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"YOU WORTHLESS FREAK!" was all Harry heard as he flew through the air caused by the backhander to his face and felt his shoulder blade and collar bone break as it made contact with the kitchen cabinets.

"DID YOU THINK WE WOULDN'T FIND OUT!" Kicks to his stomach and ribs followed by his hair being grabbed and made to face his uncle. "Your dear Headmaster sent us a letter telling us all about how your murdering godfather was killed and it's all your fault!" the delighted whisper and gleeful look was all Harry needed to tell him it was true.

Closing his eyes he did nothing to prevent the beating that followed. He wasn't sure when Dudley joined in but he knew he could feel more than one set of hands and feet on him until it all just faded into pain, all he could feel was pain everywhere. Then with awareness slowly returning he was on his bed face down with his hands and feet tied to the four corners and naked, at that he began to tug at his restraints and turning his head he saw Vernon entering the room with a whip and he began to struggle in earnest.

"Please don't." it came out as a whisper but still Vernon heard it and just chuckled. "Boy I've been waiting to do this for years and now even your precious headmaster has given me free reign." the smile that spread across his face made Harry want to whimper but he just hid his face as he heard the whistle of the whip.

What followed left his back raw and bloody and he was sure it had gone to the bone in some places. At first he had tried not to cry out but after five minutes he gave up and screamed out all his pain and anguish leaving his throat raw. Thinking it was over he let himself begin to relax but only very slowly as his uncle had yet to leave the room.

His mind began to drift until he heard what sounded like a zip being undone and stiffened as the bed dipped drastically. The heavy panting he could hear only made it worse especially when he felt something against his bottom and a moan escaped the man above him. "I've wanted to do this for so long and now I can have you, all of you."

"Please, no, stop," Harry chanted to himself even after his uncle thrust inside tearing him and making him scream again and with each thrust he still chanted, "no, no, no, no..." until his voice had given out and he felt the burn of Vernon's release. Wanting an escape he let the blackness take him.

As Vernon was leaving the room he saw a white light begin to cover Harry and he backed against the wall and watched, terrified it would come after him, it grew so bright that he had to close his eyes and then it was gone. Opening his eyes again he saw the blood and the ropes he had used to tie his nephew, but no Harry, he was just gone. There and then he made a decision, the Dursley's no longer existed, they were moving away and changing their names. With that decided he left the room to tell his wife not once wondering what could have happened to his nephew.

Harry awoke to being surrounded by a white nothing unable to move but he could sense a great presence. "Do not be afraid. We have taken you from that place and they will not harm you again." the voice sounded form all around him and sounded like chimes sounding in a light breeze. "You have a choice to make but first you must see the hearts of those in yours."

He was then surrounded by images of false happiness and concern from all those he called friend. Closing his eyes and turning his head away he realised Remus and Tonks were not among them. Asking the question aloud he received the answer, he had on a certain level already known, they had died just two days previously on a mission for Dumbledore. He was shown why and that only saddened him further as it was for defending him at an Order meeting along with Moody, Kingsleigh and to his surprise Snape but they were either dead or would be soon if Dumbledore had anything to do with it.

"What decision would you have me make?" was all he asked. The grim response, "You must chose between your world and another. They both have a Dark Lord that you have been prophesied to kill but one is damned to darkness from the actions of another no matter what you do but for the other there is still hope but only if you choose. You are dying from your wounds, your choice is simple die or live a new life in another world fighting a new Dark Lord."

It was not a hard decision for him to make, there was nothing left for him in his old world and even through his depression he knew for all his wishing he didn't really want to die. He opened his eyes when he felt the presence had moved closer and was faced with an image of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but he realised this was no human but from the ageless figure to the eyes older than he thought possible he concluded she must be an elf.

"Who are you?" the question drew a light chuckle from the one he was facing."I have been known by many names but the elves I borrow my shape from call me Yavana." this was said with affection towards said elves obvious in her tone, "If you have chosen as I believe then I will tell you what I can of where you will be going."

"That would probably be helpful, knowing at least a little of the situation I'm going to be going into headfirst." he felt his lips pull into a lopsided grin, which was then answered by a gentle smile form Yavana. "I am afraid that what happened to you has caused irreversible damage to your vocal cords and when you reach Middle-Earth you will be unable to talk, but I have given you a gift that will help, all you need do is have skin contact with the person you wish to communicate with and they will hear you in their mind. Also I have done what I can to save you but I cannot heal your wounds all I can do is change you slightly to give you a better chance. I have made you an elf, but not a normal one, you will have the power of all the elements as well as your wandless magic you have now but slightly stronger."

"Thank you. But could you tell me about what's happening in...um..." he couldn't remember the name she had said before.

"The land is called Middle-Earth. Many years ago a Dark Sorcerer named Sauron cast rings of great power he gave them to the men and elves of the land but kept the most powerful one for himself. These rings held dark magic and unknowing of the fact the men and elves changed became infected with the darkness and Sauron was able to control them. Darkness descended and took over the land, races once at peace with each other began killing, not just warriors but women and children, young and old with no discrimination. Then the leaders with the rings died but still they walked, they became known as the Nasgul or ring wraiths, beings of pure darkness and hate and the servants to Sauron. The elves and men rebelled and joined forces against the darkness and in the final battle King Elendil's sword was broken as he was killed and his son took up the broken shard and cut the finger off Saurons hand therefore removing the ring which was keeping him alive. But the new King of men became enthralled by the ring and instead of casting it into the depths of Mount Doom, where it was forged, he kept it for himself leading to his death."

Taking a slight pause she continued, "From there it came into the possession of a hobbit, they are small of stature but live for many years, who is now six hundred and from him to another halfling by the name of Bilbo Baggins who just last week celebrated his one hundred and eleventh birthday. He has given the ring to his nephew a young Frodo Baggins who now travels to Rivendale with a few companions as he has been advised by a good friend Gandalf a wizard that uses very different magic from your own."

Suddenly she stopped moving all together and her eyes held a faraway look, Harry wondered what was going on then realised she was listening to something he could not hear. Once her eyes had returned to the here and now she smiled sadly at him, "I'm afraid our time here is over but one last word of warning all the knowledge of how to fight with magic, the elements and weaponry found in Middle-Earth have been put into your mind all you need do is practice a few times and it will be as if you had studied them for years. I hope you can find that which was missing from your life before. Good luck my child."

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