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Danny always loved Christmas. This one was particularly special, knowing that somewhere in America, Nicholas would be alive and well, celebrating Christmas eve with his colleagues and new friends. Despite wishing that he could be there with him, Danny was happy for his friend. Just knowing that he was alive made the sergeant smile. Right now, the Andies were probably down the pub, Tony would be spending time with his family and Doris was off in Edinburgh with that Jerry... a grocery boy and a policewoman (officer!), what a match. Danny, in the meantime, was spending some well-deserved alone time. With a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other, he sat on the sofa and flicked on the sports channel. Just as he had got comfortable, the doorbell rang. Danny rolled his eyes and groaned in irritation. Typical. It was probably the Andies, drunk, coming to piss him off. Or maybe some kids playing knock and run. Or maybe even the Andies playing knock and run. Either way, he was going to give them a piece of his mind.

The doorbell went for a second time as he was approaching it.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming!" He reached out and opened the door, ready to hurl any and all profanities at the creator of the disturbance, however froze as he saw who stood in front of him.

"Hey, Danny."

"Nicholas?" Danny's eyes widened and Benji had to laugh.

"Well, are you gonna just stand there gawking or can I come in? I'm freezing my arse off here."

"Oh! Yeah, come in." Danny stepped aside and let his friend in, shutting the door before throwing his arms around him. "It's good to see you Nicholas."

"It's good to see you too, Danny." Benji stepped back from the hug and reached into his bag. "I brought you something, but I figured you could open it tonight." He handed a wrapped gift to him and smiled as Danny's eyes lit up.

"You shouldn't have!" Danny grinned and Benji followed suit.

"Yeah, well. I've missed a few birthdays and Christmas'. Felt like I should make up for it." He watched as Danny eagerly ripped open the paper to reveal a brand new DVD.

"Lethal Weapon 4?" Danny looked back up, his mouth wide in a mixture of shock and happiness.

"Well, I figured you couldn't leave that gap in your box set forever. Besides, I thought we could watch it tonight."

"Thanks, Nicholas!" Danny pulled him into another hug and Benji smiled. He hasn't realised just how much he had missed Danny's company. But he didn't have to miss it any more.


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