As I watched the news about how a giant rose is in middle of town, I couldn't help but ponder. I could say that is caused by magic. What else is magic is that when someone breathe the pollens of that thing, it will make two or more people fight against each other. Just then, an evil smile crept on my lips. This gave me the opportunity to spread the MW around the world. Yes, MW, the same gas that ruined my life. When it spreads around the world, everyone will die. Luckily, I got backup of the sample of the gas. Guess Father Garai didn't know I got backup in case he tries to die with it. Additionally, I looked at the figure on the TV, it's a flying figure. I can't tell who it was so I decided to head over there and get to the bottom of this. I covered the bottom half of my face with a cloth. I run towards the place with it. When I get there, I saw this floating teenage girl. Wait, not just floating, but magical. This girl has long blonde hair and wears all purple. I know her immediately. It's Pixy Misa!

Anyway, I got to spread the MW around the city by using this giant rose. I need someone to keep her busy while I do this. Just then, I noticed another magical girl and I know who she is. It's Pretty Sammy. With them fighting, I could use this as a distraction to spread the MW around the world. I know Sammy will turn things back to normal, but too bad she can't revive the ones who died with this gas. I took out a needle and took a sample of injecting MW to it. My guess is that if I do this, it will not spread the pollens anymore, but it's the MW. Just then, a news coming from the big screen of the building has just appeared.

"Breaking news," said the newswoman. "The giant rose is not spreading pollen anymore, but it's a chemical gas. Therefore, it has killed many people around in Japan. I repeat, a chemical gas coming out of the giant rose is spreading around Japan, killing many people in it!"

Looks like it goes all according to plan. I decided to run out of sight from these two magical girls. I just hid by the debris to watch the aftermath of the battle. As I know Sammy, she turns things back to normal. She turned the rose back to normal and Misa has fallen to the ground. I took follow of this. I noticed she is surrounded by magic and in her place is some girl with dark purple hair and wearing her school uniform.

I can't believe this. Misa is just a shy girl? Interesting. I thought. I noticed Sammy goes to her and calls her name, Misao. Misao, huh? What a nice name.

When she looks at her baton, she now knows the truth. Sammy turned back to normal. Well, sort of. She's just wearing a costume in transformed state. Misao calls her name, Sasami. I took upon witnessing these young girls shocked by the discovery of their magical girl identities. Suddenly, Misao teleported away from this place to who knows where. As Sasami cries, I went closer to her for a conversation of this event.

"Hey," I started. "What happened?"

"I lost my best friend," was the reply I could get out of her. By the look on her face, she's in tears.

Your best friend, huh? Well, that's quite interesting.

"Anyway," I said in a gentle voice to comfort her as I touched her right shoulder. "Why don't you go look for her. If you do, you might be able to rekindle your relationship to her. By the way, I saw what happened and I know who you two really are. Nevertheless, I promised to keep this a secret."

"What are you going to do?" Sasami started to ask me.

"I'll find some way to make clear of what happened. You just go ahead."

As Sasami stood up in courage and left the debris, I make an evil smile on my face.

Too bad you two are going to find death sooner or later.