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A shrill rang in the room but it was quieted by a loud crash.

A lazy arm retracted from the now shattered alarm clock back under the duvet. A few minutes passed before a sigh erupted from the being under the duvet and a brunettes head popped from under the covers. The creature rubbed it eyes, got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom but before that it removed it's long mahogany hair out it's face to reveal tired but beautiful sapphire eyes. The creature was roughly 5,6 and had a feminine stature so let us all just say it is female.

She quickly took a shower and prepared for the day. She placed her light pair of glasses which made her eyes seem much lighter almost grey even and tied her long mahogany locks. She rushed down the flight of stairs and hurried into the kitchen. She greeted a tall man(1) with black hair and similar eyes as her. She drank her tea and ran out the kitchen with toast in her mouth but before she could reach the door the man said,

" Have a nice day at school," with humor in his deep voice.

" Thanks Dad, you too " was her reply.

She finished her toast as she neared the bus stop and waited for a yellow school bus. It arrived about five minutes later and it opened the doors for her. She entered and waved at the bus driver. She then went through seats even though some were empty. You may wonder why she did this but to fill in your curiousity she was searching for a certain green haired male . She saw his face which was looking outside the window and stood beside the empty chair next to him and cleared her throat in an over dramatic way and smiled down at him .

He looked up at the intruder and smirked at her actions.

" Well hello Miss, how can I help you, " he asked with his smooth but slightly deep voice.

" Well Sir since you asked I was wondering if this vacant chair next to you is taken, " she replied with a good imitation of a posh British accent.

" I'm sorry but it is reserved for Misaki Suzuhara unless that is if you are her. "

" Then I should be taking my reserved seat then. "

" Then you should, " he said with humor lacing his every word.

She sat down and they stared at each other for a while not even noticing the bus had started moving again. After a few more moments they bursted into a fit of chuckles not wanting to disturb the others on the bus.

" Hey you," said the male while bumping fists with other.

" Hey to you too and I thought I had a name last time I checked, " was her reply.

" Sorry I meant to say-ahem- Hello Misaki."

" Hello Ohjirou, " was Misakis reply.

" How are you ? "

" Okay, okay thats enough greetings for one day. "

" You still haven't answered my question, " he sing songed.

She just rolled her eyes at his antics and looked forward with a soft smile in her face. She imagined them together running in the mall holding hand and all that fluffy stuff. She then saw them in park alone and his handsome face nearing hers and just when their lips were about to touch she was interupted by someone saying,

" Hello! Earth to Misaki. We arrived at school so lets go! "

She realised it was Ohjirou who said it. Her crush, her secret love but most of all her best friend for as far back as when they played in sand boxes in daipers.

" Okay, " was her usual reply .

They got off the bus an headed for the big building which had the words ' Angelic High ' at the entrance. And that is just the beginning of a normal day for Misaki Suzuhara.

(1) That is her dad . I put him instead of her mom as an expiriment I haven't decided on his name but that is for you to decipher that is if you think I should continue the story.

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