This is a Paige/Emily story set 2 weeks after the finale of season 2. Even though this is a Paily story I'm not going to shy away from the feelings Emily has/had for Maya as I want this to be realistic, that said, I am a sucker for Paige and was so excited to see her in the last episode so expect my Paige love to shine through.

I'm not really sure where I am taking the story at the moment, is tend to decide as I'm writing. Please give my story a chance and I promise it will become more light hearted later on!

There aren't a lot of Paily fics on this site so hopefully Paily fans will enjoy :)

"Em" my mom's voice was quiet as she perched on the edge of the bed. She had been trying for days now to get some sort of response out me but all attempts had failed to get anything more than a mumble.

"Honey do you want something to eat? I could make you some pancakes?" She tried a soft approach knowing I was still vulnerable.

I didn't move from my safe place under the bed covers whilst she spoke.
"I'm not hungry" I mumbled back to her despite the fact I knew this would make her face to twist in concern further.

"Honey, please just try and eat something, maybe some toast? And come down stairs for a bit... We can put a movie on?" She tried again, this time pulling the covers down gently to look at my face.

The light hurt my eyes but they finally adjusted and focused on my mom's face. She looked extremely stressed and it would have broken my heart if I didn't feel like it was already shattered into pieces from losing Maya. My mom had dark bags under her eyes and her hair was tied limp in a low ponytail. I knew she only wore her hair like that when she was seriously preoccupied with something.

"Please Em, I'm worried about you" She spoke softly again as she stroked a hand against my gaunt face. It was clear I had lost weight as I hadn't eaten properly since the night they found Maya.

I wanted to put up a fake front of strength to my mom and my friends so they would stop worrying about me, but I didn't have the energy to do it. I didn't want them to suffer in the same way I knew I had to but it seemed that they already were. I took in my mom's pained face once more and felt a surge of guilt run through my gut, I knew I should start somewhere and accepting some toast seemed like an easy enough step.

"Ok..." I gave in but I still spoke quietly, however a small but cautious smile crept onto my mom's face at the fact I was actually saying something slightly positive.

She took my hand and led me out of bed, as she did she got her first full view of me for a few days.

"Honey, you need to shower!" She laughed lightly and I suddenly realised I hadn't showered for days, I also realised I had no idea what day it actually was.

She led me to the bathroom and I followed without protest, she sorted a towel for me and turned the shower on full so the hard jet of water splashed loudly against the shower floor.

"Shower" she said nodding her head in the direction of the shower. "And I'll get you some toast and some coffee ready downstairs okay?"

I just nodded my expression still blank.

Her face was full of concern as she let her eyes search my face for the emotions I kept locked away. I knew she hadn't always been supportive of me being gay, but the way she was looking at me now I knew she realised that I really had fallen in love with Maya and everything I had told her was a hundred percent real. I knew she had seen the pain I was in the last time I had lost someone I loved, it had almost destroyed me and no one had witnessed that more than her. I knew she was petrified that this time I wasn't going to make it back, and as she stood there with her eyes filling with tears I wanted to say something to show her I was going to be ok. But I couldn't. I was helpless, I felt like my arms were too heavy for me to reach out and hold her. I felt like my jaw wasn't mine, like if I tried to move it to speak I wouldn't be able to. I wasn't sure I was going to get through this at all.

"Em, sweetie" she stepped closer and put a hand either side of my face. "You'll get through this, we'll get through this. It'll be okay in time I promise." She kissed the top of my head gently.
"I love you honey" she spoke before she left me alone in the bathroom to have a shower.

I knew she was only trying to make me feel better but I couldn't help resent her words. How did she know it was going to get better? How did she know it was going to stop hurting, how did she know anything?

I pulled the tank top I had been wearing for the last two days over my head and removed the rest of my clothing slowly. As I stepped into the hot shower and let the water run over my body I let out a deep sigh.
The shower felt good against my skin but I turned it up to full power so the water hit my back almost painfully.
I wanted to feel pain that wasn't heartbreak; I wanted to feel something other than the dull ache in my chest.

I wanted to feel everything until I couldn't take it anymore.

I allowed the memory of Maya's face to flood back into my mind. Her sleek skin, her smile and the way her lips curled so deliciously in the corners. The sound of her voice and the way it sounded wrapped around my name. My stomach churned when the memories twisted and changed and all I could think of were the memories of that night. Seeing Maya's body draped in a cloth like she was nothing but another nameless murder victim being shipped off for evidence made me want to cry or vomit, I couldn't really decide which.

I knew in some ways Maya made me who I was today; she gave me confidence, hope, patience and love. Maya was special but I was never going to see her again.

I realised I hadn't moved for the past 5 minutes but didn't really care. I couldn't care about anything anymore so I just let the water carry on hitting me hard. I tried to concentrate on the feel of each individual jet of water hitting me imaging each was a bullet and how easy it would be for it to penetrate my skin. I tried to imagine the pain. The pain of dying; But all I felt was the numbness that warm water brought on and the dull ache in my chest where I imagined my heart used to be.

I wished I had the chance to change everything that had happened the last night I saw Maya, I wished I had the chance to just grab the other girl and tell her how much I'd loved her one last time. Kiss her again. Hold her close and let her know how important she had been to me. I hit my head against the tiles in the shower cubicle not caring about the pain it caused.

I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Maya the girl who was my first love. I didn't have time to let go… I couldn't let go.

Maya was dead. I repeated the words to myself internally until they burned a hole into my mind. I felt the sting behind my eyes that I always forced away, the sting that meant tears. I hadn't allowed myself to cry anything more than the small tears that would leak out whilst I was sleeping and leave my pillow slightly damp when I woke up. I didn't want to give in to them because I knew once I did it would be almost impossible to stop.

"She's gone" I whispered the words into the steamy shower cubicle, finally saying them out loud and letting the meaning sink right into my soul.

Now it just hurt too much.

Before I knew it I was sobbing, long hard sobs that rocked my whole body and I sank down to the floor overwhelmed by a fortnight's worth of tears. I tucked my legs into my chest as I shook in time with the sobs. I couldn't see anything and I couldn't think about anything, all I could do was cry until it felt like my heart would give out.

I must have been sat there for longer than I thought because I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door and my mom appeared slowly at the side of the shower. Suddenly I was aware the water had ran cold; In fact it was now freezing and I realised I wasn't just shaking due to my tears.

She didn't speak she just turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around the whimpering mess on the floor which was me, pulling me into a tight embrace.

I cried into my mom's chest letting all my tears soak into the fabric there.

"Why?" I spluttered between sobs.

"I just... I don't understand" my sobs were still strong and my words were barely audible between them

"it's so unfair" I cried into her chest and she stroked my hair lovingly.

"I know baby. I know" she didn't say anything else but I was glad she didn't try and comfort me any more than this.

Right now I didn't need comforting, right now I just wanted to cry because the girl I had been in love with was dead, and in some ways… so was I.

It was Monday morning and I had finally managed to drag myself downstairs and I now sat at the kitchen table while my mom was moving around quickly making breakfast.

It was the first time I was going to school again after what had happened and I knew this made my mom feel better, like things were finally going back to normal.

To me though, nothing was normal.

My mom was still flashing me looks of concern every now and then from her place at the other side of the kitchen, it was like she was waiting for me to break down again any minute.

I checked my phone and found messages from all my friends as expected. They had been texting and calling a lot, always the same sort of message asking me to talk to them, telling me it'll all be ok. I read the messages with a sigh.

Hanna -Hey Em, just checking in. How you holding up? Do you want to drive to school together? X-

Aria - Hope you're doing ok Em, we're all here for you if you want us, remember that ok? See you at school! X-

Spencer -I'm stopping for coffee before school I'll pick you up your fave? Really happy you're coming to school today Em, but if you need to talk about it all I'm always here. Hope you're ok? x-

I sighed and placed my phone back on the table a little harder than intended resulting in a concerned look from my mom.

"Is everything okay Em?" I suddenly felt like I was going to explode from frustration. I knew I couldn't be angry at my friends and family for being worried about me but I wished they would stop asking if I was okay. I wasn't okay, not even a little bit and no one seemed to understand that however much they asked me or looked at me in concern or offered toast and tea and long talks the pain would not go away because Maya was never coming back.

It would never be okay.

I didn't reply to my mom even though she continued to look at me with her eyebrows raised, instead I stood up and grabbed my backpack, swiftly swinging it over my shoulder before I headed out of the kitchen.

"I have to pick Hanna up" I shouted behind me ignoring my mom's protest that I had to eat breakfast before I go to school.

Out of all my friends I knew Hanna would be my best option if I was to avoid the dreaded sympathy eyes. I laughed despite my miserable mood when I imagined Aria's big bambi eyes open wide in empathy or Spencer's attempt at an inspirational speech. I got in my car and pulled out of the drive way trying hard to keep my eyes focused firmly on the road in front of me, not letting them fall on the house where so many things had happened. The house where two girls I had loved were found dead.

I shivered at this thought.

I arrived at Hanna's house in what seemed like no time at all, I was driving in autopilot as my mind was too preoccupied to focus on where I was going.

"I'm here" I typed a text out to Hanna but after a few minutes I still didn't get a reply so I got out of the car and let myself into the Marin household like I had done hundreds of times before.

I walked into their familiar kitchen and stopped awkwardly as I saw the two people in there.

Caleb had Hanna pressed up against the kitchen counter and they were kissing passionately as Hanna had her hands wrapped in Caleb's hair. This was definitely too heated for before school I thought with an awkward smile.

I didn't know whether to leave or not as they obviously hadn't realised I was there and I didn't really feel like being in the company of a happy couple right now. I turned quietly to leave before they could notice me but as I did my bag hit the door causing a loud bang pulling the two people apart.

"Oh my god, Emily" Hanna shot off the counter straightening her hair with her hands and ran to my side with an apologetic look on her face.

"I didn't know you were coming over" she said with a big smile before opening her arms cautiously to hug me, obviously trying not to be too pushing for affection from me.

I returned the hug as I suddenly realised I had missed Hanna a lot. Even if I was beginning to become fed up with the constant worrying from my friends I had to admit that I needed them badly, Hanna especially.

"You sent me a text?" I asked, slightly confused. "Asking to drive to school together?"

Hanna just smiled awkwardly. "I just thought 'cos I hadn't heard from you... That you wouldn't be coming… So I asked Caleb and..." She started blushing as she looked at the boy.

"Sorry" I began, realising I probably should have text her back. I looked at Caleb who smiled at me awkwardly; obviously he was here to go to school with Hanna.

"Yeah I should have text you back" I smiled a little "I'll just see you at school" I said turning to leave again.

Hanna grabbed my arm before I could.

"No Em wait, I'll come with you" she smiled at me warmly.

"Caleb, I'll see you later?" She said to her boyfriend whilst leaning forward for a quick kiss on the cheek before he nodded and left the kitchen with a smile in my direction.

"Nice to see you Emily" he said with a soft sympathetic smile before he walked towards the front door.

"Hanna, honestly it's fine I can just meet you at school" I said, looking at Caleb as he was about to leave, even if I was doomed to an eternity of being alone, it didn't mean Hanna had to be.

Hanna rolled her eyes. "No! My best friend needs me today!" She said with a soft smile. "And I miss you" she added with a soft touch to my arm.

I just smiled back at this. I had been ignoring the blonds calls and pretty much not speaking to anyone, so I was glad that Hanna wasn't offended and understood I just needed time to myself.

"Thanks" was all I said.

After Hanna had fixed her hair for the third time and applied another coat of lip gloss we left the house and got in my car.

Hanna started speaking as we were halfway to school, "How are you doing Em? I heard Maya's memorial service is this week. Do you think you'll be able to face it?" Hanna was speaking softly obviously cautious of my vulnerability on this subject.

I felt the familiar pain in my chest as I heard Maya's name being spoken out loud. I had known that her memorial service was coming up this week but I had tried to push it to the back of my mind. Her funeral had taken place last week in California because her parents wanted to be close to their family. On Wednesday the school was holding a memorial service organised by a few of Maya's friends from jazz band who she had made during her time at Rosewood. A memorial service due to the tragic death of a student, it was just like Ali all over again and it made a lump form in my throat.

Saying goodbye to Alison had been hard enough when I had had a year to accept never seeing her again, but saying goodbye to Maya when the pain was still so raw... I just didn't know if I could do it.

Hanna was still looking at me cautiously trying to assess my reaction.

"I don't know" my voice was shaky as I answered her question, I could feel the sting behind my eyes that always appeared when someone asked me how I was or when I had to speak about Maya.

"I still feel..." I began to speak but the lump in my throat was making it hard for me to continue. Hanna placed a soft hand on my arm reassuringly as I took a deep breath.

"Han, I don't think I can talk about it. Not yet anyway" I answered her honestly. "Can we just talk about something else?" I knew I was bottling things up but it just hurt too much to let all my emotion out, to deal with things and talk to my friends about it made it all too real and I wasn't ready to accept it was just yet.
Hanna nodded at me, I knew she must know that I was bottling up my emotions and that she probably thought I had to talk about it eventually, but right now I knew she was going to do what I asked and change the subject.

"Sure" She nodded with a small smile.

"I was going to ask you where you got that shirt anyway, it's cute" Hanna smiled as I let out a small laugh. Typical of Hanna to pick fashion as the new topic of conversation I thought to myself but I couldn't help but be thankful that this topic was the furthest from death and worrying we could get; sometimes I really loved Hanna.

"Em, Emily…EMILY!" Spencer was waving her hand in front of my face trying to get my attention. I suddenly realised I was stood at the front of a long queue of people waiting to get their lunch staring blankly at the lunch lady. I looked down at the empty tray in my hands feeling a surge of embarrassment run through me when I realised I had not been paying attention to what I had been doing; I didn't even know how I got here. Spencer was stood with her tray full of food and a worried expression on her face.

"Em, what do you want to eat?" She said softly.

"Erm… I'm not really hungry" I looked apologetically at the long queue of people and slid my tray back down whilst averting Spencer's gaze. I had been thinking of Maya's lifeless body covered in the sheet again. I shook my head to rid the images that were haunting me but it was no use.

It was Wednesday and I had been back at school for three days now. I hadn't really been paying attention to anything that was going on though, all I knew was today was Maya's memorial and if I could just make it to 4 o clock without another breakdown that would be a start.

Hanna had found me crying in the toilets twice already and I was starting to feel ashamed of how weak I was being. I still wouldn't talk about it though; instead I would take long deep breaths, shrug my shoulders and force my friends to change the subject. If I didn't talk about it, I was sure it would go away.

I sat down on one of the chairs opposite Aria on our usual table in the courtyard, she and Hanna had stopped speaking when I had come near and I knew they must have been talking about me.

Hanna's face went serious. "Are you going to go?" I knew she meant the memorial without her saying so, It was the elephant in the room, the topic that no one wanted to bring up to me.

"I think so" I surprised myself when I said the words but I felt better as I did, I knew it was important to say goodbye.

My friends all nodded in support and Spencer patted my hand gently. "We'll be there with you" she said.

3 hours later and the four of us were huddled together outside the large room which was lined with rows of chairs, a smiling picture of Maya sat at the front on a small table. The room was already half full and people were whispering quietly between themselves, no one wanting to break the quiet atmosphere in the room.

"We should go and sit down, are you ready Em?" Aria asked.

I took a deep breath and looked into the room. It was the same room Alison's memorial had been held just a few months ago the only thing that looked any different was the picture of the girl at the front. The familiarity of the situation did nothing to numb the pain in my heart, if anything it just made it worse and filled me with a sense of nausea I had never felt before. I could feel the acid burning my throat and I had to swallow hard to stop it from surfacing. I took one more look at the picture of Maya taunting me from the table and let out a long breath.

"Ready as I'll ever be" I answered.

A few minutes after we sat down our principle stepped to the front and cleared his throat causing any last minute whispering to end.

"It's a sad day that we gather here again to remember one of our beloved pupils who is no longer with us" I felt my heart tighten at his words.

"Her time at Rosewood was short but I'm sure those of you who knew Maya St Germain knew what a kind, caring and passionate person she was. It's such a great shame to be standing here in front of you all on an occasion like this. I would like to ask our school jazz band up here to say a few words of their own." He stopped talking with a nod at the few people who were sat closest to the front.

3 girls and 2 boys stood up clutching instruments with sad looks on their faces. I felt a guilty feeling flow through my gut when I suddenly realised I didn't know a single one of their names. Even though Maya claimed she didn't make friends easily these people had been close enough to friends and had been people she had spent a lot of time with, but still I knew very little about them. It made me shiver to realise there was so much about the girl I hadn't known and now would never have the chance to find out.

The small blonde girl started speaking quietly "There's so much we could say about Maya and how happy we were to meet her, but we thought instead we would play her a song, because we know that if she was ever in doubt she would turn to music; music made her happy." She looked to the tall sandy haired boy next to her.

"So, this is for you Maya" he said with a sad smile, looking up towards the ceiling subtly.

As they began to play the music caught me off guard, it was beautiful and soft and utterly heart breaking. I could feel the sting behind my eyes again and I felt like the room was spinning. If I'd thought I was strong enough to deal with keeping my composure in a room full of people I was wrong, I knew I was about to crack.

I stood up quickly and despite Spencer's hand reaching out to me in confusion I darted for the door swiftly. The music was loud and I was close enough to the door so I was able to slip away without causing a scene. Once in the hallway I heard I was being followed before I turned to meet Spencer's concerned gaze with my eyes already full of tears.

"Em, it's okay" Spencer began pulling me into an embrace.

"I can't go back in their Spencer" I said through tears. I wanted to run away and cry in peace, but I didn't want to upset Spencer by disregarding her efforts of comforting me.

Spencer smiled sadly. "I know" She said.

"I… I need to go" I gave her one last tight hug and turned to leave before she could protest; I just needed to be alone right now. Spencer watched me leave without protest, perhaps she understood I had to deal with this in my own way.

I found myself making a beeline for the swimming pool. It was a Wednesday and there was never a practice on a Wednesday so I was confident the area would be empty. As I pushed open the doors I found I was right, the area was deserted. I let the smell of chlorine wash over me as I headed for the edge of the pool where I curled up and let the tears flow out. They came in a large wave that left me sobbing and I was thankful that no one could hear me and that the loud drone of the water filter was competing with my sobs, it made me feel a little better that my sobs weren't the only thing making a noise in the large space.

After what must have been ten minutes I realised I had stopped crying and suddenly felt an unusual sense of calm wash over me, I hadn't been near a swimming pool in a few weeks and realised I missed the smell of chlorine more than anything. It was strangely comforting to me.

I let the smell fill my senses until my breathing returned to normal. It wasn't even that late but the tinted windows in the gym cast a dark blue light over the pool area and made it seem later than it was, there was no lights on and I suddenly realised it was quite dark in here.

I jumped a little as the heavy metal doors I had come through before made a loud noise as they swung open. I felt selfish but I really hoped it wasn't Spencer, I really didn't want to talk right now especially as I had just managed to stop the tears. It wasn't Spencer though and I felt an odd emotion at seeing the girl who was walking through the doors towards me, Paige McCullers.

"Emily!" Paige's face seemed slightly shocked when she took in my figure on the floor, however through the darkness I saw a small smile creep onto her lips. As if she had just taken in the red puffy ovals that were my eyes her face changed dramatically to an expression of anguish.

My hands rose to my face automatically in a feeble attempt to disguise the damage my crying had done to my eyes though I knew it was no use, even in the dark light of the gym I knew I must look a mess.

Paige's face was twisted in concern as she stared at me for a few moments; I guessed she was probably unsure what to say. "Are… are you okay?" She asked. I was sure we both knew it was a ridiculous question, of course I wasn't okay, but I couldn't say this to her when she was only acting out of concern.

I felt my body tighten up as I mentally prepared myself for Paige's words. 'I'm sorry for your loss' or 'it will all be ok' I knew the script that was bound to play out and I didn't want to do it again.

"I didn't think anyone would be here" I answered, avoiding the other girl's question.

"Sorry… I… I didn't think anyone would be here either" Paige's usual tone was gone and instead was replaced with the soft sympathetic tone I had heard so often these days, it made Paige's words seem different and didn't suit her. "I always try and get an extra practice in on Wednesday's" She filled the silence.

Paige stood awkwardly with her swimming bag over her shoulder, she seemed to be looking at the space next to me on the floor deciding if she should sit down or not. With a small thud her bag hit the floor and she took a seat next to me.

I was staring at the still surface of the pool for a moment letting it hypnotise me into calmness as Paige began speaking.

"I was going to call you this week, check how you were, but I wasn't sure you would want to speak. I saw you at lunch but…" she trailed off "I know it must be hard being back in school and everything, if you need to talk or…" I knew she was unsure what to say next so I cut her off.

"It's okay, we don't have to do this." I spoke, surprising myself with my own honest words. I didn't want Paige to feel guilty about not calling me; I didn't want her to feel like she had some sort of responsibility to check I was okay. I hated feeling like a burden on my friends, feeling like that with Paige was something I definitely wanted to avoid. But above all I couldn't talk about it. It wasn't just that I was fed up of having this conversation but also the fact that I just couldn't talk to Paige about what I was feeling. I couldn't talk to Paige about Maya, the two of them just didn't exist in the same world.

"Do what?" Paige asked, even though I was sure she understood what I meant.

"Sit here while you say reassuring words and I nod and sigh and you tell me it'll be okay and then you look at me with those concerned eyes like I'm about to have an emotional breakdown" I found herself speaking with a small smile on my face, I didn't know why I was smiling.

"Thank God" Paige replied her face still locked on the water. "I'm not really good at that stuff anyway" she broke her gaze with the water and her eyes met mine for a second or two, letting me know she understood.

Paige's usual tone had returned now and I felt a sudden fondness for her then, she hadn't protested or tried to urge me to open up. I was glad for once that someone understood I didn't want to talk about how I was feeling.

There was a long silence while the two of us focused back on the pool watching small ripples move over the surface caused by my finger tips that had been twirling slowly in the water as we spoke.

"You must feel like shit though" Paige spoke quietly and I stopped my twirling.

"Yeah" my voice cracked as I said the simple word, Paige was right I felt awful; I hadn't slept properly in days and felt exhausted from all the crying. I was thankful Paige didn't acknowledge the new tears forming in my eyes as I tried to blink them away. "I just never thought you could feel this sort of pain for so long" I admitted, shocked again by my own words and the fact I was actually letting someone, Paige, into my head.

"Was the memorial hard?" Paige asked, not darting around the subject like everyone else but asking the question directly.

"Yes" I answered. "They played this song for her" I felt a lump forming in my throat. "I just couldn't deal with it."

Paige just nodded. We sat in silence for another minute or two.

"I know you said we don't have to do this, but I really do understand how you feel" She said the words as a statement and she wasn't looking for a response from me so I didn't reply.

I thought about rolling my eyes and saying something harsh about the fact I doubted Paige knew what I felt even a little bit, but I didn't. Something about Paige's shaky tone and hardened eyes made me believe her so I paused and listened to what else she had to say.

"And I know right now you can't really talk about it properly and that's fine, but when you can you need to remember you have lots of people who care about you Emily. You're not alone." She placed a hand on mine cautiously and gave it a light squeeze.

For the first time in a long time I smiled properly, it was only small but Paige's words had affected me. Maybe she was right, I wasn't alone really.

I watched as Paige ran her fingers through the water this time, the small ripples pulling me into a trance like state.

"I've missed the pool" I admitted with a sigh.

"It's relaxing isn't it?" Paige smiled as she continued her twirling. "You should come back to practice, when you're ready. I've missed having someone who's actually a challenge to beat. Well, I guess with the amount you've been swimming lately you wouldn't be that much of a challenge" she added with a small wink in my direction.

I laughed lightly. "Don't bet on it, I could still take you" It felt nice to be joking around like this again.

"Don't YOU bet on it Fields, I've really been upping my game recently" she added with a small laugh of her own.

"We'll see" I laughed lightly again.

We sat in a comfortable silence as we watched the ripples until Paige's voice broke the silence. "Don't be a stranger okay, if you ever want someone to talk to or someone to yell at or just someone to time your laps. I'm here okay?" She smiled at me after she spoke and I felt the calm I always felt in her presence wash over me, it was similar to the way the smell of chlorine made me feel.

"Thanks" I said as Paige stood up and swung the swimming bag back over her shoulder. "What are friends for?" she replied with a smile.

"And talking of friends, I saw yours a few minutes ago looking quite worried. I realise now they were probably looking for you" She laughed lightly as I sighed.

"I'm sure you could slip out of the emergency exit" she suggested with an eyebrow raised as if she had realised I was tired of being asked how I was.

I laughed a little before I stood up to join her and shrugged. "I can't run away forever" I said.

"True" Paige nodded. "I sometimes think it would be easier though"

We stared at each other for a few seconds longer before Paige nodded "I'm going to go change, get a few laps in before my dad comes to pick me up, but I'll see you around Emily."

"Yeah, hopefully. Bye Paige" we both smiled before Paige left the gym.

For some reason I felt a little bit better, the events of the day hadn't broke me like I thought they would and talking to Paige had lightened the deep weight I had felt pressing in on my chest earlier. I took a deep breath again and headed for the doors; I should probably go and find my friends... I really couldn't run away for ever.

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