Hi everyone. This is an extract from a chapter I wrote based on EA's Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Most wanted was and still is my favourite game in the series, and has, in my opinion at least, the best storyline. I've had this idea in my head for a story based on the game for ages, and one day decided to write a bit of it just for fun. I've now written four chapters. This extract comes from chapter #1.

Just to provide a bit of info, my story is based in a world where street racing in Los Angeles is dictated by a kind of hierachy that is the blacklist. They are the 15 best and most notorious racers in the city and they kind of run the show. Opinion is divided on the blacklist in L.A - some aspire to be on it, and some aspire to be rid of it. Razor is already #1 on the blacklist, and uses his position to control the underground racing scene in LA. He does not own the BMW M3 GTR in my version. I wanted my main protagonist to have a better reason for taking down the blacklist than just simply to get his car back. Instead, he teams up with a group of racers who, like many others, have lost a lot to the blacklist, and with them sets out to restore the street racing scene to its former glory; where anyone can race anyone and there is no social hierachy among racers. Plus, I frickin love that Beemer. In my version, Adam (the main protagonist) owns the BMW himself. It is his car and is the one he uses to take down the majority of the blacklist. He doesn't have it this early on - he starts out with a Nissan Skyline R32.

So, very very briefly, here is the story so far: Adam, a devout petrol head with a history of street racing, has moved to L.A. for a fresh start. Things seem pretty mundane here - he works in a struggling DIY store and knows virtually no one. One day, he overhears a conversation at a gas station between two street racers about a race meet being held that night in Santa Monica. Later on he manages to find that race meet by following one of the drivers to a closed of parking lot where it is being held. This extract picks up from there, just after he has arrived:


Adam got out of his car, and locked it. He pulled on his leather jacket and had a quick scope. A group of attractive girls walked past and smiled at him. He smiled back. The guy standing by the car next to his was watching him.

"That your ride?" he said. He was a tall, well built man with a bald head. He had a bunch of girls crowded round him and was stood next to a custom 2011 Chevy Camaro. It was orange with black racing stripes.

"Yeah, yeah it is" Adam answered in a friendly manner.

The guy laughed. "I'd take that piece of crap home, that thing aint made for these streets. Looks like it could use a good cleaning too". The girls giggled and he smirked with satisfaction.

Adam's expression changed. His car was a little dirty, but still, what an asshole. "Yeah, well maybe after I've washed it, I could borrow some of that wax you use to shine your head. Just for that perfect finish" he retorted.

The guy's smirk dropped to a frown. The girls looked at each other and giggled again at the comeback. The guy glared at them with an expression of pure fury, and they skulked away. He scowled as he watched them leave, and then walked right up to Adam so that they were inches apart.

"You think you're funny huh?"

"I'm hilarious"

The guy laughed sarcastically. "That attitude won't last long around here boy. You'll soon find that out". He paused and stared at Adam, before turning away and storming into the crowd, pushing people as he went. Adam scoffed with displeasure.

"Don't worry about him, he's a notorious jackass" came a voice from behind Adam. He turned around to face whoever it was. The voice had come from a guy who looked about the same age as himself, maybe a couple of years older. He was also alone, but didn't seem to be standing next to or near a car. He was leaning against an oil drum that had been used as a trash can, with his arms folded. He looked comfortable, like he had been there for a while.

"Yeah I got that" Adam replied, with a laugh.

"He looks like a thug but he's a complete pussy. Still, he is an asshole" the guy continued. Adam nodded. "The name's Hayes. Lucas Hayes. Call me Luke if you like". Luke extended a hand.

"Palmer, Adam Palmer" Adam replied, shaking Luke's hand.

"You're not from around here are you?" Luke asked.

Adam laughed. "That obvious huh?"

"Yeah 'fraid so. Here to race?"

"Not really, more like to check things out. What's the scene like here?" Adam asked while glancing round the parking lot.

"Well, it's pretty easy to find a race these days if you know the right people" Luke replied. "It's got pretty active in the last fourteen months. Everyone wants to get onto the Blacklist"

"What's the Blacklist?" Adam said. He was intrigued.

"Wow you really are new in town" Luke said looking surprised, as if everyone knew what it was. Adam shrugged. "It's kind of a social hierarchy among street racers round here. It's made up of the fifteen best and most notorious racers in the city"

"How do you get onto it?"

"You have to defeat a Blacklist member"

"Seems easy enough?" Adam asked inquisitively. Luke was shaking his head. Adam looked back at him with a puzzled expression.

"You got a lot to learn dude"

"Any tips?"

Luke smiled. "Watch out for these guys". He nodded towards a group of guys walking over towards the two of them. Adam turned to face them as they approached him. He recognised all three of them: one was the bald guy he had just insulted, one was the Supra driver he had followed to the meet, and the other was the RX7 driver who had been with the Supra guy at the petrol station earlier on. He looked back round to Luke to ask what they were likely to want, but he had gone. Weird, Adam thought. The trio reached where he was standing. The Supra driver was stood in the middle. This was the first time Adam had seen him properly. He had a short dark brown hair and a bit of groomed stubble. The RX7 driver was Japanese and had spiky black hair and was wearing sunglasses, despite it obviously being night time.

"Carl, is this the guy?" said the Supra driver to the bald guy, whose name Adam now figured was Carl.

"Yeah man, this is the asshole" Carl replied, all the while staring at Adam. Adam stood with his hands in his pockets and held Carl's gaze, determined to show them that they didn't intimidate him.

The RX7 driver then spoke to the Supra guy. "Vince aint that the car that followed you here?" He pointed to Adam's Skyline. Vince looked at the car, then back to Adam.

"Well, well, well. That yours?" he asked Adam directly.

"It sure is" Adam confidently replied. He turned his gaze from Carl to Vince. He said nothing more. There were a few seconds of tense silence. People were starting to stop and watch what was going on.

"Carl tells me you're a cocky son of a bitch. Think you can put your money where your mouth is?"

"Definitely. Two hundred bucks say I can smoke all three of you" The crowd that had gathered roared with laughter. Adam's confidence suddenly began to crack. Carl and the RX7 driver were laughing too, but Vince just smirked.

"Two hundred bucks? You really are small time aren't you?" Carl said through laughter.

"You gotta put up a much bigger wager in this town buster" said the RX7 driver with a smirk.

"Name it" Adam directed this at Vince. He really didn't have the money to afford to say this but he was determined not to lose any more dignity. Besides, he was sure he could win.

"I'm not racing you" Vince scoffed. The crowd laughed again, but not as hysterically.

"And why would that be" Adam demanded.

"Because asshole, this guy here is number thirteen on the blacklist" the Japanese guy said defensively. "You got a lot of rep to earn before you get to run with him". Adam looked on incredulously at this suck-up, then back to Vince, who was still smirking.

"That's right small-time. You should do some research, before you just go challenging people to races" he proclaimed. "But, you know, I'm in the mood for some action tonight. You can race Carl".

"Wait what" said Carl, looking from Vince to Adam. Adam raised an eyebrow.

"That's right. And, I'll tell you what, no wager. I have no doubt that Carl will leave you in the dust. This is just gonna be a little demonstration of what happens when you go shooting your mouth off to the wrong people. It's gonna be embarrassing enough when Carl wins and makes you look stupid in front of everyone without you losing your money". The crowd jeered and laughed.

"And when I win?" Adam retorted, taking his hands out of his pockets and crossing his arms.

"Then you get satisfaction of proving me wrong and making Carl look like the fool. But that aint gonna happen" Vince sneered. More laughter.

Adam was never one to back down from something like this, even when there was no money involved. Frankly, if he got to show up these assholes, then that was even better.

"Fine. Let's do this" he said. There was more excited jeering and the crowd began to disperse. Adam, Vince, and the two others stood still amongst the chaos.

"Alright" said Vince with another twisted smirk. "Fire 'em up" He pointed towards gates. The two guys manning them pulled them open and the crowd spilled out onto the street. Adam looked at Carl, who was still standing in the same spot, and smiled tauntingly at him. Carl maintained a straight face, and made for his car. Adam pulled out his keys, and got into the Skyline. Here we go, he thought to himself. The familiar feeling of excitement came flooding back as he turned on the engine and revved it loudly.

It was late, and there was no traffic. Adam sat in his car at the start line next to Carl's Camaro, and began psyching himself up. The crowd was going wild, cheering and hollering. You got this, you got this, you're gonna smoke him, he said to himself. He looked across to Carl, who looked straight ahead with an expression of sheer determination, both hands on the wheel. Adam knew he had intimidated him. Good. A guy walked up between the two cars and beckoned them to wind down their windows.

"This will be a quarter mile sprint, there and back, you understand?" He shouted over all the noise. "There is a traffic cone placed in the middle of the road exactly a quarter of a mile from here. You race down to it, spin round and race back up, ok?" Both drivers nodded in acknowledgement. He walked out in front of both cars, and took a safe place between them. Carl began revving the Camaro to the applause of the crowd. The guy starting the race held up both his arms, and shouted "On my mark!"

Both Adam and Carl were furiously revving their engines. A burst of flame erupted from the exhaust of the Skyline on the overrun.


There was an explosion of noise; tire squeal, roaring engines and cheering. Adam got a perfect launch, and grabbed the lead off of the line. Carl was right behind however; Adam had to make sure that he was perfect on the gear changes. The Camaro was bound to have a lot of top end power. It would be perfect in a drag race in the right hands. Carl was no slouch; he was beginning to level with Adam. Adam found another gear, and began to pull into the lead. Carl moved into his slipstream and started to close him down. Adam would have to get him on the turn. He had no doubt that his Skyline was better in the corners. As they approached the cone, Adam had a lead of about a cars length. He ripped the handbrake, and manoeuvred his car into a power slide. Carl however, did not slow or even attempt to turn. Instead, he drove straight at Adam's drifting car, and clipped its rear end. Adam's head hit the window from the impact; there was a nasty bang and a crunch, and the Skyline's rear bumper tore off. Adam cursed loudly. His car was sent into a spin and came to a rest facing the wrong direction. He could see the remains of his rear bumper strewn in the road. Carl pulled a perfect 180 degree spin around Adam's immobile car, and then shot off back towards the finish. The Skyline had stalled from the collision. Cursing furiously, Adam restarted it, floored the gas pedal and ripped the handbrake to spin the car on the spot to face the right way. He then gassed it back down the road. He could see Carl up ahead, but it was too far for him to catch up and win. All he could do was try and close the gap on him as much as possible to make it look like it wasn't a complete walkover. Carl finished with a handbrake turn, and leapt out of his car to revel in the applause. About five seconds later, Adam finished. His clutch was smoking and his temperature gauge was flashing. He stopped just before the crowd that had gathered around Carl. They looked on at him and laughed, pointed and made hand gestures. Adam didn't get out of the car. The crowd began to disperse again, some returning to their cars in the parking lot, others heading off on foot. The night was over. Carl walked over to Adam's car and spat on it. He held out his arms in a gloating gesture, then laughed and ran back to his car where two girls waited for him. The all got in and drove away. Vince was the last to pull out of the parking lot, and he rolled up next to Adam. His window was down. Without making eye contact, Adam rolled down his. He continued to stare straight ahead.

"Not so cocky after all, huh? Don't come around here again". And with pure satisfaction, Vince roared away, leaving Adam to sit there fuming.


Hope you enjoyed it :D