Hi guys, short and simple here. This bit just carries on from where Chapter 2 finished. Enjoy!

The starter dropped his hands, and the three of them were off. Dave shot into an early lead, with Adam just pulling away from Leo. Adam hadn't got a great start, so he expected Leo of hanging back for some reason. Adam wasn't pushing his hardest either – he wanted to follow someone close enough to see where he had to go but also close enough to overtake when the time was right.

They were out of the car park within seconds, and as they approached a railway crossing, Adam realised why Leo was hanging behind; Dave, who was quite ahead by now, sped over the crossing, but the proceeded straight through the train yard and over the rails. He came in much too fast – the front bumper of his lowered G35 caught one of them; it tore off, and he was helpless to prevent himself from running over it. The fibreglass bumper broke into pieces and the impact caused him to puncture a front tire. He was out of the race. Adam and Leo, both over the crossing by now, slowed and drew level. They both approached the railway lines at a reasonable speed, and crossed safely. It was still an uncomfortable ride, however, and the sound of the Skyline bumping over the tracks made Adam grimace. Once out onto the other side of the train yard, they spilled out onto East 26th Street. Leo managed to grab the lead – there was a lot more to that RSX than met the eye. The road kinked to the right, then opened out onto a long straight. Adam moved into Leo's slipstream, and closed the gap. He overtook with ease, and was leading as they drifted onto South Garfield Avenue. They blasted underneath the Santa Anna Freeway and made an immediate left onto Telegraph Road. Adam had put about two car lengths between himself and Leo, but Leo was gaining. All of a sudden, Adam's pulse began racing as he realised he had forgotten where to go next. Something Boulevard. Lincoln? Shit. Glancing in his rear view, all he could see was the RSX. Unwittingly, he swerved across and allowed Leo to pass. No sooner had he done so than he swerved back into the slipstream; he couldn't let this guy pull away. They thundered down Telegraph Road. Traffic was sparse, but every time they did pass another motorist they were either honked or flashed at. All of a sudden Leo veered left. Adam reacted late and was out turned. He caught a glimpse of the road sign. Washington Boulevard. Where next?

Leo had pulled away, and was hurtling down towards the next turning. They passed the freeway, and within moments Adam saw Leo braking ready for the turn. Fidelia Avenue! Then just Sheila Street to finish. That was it. Adam out-braked Leo, and they were side by side as they turned onto Fidelia. The run to Sheila Street was short and over in seconds. Still side by side, Leo cut the corner; at first it looked like he had pulled out a considerable lead, but the RSX didn't like the sudden terrain change, and sent Leo into a four wheel power slide. Adam's reactions were lightning fast – seeing Leo struggling for grip, he floored the Skyline out of the turn, being careful so as not to slide himself. As Leo managed to snap his car back to a straight line, they were level again, but Adam had better traction. He sailed past. He hammered it up through the gears along the lengthy straight, pulling out a lead that Leo was powerless to catch up to in time. The crowd were waiting up ahead at the top of the road. As Adam reached them, he ripped the handbrake and finished in style. His car was swamped by people; Nick practically pulled him out of the car, and then congratulated him. Luke and Brooke had pushed through the crowd to get to him. Luke was beaming and shook his hand. He congratulated him too. Brooke then hugged him.

"I knew you'd do it" she said, pulling away and giving Adam a wink. She then laughed and slapped him on the arm. Adam laughed back. He felt happier than had in a long while. He revelled in the congratulations, before the guy who had been watching the money appeared and handed over his winnings with a shake of the hand. Leo appeared, and to Adam's surprise offered a word of congratulations too. As the crowds dispersed, Adam said goodnight to and refused offers of drinks from various groups of strangers that were heading out on the town. It was good to know that he'd finally made a good impression. He handed over a wad of cash to Luke, thanked they guys for all the work they had done on his car, and setting up the race, before asking them how they felt about just going back to the clubhouse for a celebratory drink. They all agreed it was a good plan, and they made for their cars. This time, Brooke elected to ride shot gun with Adam. Beaming, Adam couldn't resist putting his foot down on the way back and seeing if Nick could keep up.