Flash of Green

By Sasuke Uchiha

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!

Planets: Oa, Earth, and other planets.

Chapter one: New Start

A young 17 year old male was standing over a stream; his father was taking out survival camping out in the forest. He splashes some water on his face, letting out a sigh in frustration. It was so humid today, feeling he was going to die in the forest by humid than surviving. "Raikou what is taking you so long to bring back some water?" His father called after him.

"I'm getting it, hold your pants." He called back before grabbing the canteen and fills the canteen up with the stream water. He gotten to his feet, he brushed his hand over his knees to brush away the dirt and chips of wood. He turns and rushes back towards camp.

He tossed the canteen into the air; his father caught the canteen into his hand and smiled. "Come here, I am going to teach you how get water to be clean and drinkable." He said towards him.

"But I already know how to get clean water." He protested with a pout crossing his expression.

"Oh don't be bad sports, just let your father teach you." His father said. His father was Hal Jordan, though he was clueless that his father was a Green Lantern, a protector of the universe.

"Fine, you win I guess." He said with defeat before sitting down next to him close to the cackling fire. He watches few sparks lit the air.

"Now, listen." He said, explaining about that needed a pot or pan or anything metallic that can resist heat and able to get hot and boil water. He explains after it boils to wait 10 minutes at least before taking the water out. Then let it shimmer and cool down before drinking.

Raikou already knew this but allowed his father to explain it to him anyways. He nodded lightly and gestured that he understands.

The sun was starting to fall, setting up tents and sleeping bags. Lock the cooler from any bears that will try to get into them and eat their food supplies. The sound of crickets chirped into the night time air. His father went to bed early, though he remained awake.

He looked to the sky before seeing something in the sky before it was getting closer and right over his head before hearing a distance quiet crash. He got up to his feet, running towards the source of the crash. He pushes his way through the brushes, twigs snapping and leafs on the ground rustling at his feet.

He peered over a tree, watching a blue glowing display case with weird shaped wings. Was this an airplane government trying to make? He thought before going closer to the source with his eyes narrowed in suspicion and curiosity.

He heard a muffled voice from inside, ducking his head slightly not wanting to be seen. Then a ball of green light jets out though it stops before darting towards him. "Crap." He thought before turning and runs into the forest. He felt the green ball hit against his back before it wraps around him.

He throws himself forward, though it caught him. He lets out a gasp and a groan, confusion filling his mind. He was pulled from the ground, darting through the trees before being released in front of the alien ship. He panted heavily, his hand pressed against the soil, pushing some twigs aside. "Boy…" The male voice muffled out towards him.

He looked up, his eyes meeting with the alien life humanoid. Red skin, was this dude from Mars or something? He thought but gotten to his feet and approaches with wariness. He watches the alien male remove his ring and hesitantly held it towards Raikou. "Take this, son of Hal Jordan. Speak the…oath and take responsibility." The male said with weak breathing.

He looked to the red skin colored male. "What is your name?" He asked with wariness, taking the ring with hesitation.

"Felix Nidrix." He replied to Raikou calmly, his breathing raspy and slow.

"I am Raikou Jordan. Just take deep breathes; we'll get you to a hospital." Raikou said with his eyes wide in confusion. Before he could say anything else, Felix body went limp and still, no breathe left its red flushed lips. "Hey, don't die on me." He said before shaking Felix limp body which gave no response. He blinks to notice the male now naked, where did the strange green armor go to? He thought.

He grabs the green lantern not having a clue of what it is. He held the ring in his hand before placing it on his middle right finger. He got out of the strange ship, looking at the alien before taking off into the forest. He searched for the camp site but could not find it. He grunts before planting himself beneath a large Oak tree. He placed the lantern on the ground and stares at it.

"What in the world is the Oath?" He asked to himself before poking the glowing center lightly. He lets out a sigh and rubbed the back of his neck. He held his hand, the ring inches from the glass glowing surface. "I pledge alliance to America, one nation, one liberty, one god, and justice for all?" He said getting no response. He frowns in response.

He tried a few but snapped and swung his fist towards the lantern, the ring tapping the glass which glowed brightly which he pulled his hand away with his eyes wide. His iris was originally a pale reddish color with a black ring around it.

"In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's light." He said in a trance like voice, before the light disappears and blinks a few times. He rubbed his forehead in confusion before picking up the lantern. He gotten to his feet and took off into the forest, sniffing the air, smoke, well camp fire smoke. He grows closer and closer till he found the camp.

He sighs in relief before sneaking into his tent without causing his father to wake up. He stuffed the lantern into his backpack and closes it not wanting it to be seen. He crawls into his sleeping bag, forgetting to remove his ring. He listens to the crickets for a few minutes before falling asleep slowly.

He woke up slowly, moister in the air clinging to his face and arms. He pulled his hands close to his chest, breathing softly. His father was already up and tending the camp fire, pouring water over the camp fire. His father moved to Raikou's tent and spoke. "Wake up, son! Time to wake up!" Hal said in a calm deep voice.

He moaned in response. "I'm awake." He said tiredly before sitting up, rubbing his left hand over his head. The ring was in his right middle finger. "Today heading back?" He asked with a faint smile on his face.

"Yup, time to go home." He said calmly before moving away his stuff already packed together.

Raikou got out of his sleeping bag, shaking his moist hair lightly. He kicked down the tent, placing it together easily, it wasn't difficult at all. He stuffed the tent into a tent bag, and then grabbed his backpack tossing it over his shoulder lightly.

He got everything packed and ready to go. "I am set and go." He said having his right hand hidden in his pants pocket. Hal turned and glance at him. "Alright, let's get moving." He replied. Raikou nodded before traveling north, knowing his way around the forest and exact location of the car. His father was keeping up with him easily. "Hey Dad, do you think aliens exist?" He asked lightly.

"I believe there are other life forms out in space. But I have never seen one." Hal said. "Why did you ask this?" He asked a question himself.

"Oh, just had a funny dream about aliens." He said with a light chuckle. "I am acting like children don't me?" He said with an innocent smile. His eyes focused in the forest, distracted about that red skin colored male that died for unknown reason. He the lantern in his backpack feels like a million pounds of burden but brushed it off.

"Ah, dreams can be random." Hal said before spotting the car. He loaded his stuff in the back. Raikou placed his tent bag into the back also and cooler. He got into the passenger side, placing his backpack near the door of his side. His father soon got into the car also, turning the ignition on before backing out from the parking spot and into the highway.

"You look distracted, is something bothering you? You can tell me anything." Hal asked in a worried tone. Raikou eyes glanced towards him. "Last night, you were asleep. But something came down from the sky and crashed. It was probably meteorite or an asteroid. I sneaked out; the thing that crashed looked like alien spaceship from those comic books." He explained pausing for a moment. His father was listening.

"I stayed my distance and waited. I saw movement, so I approached and saw this strange human thing, either been on mars too much or turned all red by some disease. It was dying, he was dying. His name was Felix Nedrix. Apparently the alien knows who I am and knows you. It tried to say something, but died before able to speak them out. I didn't know what to do so I left, not sure if the government was doing some freaky experiment. So I head off and got lost. I sat under a tree for a short break before heading back to the camp." He explained calmly.

Hal looked at him with a raised brow. "Ah, alright, you've must've been tired." He said to Raikou. "Though your fine and that's all it matters." He said with a warm smile on his face.

Raikou smiled back and looked out the window watching the trees and such pass by. He glances down to where his pocket, knows he was wearing the ring. He blinks to see blink two times beneath the pocket. He was confused before looking out the window. "WATCH OUT!" He yelled before grabbing the steering wheel and pushing it to the left quickly. The car swerves before explosion occurred throwing the car up into the air.

Raikou eyes widen, though he felt adrenaline pumping through his veins. The car slams into the ground, before rolling over on the ground a few times before skidding into a ditch before becomes still. Raikou panted heavily, his blurred vision looked up to see Hal out cold on the seat with a deep gash wound in his shoulder.

Raikou kicked his feet into the window, which shattered. He grabbed his father pulling him out the wreckage. He grabbed his backpack and places it over his back. "Dad! Hold on!" He said in a worried tone. He looked to the sky to see the helicopter approaching before seeing a missile launched towards them. He crouched over his father in a protective manner, his body tensing. Then suddenly a green shield forms around him and his father before the missile explodes into the shield.

Raikou eyes were close, he was panting heavily. He opened his eyes, glancing down at his body to see he was in skin tight suite, which there a line everywhere was all starting in the center which was shape of a lantern and glowing around it. He also has a mask over his eyes. "Holy green." He said out in shock. He has gotten to his feet before looking towards the helicopter with a glare. He wasn't sure what to do, though another missile was launched towards him. He swung his right fist forward, which green jet of light moves forward swiftly before wrapping around the missile before it explodes but the green willpower kept the explosion inside.

He thinks of flight before feeling his feet off the ground. He blinks before grinning he flies forward at the helicopter. He punched through the windshield, the pilot inside eyes widen in fear. He grabs the pilot and pulls him out the shattered windshield. "Please forgive me! It was just orders!" The pilot pleaded. The helicopter spun in the air before it crashed to the ground with a sickening crunch then large explosion. He flies down towards the ground before dropping the pilot on the grass.

His foot touches the ground before walking towards his father. He saw his father wake up and groan from the pain. "Don't move." He said to Hal calmly. Hal blurred vision looked up to the voice, seeing green. "Green Lantern…?" His voice said weakly. Raikou blinks and nodded before using his willpower ability to suspend Hal in the air. Raikou flew up into the air with Hal flying along beside him. "Just relax, don't get tense." He said calmly before making his way through the forest and into the busy city.

He finds the hospital soon, landing onto the ground, before gently placing Hal to his feet. He grabbed Hal's arm and pulled over his shoulder. He helps his father get inside the hospital. "Excuse me, I need help. He got injured in a car accident." He spoke out loudly before a nurse came and gently took the injured man and get him in the emergency room.

Raikou frowns before leaving the hospital, flying up into the sky not sure where to go. Green energy swarms around his body, making his body unable to be self-controlled. He was force to fly into outer space, going in high speed before his right hand shot forward entering some kind of mini galaxy before everything was clouded.

He blinked his watery eyes, seeing the planet which seems to green light spurting out some parts of the planet. He felt himself go out cold, exhausted and tired by the event.

He waked up few hours later, his eyes opening wide to examine his surroundings. He sat up quickly, making his head spin but ignored the throbbing pain in his head. He got out of bed thing, stretching his limbs. He looked around before walking forward hesitantly. He jumped to hear a voice and turned ready to fight before blinking to see a fish looking humanoid. "Uhh..." He said lightly.

"Hello there, seems you're doing well?" He asked with a small smile. Raikou cleared his throat and straighten himself up. "Yea. But you're a talking fish…" He said with a confused expression. The male fish looking humanoid chuckled in amusement. "Comparing me to your earth species?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Uhh…" He said quietly. "Well, no, well yes." He said with an embarrassment crossing his expression. He chuckled and shook his head in amusement. "I am Felidia Fenix." He introduced himself, sector of 0123-" He was interrupted by Raikou. "On the edge of the milky way galaxy, planet Soviea." He said before blinking in confusion. "How did I just know that?" He said with his brows furrowed down.

Felidia chuckled at his response. "Just like his father, said practically the same thing." He commented lightly. "But the rings will grant some of the knowledge of the universe." He said lightly.

Raikou eyes widen. "I need to go back; can I come back in another time? My father is wounded and under attacked. I promise to return." He said in a tense tone. Felidia went to protest but was shoved by Raikou who hurried out the hall. Felidia chased after him but was grabbed by Sinestro. "Leave him, he'll come back." The deep voice said calmly. Felidia nodded and sighs to himself.

Raikou took off into the sky, still having the backpack strapped over his back. He moves through the familiar path, before passing through making it to Earth. He looked at nearby satellites, two astronauts stares towards him. He waves with a chuckle before flying down towards the earth surface.

He flew down towards the hospital, learning where his father room was. He descends near the window, pushing the window open then climbing inside. He touches his feet on the ground. He blinked thinking of how to get the suit off. "Hello?" His father said towards him. Oh crap, he didn't know his father was awake.

He cleared his throat. "Hey." He said trying to make his voice deep. Hal knows that it was Raikou but he playfully allow Raikou to believe he has no clue that he was. "You alright?" He asked him.

"Yes I am fine, it was just a flesh wound, and it'll heal up in no time." Hal said with a gentle smile tugging on his face. Raikou sighs in relief that his father alright and kicking.

"Then I am glad you are alright." He said carefully, staring at Hal carefully with a patient expression.

"Do you think you can fool me, Raikou?" Hal stated with a slight smirk appearing on his lips.

Raikou blinks in surprise and spoke. "How did you know it was me?" He asked with a raised brow. "Because you are my son, I would know what you look like, including your red hair." Hal said with amusement in his tone. Raikou shrugged and sat in the chair beside him. "I guess." He said, poking his ring lightly. "Wait could only one on this planet is a lantern?" He asked. "Felidia knows you so I guess you were one of them. But why did they choice me?" He asked his father with a sigh. "Because you are like me, you might have feared deep inside, but you can overcome the fear. But you are always reckless even you know you are scared, you do it cause outsmarting death." He explained to him.

"I just do it because I can overcome the fear or simply ignore the anxiety/fear. I do them and would not back out my words. Even on the day of the incident." He mumbles beneath his lip and looked away. Hal patted his hand over his shoulder and smiled. "I'll be fine. I'll heal up and met you at Oa." He said with a warm smile.

He was hesitating at first, his eyes staring at him before moving to the window. "Get some rest, Dad. You need it." He said in a calm tone before he leaps out the window and into the air. He glances over his shoulders before shooting out into space right past the satellite with a small reassuring smile on his expression. He heads towards the spinning tiny looking galaxy, going right through the center as he takes a shortcut towards Oa.

He was out the wormhole/shortcut path, stopping in the middle of space staring at the planet quietly. He was a little nervous since he has no clue what to expect or learn of anything. He flies down towards the planet, looking at the jet of green lights that was flickering and steaming out from the planet. He follows the familiar path that he left, not having any idea before landing onto a platform, couple of feet from the door that leads to the room he was awakened not very long ago.

No one was here, how sad, he thought to himself before glancing around his surrounding before spotting some kind of tower with strange crown design shape. He shrugged to himself, probably holy relic that the people rely on. He brushed his hair out of his eyes before feeling the platform shake suddenly with a loud metallic thunk. He blinks a few times, his eyes wide as he turned to see what it was.

His eyes went wide to see a large tall, large muscular figure, another alien that almost pig like with strange shape mouth, which on either side of the low jaw was curved gums or horns. Along with the upper jaw, that is more pointed and sits beside the lower jaw horns/gums. He stared with a dumbfounded expression.

"What's with the dumb look?" The deep rumbling voice spoke out towards him. He looks to the figure with a raised brow. "Nothing. I should've better prepared myself to see more…aliens." He said in a quiet tone. The figure chuckled and walked towards him which Raikou warily stepped back uneasily, standing close to the edge. "You scared boy?" The rumbling stern voice asked.

"Why would I fear a big guy like you, when I could defend and fight to protect myself? I do not fear death, because death stands right next to everyone every second, waiting and waiting till your very last breath leave your lips. I might have fear but at least I can reassure myself that fears can be overcome. All you and everyone need to do is try to their hardest and ignore the fear that taints them. They can believe in it, but if you're in a fight, do not show fear or mercy. Mercy is the sign of fear but not always. I did plenty of stunts that I feared but did I show that fear? No, because I am stubborn and show I have guts and able to overcome it." He explained with a glare of his expression.

"You have one big mouth, but you speak well, boy. But action speaks bigger than words. I will be your combat trainer." He said in a deep rumbling voice. "The name is Kilowog, I already know who you are. I've seen you were a little baby though you probably don't remember since you were so young." He said with a snickering sound.