Murphy has placed his hands from his pockets as he started to walk through the office of renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Kaufmann. He has heard the news that this doctor can cure of mental illnesses without the use of drugs, notes, and even theories.

Does he have a mental problem?

Yes, he does. He has two problems in his mind when he recalled of the death of Frank Coleridge, a friendly Ryall security officer: either Sewell, a not-so friendly Ryall security officer, did it or he, himself did it. Either way, he could find the answers he needed through this therapy.

Inside the office, the doctor himself is taking a good view at the window by his desk. On his right hand is his drink of bourbon. A creak on his door just came on to his attention.

"You can come in," he said.

Murphy opened the door as he entered the office. He takes a seat to a chair next to the doctor's desk. Dr. K stands up from his desk so that he can talk to his patient better if he talked to him nearer.

"Your name is Murphy Pendleton, right?" Dr. K asked in curiosity. He looks happy in this one.

"Yeah," was the reply. "Enough about me, doc. Let the therapy begin."

Dr. K clears his throat as he is ready to speak to his patient.

"Okay, Murphy, what is your problem?"

Murphy explains of his situation to Dr. K. He recalls on getting into a deal with Sewell about going to prison to avenge the death of his son, Charlie, by the hands of his neighbour, Napier. The security guard agrees to transfer him to prison with a price. The price? He has to kill Coleridge. Murphy appears to be struggling in this, hence creating a problem on his mind that either Sewell killed him instead or he, himself did it.

"Well, that is quite a story you got here, Murph," Dr. K stands up from his chair and takes his drink with him. He puts himself to his cabinet where he gets his drink. "In fact, the only way for you to find out if Sewell did it or it was you is to retrace your memories."

"How is that going to help?" asked Murphy.

"What I'm saying is that you have to go to Ryall and retrace your memories there. By the way, I heard news that a police officer named Anne Cunningham could be useful to you."

"Why is that?"

"You'll just have to find that out for yourself," replied the doctor.

Murphy stands up from his chair and leaves the office, ready for his journey.