." a flustered Jellal said.

"Ichiya-sensei?" Hibiki finally asked his mentor.

"I'm looking for beauty, body, and brains all in one lady. One that matches perfectly with my newest parfum. Meeehn." Ichiya ran his fingers through his hair and posed.

"Thank you, judges. Now, are you all ready to see our contestants?" Everyone yelled in unison. "Ladies and gentlemen, Erza Scarlet and Mirajane Strauss!" Hibiki twirled around as smoked covered the stage.

"This damn smoke is blocking my view." Laxus said.

"E... Erza." Jellal began to nosebleed again.

"Oh, my darling Erza. She will win in my heart. Meeen." Ichiya proudly whispered.

Erza emerged from the smoke clad in a skimpy cat suit, seductively crawling to the center of the stage before purring. The girls cheer on Erza while the boys drool all over the pub.

"Go, Erza-san!" Bisca cheered.

"She's so brave..." Lucy whispered.

"Pwetty cat." Asuka pointed to Erza while still hugging Lily. "Is pwetty cat your mama?"

Lily blushed, "Y-Yes, pwetty cat is teddy-cat's mama."

"I don't know why they let a child watch something like this." Charle told Lily. The Exceed couldn't agree more.

Laxus, Jellal and Ichiya are left awestruck by the Erza that they are seeing.

"Hmm?" Erza stared at the judges and crawled to them.

"Khmm..." Jellal tried to cover his dark-red stained mask while Ichiya sniffed at his perfume to control himself.

"Special Parfum: Control Formula!" Ichiya opened a small vial which released a funky odor and sniffed it.

"Yo, Parfum. What is that for?" Laxus asked Ichiya.

"It is a special parfum that controls my inner man." Ichiya boldly answered.

"D'you have something to stop my nose from bleeding?" Jellal asked Ichiya while staring at the incoming Erza.

"I have one, but why?" Ichiya asked.

"I badly need it, my good friend." Jellal answered. Ichiya and Laxus notice the blood dripping from Jellal's mask.

"Hello, gentlemen." Erza purred as she crawled on top of the judges' table. "How's your night?" She caressed Laxus' jaw first...

"Super." Laxus answered. Erza drew her face near Laxus' as if she was going to kiss him but pulled back. She then rubbed Ichiya's chin...

"Marry me, Erza my love." Ichiya said. Erza suddenly pushed Ichiya off his chair before setting her sights on Jellal. "MEEEHN!"

"Erza..." Jellal's heart began to pound heavily as Erza pulled his mask down a little, showing his partially bloodstained face. "Whoops."

"I don't mind.", Erza suddenly licked his cheek before purring. This was enough to momentarily paralyze Jellal.

"Khhk!" Jellal was frozen for a few moments before Laxus and Ichiya brought him back.

"Damn, Erza turns him on so much." Laxus chuckled. He suddenly felt a slender hand grasp his shoulder.

"Don't leave me out, big boy.", a sweet voice whispered into his ear. A woman clad in nothing but a towel sat on Laxus' lap.

"YAHOO! YAHOO! YAHOO!" Makarov, hearts for eyes, jumped in undescribable happiness.

"Mirajane?!" Laxus, trying to keep his calm, couldn't believe his eyes. Mirajane is sitting on his lap, her only cover is a towel wrapped around her naked body.

"I knew Erza was gonna get you good in the first round. So..."


Everyone was awestruck by what happened next. The girls screamed, the men cheered, Makarov roared in delight and jealousy over his grandson.

"M...Mirajane... Wow..." Laxus was left speechless.

"Laxus, you lucky son of a gun, I'm the one who is supposed to see that!" Makarov shouted in envy.

A wide-eyed Jellal stared at the unbelievable sight next to him while Ichiya was struggling to get up from his fall earlier.

Only Laxus and Jellal could see the shocking sight. Mirajane spread her towel wide open, showing all her glory to her fellow S-Class. The guild members could tell what was going through Laxus' mind just by looking at his eye movements, which were trailing down Mirajane's body.

"Dare to squeeze those?" Jellal, out of all people, asked Laxus.

"My mind says not to, but my hands are making me." Laxus answered.

Freed cried out to Laxus, "Nooo! Laxus, whatever you do, don't look 'down'!"

"Hey, we can't see!" Macao and Wakaba pulled Freed back to his seat.

"M-Mira-san... You're the bravest woman I've ever known." Lucy cried at Mirajane's fearless stunt.

"That beats my nude stint at Sorcerer Magazine, hands down." Jenny sighed.

"I've prepared more, gentlemen. Sit back and relax." Mirajane wrapped her towel around her body before walking away.

"Did you get a good look?" Laxus asked Jellal.

"Do I look like I would I miss something like that?" Jellal answered.

"H-Hey, why is Mirajane in a towel?" Ichiya asked his fellow judges, "What did I miss?"

"The view of a lifetime." Jellal comedically answered.

"The view of a lifetime?" Ichiya suddenly imagined Mirajane walking around the stage then suddenly taking her towel off, "That kind of view?"

"No, it was exclusive to the judges." Jellal explained.

"I got the front row seat with 'backstage passes' and 'meet-and-greet'." Laxus said. He and Jellal laughed.

"Okay, judges. Round 1 was unexpectedly intense! And your vote goes to?" Hibiki Lates stood beside the two Fairy Goddesses.

"Even if I didn't see Mirajane's stunt, she looks better while wearing just a towel. Meehn." Ichiya said.

"That was the hottest thing I have seen in my entire life. So my vote goes to Mirajane." Laxus confidently answered.

"Myst-sama, who will it be?" Hibiki asked.

"Ghh... Mirajane." Jellal answered.

"Round 1, Mirajane Strauss! The surprise won the first round for her!" Hibiki yelled as the guild members cheered on the towel-clad Mirajane.

Jellal tried to avoid Erza's gaze for he knew that he was in trouble.

"I licked your cheek to make you vote for me and what happened? You see a naked girl for maybe the first time in your life and vote for her instead!" Erza thought, "You are in trouble for that, Jellal!"

"Looks like somebody's in trouble." Laxus confidently smirked and patted Jellal's shoulder.

"Not to worry, mehn. There's still more rounds to go." Ichiya swiped his hair, releasing a few sparkles.

"The second round is all about schoolgirls! Who can pull it off this time?" Hibiki said.

This time, Erza and Mirajane both entered the stage simultaneously. Both were clad in their respective schoolgirl fashion that made the men drooling even more.

Erza walked onstage, hair tied up in a ponytail while sucking on a lollipop and wearing a blouse with long-sleeves that is partially unbuttoned at the chest area, exposing her cleavage, and a loose necktie around her neck. She also wore a very short, yellow skirt and knee-highs. Rounding up her attire is a pair of eyeglasses, which made the men drool even more.

Mirajane was next to walk around. She tied her hair up similar to her 'Demon Mirajane' style in the past and wore a form-fitting blouse with short sleeves, a choker, a very short white skirt, and high heels.

"Laxus, what's a schoolgirl?" Jellal whispered.

"Some busty chicks from high school." Laxus calmly answered, "It was the rage back then, every woman would kill just to wear those damn short skirts and tight blouses complete with knee-high socks."

"I-I see..." Jellal was intently staring at both girls, "Come on, just a little more." Apparently, Jellal was waiting for something. Since he had a good feel of Erza's breasts earlier and Mirajane recently showed her own, he was eager to see more.

"Ah, the schoolgirl. I remember fighting with some ladies over this pretty skirt back then." Cana reminisced what she mentioned.

"I think I can handle that." Lucy rubbed her chin as if planning to join the contest as a late contestant.

"I thought you can't handle it, Lu-chan? You just said that you can't handle what they just did." Levy nervously chuckled.

"Yeah, miss sex appeal worth 10,000 jewels." Natsu barged in their conversation.

"Shut up, Natsu!" Lucy yelled.

"Just a little jiggle and they'll pop out." Laxus chuckled as he wrote something down on a piece of paper.

"Really?" Jellal was wide-eyed.

"You're quite doing better than those two." Laxus pointed to Natsu and Gray, who are eating slowly while staring at Erza and Mirajane.

"What's up with them, Laxus-mehn?" Ichiya asked.

"They're just going through puberty for the first time. Don't worry about them." Laxus confidently answered.

"Okay, judges. Who is your vote?"

"Erza. Meehn." Ichiya answered.

Jellal nearly pissed his pants when he looked at Erza, "E-Erza. She looked better this time."

Laxus eyed Mirajane's legs, "It's pretty difficult to decide. Mirajane's legs are enticing while Erza's look is quite seductive." Laxus sighed, "Erza."

Mirajane applauded her former rival. "Yay, we're all even."

"Don't think I forgot about your nude stunt earlier." Erza chuckled, "Let's have the contest of a lifetime."

"Agreed." Mirajane smiled.

The night went on in an unpredictable fashion. Erza and Mirajane were giving their all to give the guild and their friends a very memorable night. Cat outfits, secretaries, evening gowns, tribal garments, skin-tight suits, bondage, normal bikinis, cops, archers, dancers, nurse outfits, doctor outfits, anything. The final portion of the contest is: a topless contest.

"This is the best night of my life." Jellal chugged down his drink to control himself.

"Damn, this topless portion is the best one of the night." Laxus plugged his nose to stop the blood from gushing out of his nose.

"MEEEEEHN!" Ichiya rose to the table and started whistling.

"YAHOO! YAHOO! YAHOO! I LOVE YOU BRATS FOR SETTING THIS UP!" Makarov yelled while Mavis tried to keep him down.

Both Mirajane and Erza looked flustered. Their hands were the only cover for this portion.

"Uhh, I take it back, Erza-san. This is too much." a trembling Mirajane told Erza.

Erza tried to keep her calm and posture, uncontrollably shaking due to being topless around so many people and Jellal, "H-How come? Y-You're supposed to be used to this, Mira."

"Y-Yeah, when I have something on top." Mirajane sweatdropped.

"Gentlemen?" Hibiki asked the judges.

"Erza, Erza, Erza!" Ichiya yelled.

"Mirajane." Laxus answered.

"Myst-sama?" Hibiki asked Jellal.

"Uhh..." Jellal looked at both Laxus and Ichiya.

The next morning...

"You're still brandishing that trophy?" Lucy sweatdropped as she saw Erza wiping her gold trophy.

"It's the first time I received something like this. I have to be proud of it." Erza had a sparkle in her eye.


"That damn trophy is annoying." Laxus stared at another gold trophy with a golden female figure on top.

"I think it's nice. After all, you suggested the event." Mirajane giggled.

"But I didn't ask to be a judge, it was supposed to be Gramps, Mystogan, and Yajima-san. You girls gave me a very hard time." Laxus grunted.

"Yajima-san was busy and Master can't think straight if he sees a naked woman. So we thought of you and Ichiya. At least I have someone on my side."

"Did you really mean to do that towel-crap last night?" Laxus had an annoyed expression on his face.

"It just popped in my mind." Mirajane smiled.

"That's just like the old Mirajane. I love it." Laxus smiled before giving her a kiss.

"Still not satisfied?" Mirajane seductively asked.

"You're underestimating my charm." Laxus grinned.

At the Master's lounge...

"That was the best night of my life." Makarov had a wide grin on his face.

- End -

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