Xiaolin Showdown copyright Christy Hui

Avatar: The Last Airbender copyright Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

The Heylin Avatar
Chapter 01: Light In Darkness

[Hong Kong, China, Fifteen-Hundred Years Ago...]

a woman sat on a hill underneith a Cherry Blossom Tree.

a woman with brown skin, green eyes, long "Blood Red" hair that was curly
her ears were long and pointed and her teeth sported sharp fangs.

her name...was WUYA.
and, she was a very frightning woman.

she was born with "unusual" abilities.
coupled with her odd "appearance", she lived a very Hard and Lonely life.

her own mother died giving birth to her.
her father abandoned her at the age of Five.
she suffered Hate and Ridicule wherever she went.

but, all of that paled in compasison to her current ordeal...

Wuya finally opened her eyes and looked down at her waist.
her belly was now Mellon-Shaped...indicating that she was heavily Pregnant.

Wuya didn't know the name of this unborn child's "father."
but, she knew that he was a Coward...one who abandoned her as soon as he was "done with her."

Wuya gritted her teeth, snarling: she hated the man who did this to her.
she hated the idea of being Pregnant (especially to that "man's" child)

and, she ESPECIALLY hated feeling so Weak and Vunerable.

but, this thought quickly ended...when a sharp pain shot thru her body.
Wuya gripped her stomach, crying out as the pain continued and Increased.


Wuya gasped for air, crying hot tears.
she felt like she was being torn apart from the inside-Out

Right then-and-there she knew...that the baby was being born.

Wuya laid down against the cherry blossom tree.
as she silently cursed the man responsible for this as her pain got Worse and Worse.

Wuya breathed rapidly, grinding her teeth.
the pain finally became too much to bear...and she screamed.


Wuya's magic powers soon reacted to her emotional distress.
the tree and grassy hill she was at soon burned away in a flash of green.

Wuya groaned, feeling light headed and sweaty.
she heard a faint crying sound...which seemed to get LOUDER.

Wuya slowly opened her eyes.
she saw that the ground was charred and barren.

she then looked down...and, saw an infant laying at her legs.
a infant who looked EXACTLY like her (only, it was MALE, not FEMALE.)

Wuya continued to stare at the child, stunned at how much he looked like her.
the baby cried louder, tears in his eyes as he reached out his arms blindly.

withour think, Wuya quickly picked him up and held him close.

"SHHHH...there-there, it's okay."

the infant's crying soon quieted down.
he opened his eyes and looked right at his mother.

Wuya nearly chocked upon seeing him up close.
he truely did look Exactly like her.

his skin was just as brown as hers.
his green eyes were a perfect match to her eyes.
though his hair was shorter and in a different style, it was the same RED color

he even sported HER "cursed" Pointed Ears.

Wuya quickly forgot all about the hatred she had for this child's father...
NO, "he" wasn't his father...he abandoned that honor when he betrayed her trust.

this child was HER child...Her Son.
and, she WASN'T going to abandoned him like So Many had done to her.

Wuya leaned down and kissed her baby's forehead.

"don't worry...i'm here, now.
and, i won't let ANYONE hurt you."

Wuya began to gently rock her baby back-and-forth.

"if they do hurt you, or even TRY to.
i'll make them all Pay Dearly for their Foolish Mistake."

Wuya stroked her baby's hair.

"this i promise...my little Xander."

Xander yawned loudly, then snuggled up against his mother's chest and fell asleep.
Wuya smiled warmly, then laid back against the "tree" and drifted off to sleep as well.

[Present Day]


Wuya was startled awake.
she rose up from her bed and saw Chase Young glaring at her from the doorway.


"get up...it's time we attacked the Xiaolin Temple."

Wuya scowled at the Warrior.


Chase glared at Wuya, growling like a "beast"

"because i SAID SO, that's Why."

Wuya looked away, averting her gaze.
she wanted to argue...but, Chase was so much Stronger than she was.

THAT, and she own powers weren't as strong as they used to be (thanks to Chase)

Wuya finally sighed, defeated.

"fine...i'm getting up."

"GOOD, be ready.
now that "Raimundo" is a Shoku Warrior, they'll be even "Stronger."

Wuya scoffed.


Chase Young eyed Wuya.



Chase Young continued to glare at her.
he then finally turned and marched out of Wuya's room.

Wuya sighed sharply as she got out of bed.
but she then paused for a moment, thinking back at her "dream."

remarkably, a tear formed in her eye.
she let the crystal tear fall down her cheek and drop on the ground, wetting it.


Wuya finally buried her face in her hands and cried softly.
the immortal heylin sorceress then looked up at the cealing, her eyeliner getting streaky.

"xander...my son.
forgive me...for i failed to protect you."

Wuya then narrowed her eyes, growling.

"but, i WILL continue to keep my New vow to you.
i will make the world PAY for what it's done to us."

Wuya then sighed sharply, hanging her head low.

"i...i miss you, SO MUCH."

[Xiaolin Temple]

a brazilian boy with Brown Hair and Green Eyes had his face glued to a Television screen, deeply engaged in a Videogame.

"YEAH!, take that you Chicken!" said Rai to the screen

at that moment, a short boy with a Round head entered the room.



Raimundo was so started by the sudden voice that he dropped his controller and fell down.

he looked up at his teammate and scowled.

"what is it, OMI?"

Omi looked down at his "leader."

"what are you doing?"

Rai eyed him.

"uhhh...playing me some "SLY 3", why?"

"You SHOULD be training with your fellow Xiaolin Dragons!
Dark Forced could attack us at ANY TIME, we MUST be Ready!"

Raimundo just scoffed as he got up.

"Hey-Hey, CHILL "Cueball." began Raimundo

"Kimiko is already working on a New Security System for the temple.
once it's online, we'll be able to detect hostiles from MILES away."

Omi took a moment to process this.

"Hmmm...i see.
STILL, we mustn't neglect our Train-"

"We've been training since Dawn, Omi...and that's ENOUGH for one day."


"Omi, RE-LAX.
nothing bad is going to-"

suddenly, the ground shakes followed immediatly by a blaring alarm."


"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" exclaimed Omi

Rai grumbled to himself.
he and Omi then ran out of the room.

the two soon joined Kimiko and Clay on the Temple grounds.
all four of them looked and saw Chase Young (his army) and Wuya approach

"Chase Young." said Omi, in a Dark and Serious Tone

Chase grinned.

"Greeting Omi...we meet Again."

Omi took a battle stance.

"Surrender, Forces of Darkness...or suffer a Humiliating DEFEAT!"

Wuya groaned at this.

"again with this idiocy?
a swear, that Cheese Ball is worse than JACK!"

Chase ignored Wuya's complaint.

"Wuya, you and my warriors deal with the other monks...I shall "entertain" Omi."

Wuya scowled at Chase.
she HATED being ordered around like a Slave.

but, for now...she did as she was told.

"as you wish."

Wuya charged and tackled Raimundo.
Chase's warrior took on the others.

"FRIENDS!" called Omi

But, before Omi could do ANYTHING...Chase Young grabbed him.
the Heylin Warrior held the Xiaolin Monk up by his robe and smirked.

"so, how's it feel Omi?...having to live in the Buffoon's Shadow"

Omi eyed Chase.


"yes...the "Wind Dragon", RAIMUNDO."

Omi glared at Chase.

"Raimundo is no BUFFOON!
he is my Leader, and is to be treated with Respect."

Chase laughed as he tossed Omi aside.

"oh, Please...don't give me THAT.
you and i both know that you are Superior to him in EVERY. WAY. POSSIBLE."

Chase then crossed his arm as he looked down at Omi.

"YOU should of been leader...not HIM."

Omi glared at Chase as he stood up.

"Raimundo being chose of leader was...Shocking, this is True.
but, i have accepted my place as Student to his Master."

Chase cocked an eyebrow and smirked.
evidently...he was NOT convinced at Omi "submition."

"Raimundo being made "Shoku" is a Cosmic Joke.
but, i can remedy that mistake Quite EASILY..."

Omi raised an Eyebrow.


"Just step aside, Young Monk...and, let me DESTROY Raimundo.
with him gone, you can take you rightful place as Leader of the Xiaolin Dragons."

Omi was shocked at This.
Chase Young then turned and smirked at Omi.

"I will do you this ONE FAVOR...out of respect.
after THAT...you can repay my "kindness" in the way i see fit."

Chase Young then turned and faced Omi, again.

"what do you say?"

[Elsewhere in the Temple Grounds]



as Kimiko and Clay fought against the many Warriors Wuya and Raimundo battle alone and AWAY from the others.

Wuya smirked as Raimundo kept deflecting her attacks.

"you fight WELL, my FORMER Apprentice..." began Wuya with a grin

"I'd almost be Proud...if not for the fact that you BETRAYED me!
and, even after I gave you EVERYTHING you wanted, Everything you DESIRED!"

Raimundo glared at her as he blocked her next attack.

"Yes...it's true.
you gave me Everything that I wanted...but, NOT what i Needed."

Raimundo then shoved Wuya off.


Raimundo shot a whirlwind funnel at Wuya which sent to Heylin Witch slamming into a wall.

Wuya growled as she threw green fireballs at him.

"What you NEEDED!" snapped Wuya, enraged

"I gave you EVERYTHING!
yet, you gave it all up for your "Friends!"

"Friends" who more often than not...ABANDONED YOU when you needed them the most!
They all see you as a Fool!, but "I" saw your True Potental...yet, you BETRAYED ME!"

Wuya finally lifed up her hands and summomed a LARGE Fireball.
she tossed it at Raimundo (who narrowly dodged it in time)

the fireball impacted the ground and exploded.
the force of the blast knocking the boy into a tree.

as he tried to recover...Wuya charged and grabbed him.
she pinned him against the tree and charged her claw-like hand with dark fire.

Wuya glared hatefully at him, snarling like an animal.
Raimundo then opened his eyes and looked at her.

Wuya looke dinto his eyes...his Green eyes.
eyes that were Green like Her...and, like...like.

"wa-what are you...w-waiting for?" groaned Raimundo

Wuya froze still.

she WANTED Revenge.
but, for some reason...she just COULDN'T will herself to make the shot.

Did she (after all this time) STILL have a Soft Spot for the Brazilian Boy?
did she STILL look at him as her Apprentice?...her "surrogate son?"

No...it's COULDN'T be true!
he was a Xiaolin Dragon, he Betrayed her, HE WAS HER ENEMY!

and, yet...the Longer she stared into his eyes.
the More and More she saw her little Xander...looking right back at her.

Raimundo noticed Wuya's hesitation.
but, never got the chance to dwell on it...due to a "fireball" hitting Wuya.


Wuya fell down to her knees, releasing Raimundo.
she looked up just in time to see the leg if a certain Japanese girl kicking her in the face.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM, YOU OLD HAG!" shouted Kimiko

Kimi then ran over to Raimundo and helped him up.

"you Okay?"

Raimundo rubbed his head.

"y-yeah...i will be.
as soon as the whole world stops spinning."

Kimiko smiled.
but, just then...a horde of warriors surrounded them.

both Raimundo and Kimiko took battle stances.
but, they quickly realised that they were "outnumbered"

you have any plans on how to get out of this?"

Raimundo gulped.


"Ahh...your Speechless.
what a Predictable "surprise."

Kimi and Rai looked and saw Chase approach.
he was carrying the KOed bodies of Clay and Omi.

the Heylin Warrior dropped them down before the two.



"Defeated..." began Chase with a smirk

"some Leader YOU turned out to be.
perhaps i SHOULD eliminate you...i'll be doing teh Whole World a "great service."

Kimiko stood before Raimundo and took a battle stance.

"NO WAY, Dragon Brea-AAAAAHHH!"

Kimiko's body is suddnely levitated towards Chase.
Chase just smirks, wagging his finger "disapprovingly"


Chase then puts the tips of his index finger and thumb together.
he places them near Kimiko's nose and "flicks" her.

the attack has such strength that it sent the girl hurtling into a wall.

"KIMIKO!" exclaimed Raimundo

suddenly, Chase Young rushed over and faces Raimundo.
with their faced just INCHES apart, the Chase grins evily.

"time to keep my promise to Omi...by REMOVING the competition."

before Raimundo knew what was happening...Chase began his "merciless" Attack.
with lightning fast movement, he swift PUNCHED and KICKED Raimundo in every known weak point.

Wuya recovered from Kimiko's earlier attack and looked up just in time to see Chase inflict the Final Blow upon Raimundo.

she actually gasped as his body fell to the ground.

Wuya then got up and walked over to Chase.

"HA!...easy." smirked Chase

Wuya frowned, not taking ANY joy out of this for some odd reason.
even odder still...she felt "relief" upon noticing that Raimundo was still breathing.

"LOOK!, he's-"

"still alive." said Chase, obviously disappointed

Chase then grinned.

"hmm...he is quite resiliant.
i can see why you chose HIM to be your Apprentice so long ago."

Wuya looked away at this.
Chase then eyed Wuya and smirked.

"which gives me an Idea."

Wuya looked at chase.


"i'll make you a "deal", Wuya.
I shall allow you the honor of finishing off your Treacherous Apprentice..."

Chase then looked at Wuya.

"and, in return...I shall grant you some SHEN-GONG-WU to use however you see fit."

Wuya looked at Chase, stunned at this.

you...you really Mean It?"

"I am bound by my Word: Kill Him, and you shall have what you WANT."

Wuya looked down at Raimundo...who was barely breathing.
the heylin witch frowned, almost feeling bad that Raimundo was in such a Sorry State.

Wuya finally charged her hands with flames and aimed it at Raimundo.

(("just DON'T LOOK...")) thought Wuya

(("just don't look at him, and get this over with.
he betrayed you, remember?...so, he has this coming."))

Wuya's hand began to shake.
she tried to stop it...but, it was then that Raimundo looked up at her.

Wuya froze, finding herself looking at Raimundo's eyes again.
those eyes...those soft, green eyes...those eyes that look so much like...like.



[Fifteen-Hundred Years Ago...]

Wuya slept soundly in her bed.

just then, she was awoken by a loud cry.
she immediatly sat up and looked at the wooden crib right beside her.

Wuya quickly lit a candle, illuminating the room.
she then bent down, picked up her wailing child and held him close.

"there-there, Shhhh..." cooed Wuya

"it's alright, xander...mama's here."

Wuya took a rag and began to wipe the tears from his eyes.

"it was only a Nightmare...nothing can hurt you."

suddenly, an object was thrown into her window.
Wuya saw a brick with a burning substance tied to it laying on the floor.

she gasped as her floor caught on fire.


Wuya quickly used her powers and put out the flames.
she soon saw more burning bricks being thrown into her window.

unable to quell the flames, she held onto Xander and, quickly leapt out the window and onto the grass.

she ran forward, AWAY from the danger.
then, turned back and watched in horror as her cottage home burned into a raging inferno.


Wuya turned and saw a large group of what looked like Chinese Villages approaching.
they were all holding weapons, and were the likely ones whoe set her house on fire.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" snapped a villager



Wuya growled at her attackers.

"how DARE you!"

Wuya held Xander close to her chest and, use her free hand to form green flames.

"Me and my Son have done NOTHING wrong!
we live FAR from your village, WE JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!"

Wuya's pleas did Little to quell the "blind hate" in the villagers.


the Village all charged at Wuya.
leaving the Sorceress with little choice...but, to fight.

Wuya shot blasts of green flame at her attackers.
her attacks did seriously hurt them...just burnt their skin a little.

Wuya had NEVER used her powers Lethally before and, despite the attempt on her and her son's life...didn't plan on starting NOW.

Wuya did her best to protect her baby and keep her enemies at bay.
but, there were TOO MANY Villagers...and, her powers weren't that strong.

Wuya was suddenly struck from behind her head by a Blunt object.
the concussion cause her to fall, dropping Xander (who slid across the ground)

Wuya looked to see her baby crying...and, the villagers standing over him.

"abomination..." said one Villager

"we shall send this unholy demon back to hell...where it belongs."

"NO!, Do-(CRACK!)"

Wuya was cut off by another blow to her head.
she immediatly lost conscienceness...her world going black.

[Hours Later]

Wuya groaned as she awoke.
she sat up and saw that it was nearly dawn.

Wuya's eyes then widened, realising what had happened.


Wuya immediatly stood up.
she looked around...but saw NOTHING.

her house was now charred wood and ash.
discarded weapons were laying all over the place.

Wuya breathed heavily, feeling paranoia.
she searched around, and continued to call Xander's name.

Wuya finally decided to use her powers to try and find him.
but, to her horror...she sensed NOTHING.

No Mind, No Body, No Spirit...NOTHING.

Xander...was Gone.


Wuya fell to her knees, tears forming in her eyes.
she gritted her teeth, whining in her throat as something "overwelmed" her.

the Sorceress finally let out a shrill, blood-curdling scream.


Wuya buried her face in her hands and cried hard.
after what felt like Hours...Wuya finally stopped.

she removed her hands...her face now casting a DARK glare.
a look of Pure, Seething Hatred formed on her face.

she gritted her teeth, her eyes glowing bright green.

then...all of a sudden, the ground began to rumble.
something was forming from the earth...something BIG and MONSTEROUS.

Wuya didn't move...but, knew what was happening.
in about a few moments...Hulking creatures of living stone stood near Wuya.

Wuya then stood up, still holding her dark glare.
she didn't look at her "army"...she just spoke in a dark, emotionless voice.

"I shall BURN their village to the ground...
and, show them the mercy they showed my son: ABSOLUTLY NONE!"

Wuya's body glowed with green energy, her long hair levitating for a moment.

All the Love in Wuya's heart was now gone.
now...there was Nothing but HATE, ANGER...and, REVENGE.

-[End of Flashback]-

Wuya continued to stare at Raimundo with wide eyes.
her firey hand charged and aimed right at him.

"WUYA...i'm Waiting." said Chase, getting impatient

Wuya glanced at Chase, then back at Raimundo.
Rai groaned, then coughed up some blood.

Wuya gulped hard, feeling an "strange" feeling sweep over her.
a feeling she had NEVER felt before...she felt: Guilt.

"KILL HIM, WUYA!" snapped Chase Young


Wuya shut her eyes tight.
the flames in her hand intensified as she aimed it CLOSER at Raimundo.

But, then...the memories of Raimundo being her Apprentice came back to her.

she remembered how "good" she felt giving him all those gifts
and, how much "fun" she had whenever she DID take time to play with him.

in a way...Raimundo was like a "son" to her.
having him as her apprentice was like getting Xander back.

When Raimundo betrayed her...it HURT.
it was like "Xander" had turned his back on her.

Then, a horrible though occoured to Wuya..

If Xander WERE here today...
if he could see what she had done, what she was About to do

Would he be PROUD of his Mother?...or, ASHAMED.

Wuya looked at Raimundo again.
after a long moment had passed...Wuya finally made her move.

she turned right around...and, fired at Chase Young.

Author Note: This was an Idea i had for a LONG time (even Before I started posting stories on the Internet)

Basicly, it's a Theory as to WHY and HOW Wuya turned Evil
and, sort of also a "Villain Redemption" story as well.

Since i've already suffered some "skeptism" from this idea.
i tried to make Wuya's Grief seem believable, and make fans feel sympathy for the Heylin Witch (no small feat, I assure you)

For those wondering, this story takes place AFTER the Series Finale ("Time After Time, Part II")
and, this will be a Literal Crossover with 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' (also taking place After it's Series finale)