Slamming the bright red door of her brand-new car she'd received for her sixteenth birthday, Amanda rushed into the house, tripping on the soles of her feet. Her mother, Gigi, who shamelessly ignored her daughter's presence in the house, rolled her eyes as Amanda ran loudly up the elaborate Victorian-style staircase that she recently had imported from Italy. Throwing her Gucci backpack on her bed, Amanda combed her fingers through her straight blonde hair causing it to become tattered and ratty. But for once Amanda, the queen of perfection, didn't seem to care, or notice for that matter. She just needed to be sure, to know what was happening. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and, grabbing a ribbon, tied her hair in a low ponytail. She could feel a wave of sickness coming upon her, and rushed over to the corner where the toilet called her name. As she relentlessly vomited, Amanda kept praying that it couldn't be.

Although Gigi was a Dallas queen of Christianity at her local church, her daughter Amanda rebelled against her mother's beliefs, smoking and drinking unbeknownst to Gigi's knowledge, of course. But for the first time, Amanda prayed. Bent above the pristine toilet bowl, she looked up and begged God. Begged Him to forgive her mistake at her boyfriend Bill's party last month, hoping that somehow what she'd read on the behind the bleachers during lunch break at school wasn't true. It couldn't be true. Amanda was Queen Bee at high school, and she didn't want anything getting in her way of shredding it. She'd been so stressed during chemistry class about it, Amanda took her anger out on Carlene, her usual target. 'That Carlene bitch,' Amanda cried in the bathroom, still clutching the toilet bowl. 'This is all her fault!' Ever since Amanda was young, she had taken her frustrations and put the blame on others, and since hitting high school, found her sour patch in Carlene Lourd, brunette and plump God-loving girl.

'Amanda, dear, what on Earth are you doing around the toilet? I only had Nancy clean it this morning!' Gigi stood leaning in the door way, the musky smell of her perfume making Amanda feel queasy yet again.

'Nothing, mother. Just get out please. I'm not feeling too good.' Amanda rolled her eyes at the state of her mother, who, in her late thirties, was happily sipping on a small glass of Dallas-owned whiskey.

Sighing, Gigi merely replied before strutting out of the bathroom, 'If you insist, dear. Just please for Heaven's sake clean up your mess afterwards!'

As soon as Amanda heard the familiar noise of her bedroom door shutting, Amanda was quick to mutter under her breath as she continued to clutch the bowl. 'Stupid cow.' Oh, yes. Amanda and Gigi were perfection in the city of Dallas' eyes, but behind closed doors there were many unresolved issues between mother and daughter.

Amanda brought herself up and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Always a strong-headed personality, it was rare to see Amanda cry. But in this very moment, looking at her swollen red face and puffy red eyes, Amanda shed a single tear. Sliding down her perfectly moisturized cheek, tear after tear followed. Soon enough, Amanda moved into her bedroom, where she laid her head down and sobbed into the pillow. Remaining quiet so her mother couldn't hear, Amanda released her emotions. 'What the hell did I do to deserve this? Why am I being punished? Me and Bill were sensible about it!' Fuming herself with sudden anger, Amanda reached into her schoolbag to pull out the item which potentially told her future. Disappointed in seeing the same result, she launched the product across the room, landing near the window. Lying down, somewhat exhausted, Amanda closed her eyes into a deep sleep, trying whatever possible to forget this dreadful day.

'Goodbye darlin. See you after school honey.' Gigi gave Amanda a brush on the cheek, trying to release the little emotion she offered to her daughter. She knew Amanda looked nervous and somewhat, ratty, today, her hair not being brushed from the night before. This was very unlike Amanda, the usual popularity-obsessed, hair perfect, new clothes kind of girl. Although she knew something was up, Gigi chose not to enquire. After all, it usually ended in slammed doors and ear-popping screams from the teenager to be left alone. 'I never know what quite to think of you honey. One day you're practically perfect, the next you decide to turn up to school like a scruff!'. Sighing, Gigi rolled up the windows and sped off.

Amanda gulped nervously as she strutted into the entrance of Dallas high. She felt as if she were a different person, the stares from other students, which were usually filled with fear, seemed to be somewhat pitying today. 'Oh my God, please..' Amanda thought to herself, panicking at the thought of her secret being so suddenly revealed. Stubborn as she was, Amanda shot the junior crowds the death stare she was known for and carried on. She broke out in a hot sweat when she spotted Bill walking down the corridor toward her. Her hands shaking, her hair sticking vigorously to her forehead, she nervously walked up to Bill. Seeing his confused expression, Amanda burst into tears in his arms. Knowing this was very unlike Amanda, he ushered her quickly into the nearest classroom.

'Amanda, baby, what's wrong?' He clutched her close to his chest, his fingers gently massaging her scalp.

'Baby? That's exactly what's wrong Bill!' feeling sudden anger, she pulled herself away from Bill and sat dimly at a desk, crossing her arms furiously.

Still not understanding, Bill rubbed his teenage stubble and leaned on the desk where Amanda was sulking.

'What do you mean? Honey you're making no sense to me. Something with your mom?' Predicting this was the case, as it was more often in other times when she'd ran crying to him, he knew nothing of the complete bombshell that was about to hit him.

'No that's not 'what I mean' Bill! For goodness sake to I have to spell it out for you? I'm pregnant!' Amanda again burst into continuous tears, the word coming out her mouth like a venomous snake. Bill stood, staring into the distance, he too praying it couldn't be. Feeling like he had to be there for his girlfriend, his pregnant girlfriend, he wrapped her in his arms tighter than he ever had, trying to calm down Amanda who was now in hysterical tears, even though he himself wanting to curl up and cry.

'It's okay, baby, its okay. You're going to be okay.' Not realizing he had said that wrong, Amanda, turning sour, screamed 'I'm going to be okay? Me? This is your baby too Bill! This is all your fault!'

Wiping her tears, she stormed out of the classroom. Not stopping in the corridor, she stormed all the way to her house, two full blocks away. Suspecting Gigi would be at her Tuesday breakfast with her friends from church, Amanda fidgeted in her purse for her key and unlocked the brass door. She needed food, food to cure her emotions and to just forget about this dreadful start to the week. As she turned to open the fridge, she was alarmed to see her mother in the doorway, clutching the pregnancy test Amanda had forgotten to hide after throwing it across the bedroom the previous night.

'Amanda what the HELL is this!' was a scream so loud it made the angels cry.

Amanda had never seen Gigi so furious in her entire life.