Hey! Sorry it's been so long. Laziness is my only excuse. Anyway, this follows on directly from my last chapter. Enjoy!


Adam and the Toyota driver lined up alongside each other, in front of Luke and the Mazda. George took his place in front of them, and raised his arms. Adam quickly glanced sidewards towards the crowd. Brooke and Nick had pushed to the front to cheer them on. She winked at him and smiled supportively. A wave of calm washed over him for a few seconds. Only she had this effect on him. He smiled back and then flicked his eyes to face front. George nodded at him and he nodded back. George nodded towards the Toyota driver, who responded with a rev of his beastly engine. The aftermarket turbo was noticeably audible over the exhaust note, its mechanical whine a warning of what this car was hiding under the hood.

As soon as George's hands dropped, they were off in the usual explosion of chaos. It was a straight blast to the first corner, and the Toyota was tearing away. Shit, that thing is fast, Adam thought as he pushed the Skyline into a higher gear.

The Toyota reached the corner and drifted it with ease. Adam's car struggled to maintain speed as he did the same, allowing the gap between him and the Toyota to grow. They pulled back onto Harbour Scenic Way, and made another right, powering down towards the south side of the dockyard. Adam could do nothing to close the gap between them.

The next bend was a long sweeping right-hander that took them between two rows of containers. The noises of the engines reverberated off of their towering metal walls, magnified and echoing throughout the dockyard. It was like driving through a tunnel, except there was no light at the end – just another swooping bend.

They took the corner at considerable speed, and as they burst out of the valley of containers they had to slow dramatically for a sharp right-handed hairpin. The Toyota had underestimated the sharpness of the corner, and steered wide. This closed the gap ever so slightly, but even so it was too late now. Only two more corners left, and then it would have to be up to Nick to finish this.

The first corner was almost a ninety degree left-hander, which slowed them both down again; next, a short straight leading towards the final corner. Adam mashed his foot to the floor to try and catch up. Luke was going to need every second he could give him. They turned right onto the final straight, the loading cranes looming over them on one side, more containers on the other. The crowd had come into view. Adam could see Luke and the Mazda waiting in the middle of the road up ahead.

The Toyota got there about four seconds before Adam, and skidded to a halt as the Mazda took off on his lap. Adam crossed the line, slamming on his breaks and stopping abruptly. Luke's Aston Martin bellowed as he span its wheels off of the line, that magnificent V12 thundering with a meaty growl. Adam leapt from his car as Luke passed him, and watched as he disappeared down the straight in hot pursuit. It was all he could do now. Wait.

Nick and Brooke ran over to him, followed by some of his other friends and supporters. The opposition were jeering and making fun of the fact that Adam had lost the first lap. He ignored them but still brushed off Brooke and Nick's reassurances. He could have done better, and he knew it. It was up to Luke now. He just hoped he'd given him enough help.

The next couple of minutes took an age to pass. As soon as the engine noise was audible again the crowd became restless and excitable. The pumped-up rotary and the V12 were screaming over each other, making it impossible to tell who was closer. It must be tight. People were craning their necks, looking down the straight to see who would appear first. The tension was almost too much.

Adam's side of the crowd burst into celebration as Luke appeared, closely followed by the RX8. It was madness. Everyone was screaming, the noise of the two cars was growing louder and louder. Luke pulled away easily, and as he crossed the line in first, Adam and his side of the crowd erupted. Luke responded with some donuts, before getting out of his car. Adam started towards him, when his heart began racing and he stopped dead in his tracks. Not again.

It took seconds for everyone else to see them, and those who couldn't see immediately heard them.