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Loki you Big Jerk!

"Good bye, Ms. Mira! See you tomorrow." The blond girl beside the huge guild door joyfully yelled while swaying her arms sideways merrily as she turned her back away from her friend and ran away carrying her umbrella.

"Bye, Lucy. Be careful on your way home!" The pretty white-haired maiden replied with a sweet smile. She can hear a faint 'okay' coming from her retreating comrade who immediately disappeared as the door slams shut behind her.

Lucy ran as quickly as she could while avoiding the mud puddles. She can't afford to waste another cute skirt by splashing in those dirty disgusting mixture of water and soil and sometimes…with brown funky smelling odd shaped thing that is definitely not chocolate (A.N. you know what I mean?). But she really need to rush to the market or else she wouldn't have any dinner and breakfast to eat. The celestial mage ran and ran with all the energy left from her earlier missions with Natsu, the girly colored-haired, squinty-eyed, monster-like teeth, noisy boy who ate all her stuffs in her fridge. 'Now…what do I need? Milk and cheese for my pasta, sweet carrots and fresh lettuce for the vegetable salad, gravy for the roasted chicken, chocolate hotcake mix with maple syrup, and most of all…my favorite strawberry covered chocolate with some sprinkles.' Lucy can hear her stomach growl in hunger as she thought of the food. Aaah…those edible things…those things that fills anyone's tummy…those things that satisfies ones hunger…food…oh, delicious food…wait a minute…What is this yucky feeling I felt just now?

"Eeew! Gross." She spat in disgust when she tried to look down. She found herself slowly sinking in the deep bubbly mud between a large crack from a broken tile. Her boot was being eaten by her least favorite thing in the world. She tried to pull her foot up but it won't even budge. "Great! It's cold…I'm wet…I'm stuck…I'm hungry…And to make things worse…The store is going to close in few minutes! I am the unluckiest girl in the world!" Lucy yelled in a frustrated manner. "What else can make things uglier at this moment…?" She sighed heavily.

After another attempt to free herself from the mud, she heard a loud engine roar from her back. She turned her head to see what created the deafening noise. As she saw what it was, her eyes dilated in horror when she saw an uncontrolled truck coming towards her. She threw her umbrella away and tried to remove her foot from the boot but instead of being free, the tiles moved and squished her ankle and she sank deeper. She felt an electrifying pain from her hurt ankle. She started to cry as the truck came nearer and nearer. She shouted for help but no one answered. Feeling hopeless and very scared, Lucy closed her eyes. All she can do is wait for a loud crash but all she can heard were rocks being mashed below her.

The young mage's eyes were still tightly shut with her small hands covering her mouth. Suddenly, she heard a familiar manly huff and she smelled familiar cologne. She hardly opened her sore eyes only to see herself being carried by a pair of strong hands owned by a strawberry-blond haired man in black sharp black suit looking at her with a smile.

"Are you alright, Princess?" He asked in a soothing voice. His soft breathing made Lucy calmed enough to answer but his seductive smile made her nervous once more.

"I-I-I think I-I'm okay for n-now." She looked up straight to his green orbs and her body uncontrollably shakes. Tears started to flow from her eyes even harder than before. She can't breathe properly because of her chocking. And before she even notice, her arms involuntary wrapped around her savior's neck. She buried her rain-soaked face on his chest and sob.

"Now, now…stop crying for your Prince is here! There's no need to be scared. It's all done. But the freaky part is…there's no driver. The truck moved by its o-." His sentence was cut by a soft gurgled voice on his chest.

"Thank you, Loki." The worked up girl whispered.

The man smiled and bowed his head to level her ear. "Hey, Princess? Don't be angry to what I will tell you, okay?" He seductively said in a purr-like voice that made Lucy shiver. She can feel her face become hot but she was able to nod as her reply.

Loki adjusted his mistress from his arms and huffed loudly. "I think you are getting heavier each time I carry you. You are still sticking on your diet, aren't you?" He teased.

The celestial mage quickly pulled her head away from the spirit's chest and glared at him. Her eyes seem to be better than before but they were still scary whenever she wanted to. "You do know how I hate it when others mock my weight. Do you want me to peel your annoying face off your brainless head?" She stated in a threatening tone.

He gulped nervously and a sweat drop appeared from Loki's temples. "A-Aaaw come on now, Princess. You wouldn't…" He pleaded with his matching puppy eyes.

Lucy stared at him for a while with a pout. After few heartbeats, her shoulders began to shake and her hands covered her mouth. She seemed to be trying to stop herself from giggling but it didn't work. She burst into laughter...the lion spirit smiled.

"Hahahahah…oh my gosh!...oh my gosh…oh my…hahah…oh my Ankle! Ouch!" She stopped laughing to reach for her injured ankle. She rubbed it few times before she face again to her friend. "Sheesh…it's your fault for making me laugh! I can't believe that a lion can make such puppy eyes. Geez…"

"At least I made milady (A.N. I don't know if it should be 'my lady' or 'milady'…sorry if I had some mistakes) laugh again. Now I am satisfied for today. Seeing your smile made my life complete." Loki smoothly said.

Lucy turned her head aside to avoid the stellar spirit to see her blush by what he said. "Whatever…Can you put me down now please? I don't want to make the 'prince' suffer because of my heavy weight." She stressed the word 'prince' to mock him. Unfortunately, he didn't obey his master. He nervously look on the sky from they're shade before she heard him sigh in relief. He bended his knees and told Lucy to hold on him tight. Not giving her a chance to reply, he quickly jumped to the air and land on top of a tall building and jump to another building to building until they are half-way to Lucy's apartment. Loki stopped jumping when he heard his passenger whispered something.

"Is something wrong, Princess?" He asked.

"W-What the heck?" The girl stuttered while staring on space. "H-How dare you?" She yelled on him angrily.

"Don't worry…I will not drop you." Loki calmly said to her.

"I don't care if you drop me! I can manage myself!" She shouted on his surprised face. He had never seen her that angry before.

"Then why are you so angry?" He replied smoothly trying not to sound affected.

"You left my umbrella! What if a thunder storm came?" She yelled.

"P-Pardon me?" Loki barely asked. Yup…he had never seen her that angry before…for an umbrella.

Lucy seemed to snapped out and realized what she had just done. She too looks so surprised from herself. "S-Sorry, Loki. I didn't mean to yell. I-It's just…" She paused.

"…." The boy patiently waited for the girl to finish her sentence.

"Never mind…disregard all the things that I had just said. Just take me to my apartment." She finally said as she looked down in embarrassment.

"You look as adorable as ever, Princess." The formally dressed man soothingly stated. Lucy's face turned completely red so she hid it with her hair.

After few more houses of being jumped on, they finally reached they're destination. Loki only let go of his mistress when they already inside. He placed Lucy in her soft couch and told her to sit still. He kneeled down and pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped it around her hurt ankle. She cringed a bit but the pain slowly vanishes. His gentle touch made her feel better in lightning speed. He made a cute little bow as a finishing touch for his good work.

"There! It's done milady. Feel any better?" Loki gently asked as he stood up on his feet. "You should take a bath right now if you don't want to be sick. You're so wet, Princess."

"Thank you so much, Loki. You are always there whenever I need some help." Lucy sweetly said. She looked down on her soaked clothes and ruined boots. "Ugh! I really need to buy new clothes and boots…and a nice big thunder-proof umbrella…" She frowned.

"What's the big deal with this umbrella? Why do you want it that bad?" Loki asked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. He gave her an I-will-not-go-unless-you-tell-it-to-me look.

Lucy had never seen him so serious before. "I-I am scared of the…" She stated in a nervous manner.

"Scared of what, Mistress?" A new voice suddenly appeared from the shadows of the kitchen. The two turned their head to where the voice came from.

"Virgo? Is that you?" Lucy asked. Hoping it was her so that she can escape hers and Loki's topic.

"It is me, Mistress. I came here with a medicine kit from the Astral Plane because I sensed you're in need. Will I be punished?" Virgo stated while handing the kit to her key holder.

"Uhmn, Virgo? Can you go with me tomorrow? I need assistance for my shopping spree tomorrow. Pretty please?" Lucy pleaded.

"Certainly, Mistress. Shall I treat your injury properly?" The maid spirit offered.

"Oh, okay." The celestial mage leaned her back on her couch. But she felt uneasy. She feels like she forgot something. Something important. Something she didn't expect herself to forget it. Not wanting to be bothered more, she just shook the thought off.

She watched Virgo treat her ankle carefully. As careful as a mother, she thought. Once the spirit was done, she stood up, cleaned her things, and bid good bye as she disappeared with a poof. Lucy sighed in relief as she tried to move her foot round and round. She was really amazed on how good her two spirits treat wounds. Speaking of which…where is the other spirit? Maybe he returned to his own world already? But without even not saying good bye? It is not like him to do that.

She stood up slowly and went straight to the bathroom to take a short bath. Then, she decided to go upstairs to breathe some fresh air from the roof top. The first thing she saw was a beautiful sun ready to set. 'Oh, it's already evening! And I haven't even bought any food. I'll just skip dinner.' She thought while her tummy growled in disagreement.

"Don't be stubborn tummy. Look at you! I do need a diet. I can't imagine myself as a fat lady you know." She said while pointing on her stomach. But it didn't stop growling so she hugs herself like a hungry beggar.

"You really took it serious when I mock you about your weight? I'm just joking you." A husky voice said from the stairs behind Lucy.

The celestial mage jumped in surprise as she turned around to see her 'missing' spirit. "L-Loki! What are you still doing here?" She stuttered.

"Do you really think that I will leave you without saying good bye?" He asked smoothly with a smile.

"Uhmmn…not really….yeah….sort of…" Lucy barely said while managing herself to smile fakely.

"You are really honest sometimes, Princess." He laughed.

"What do you mean by sometimes?" She pouted. A blush sneaked up her face by his laugh. "By the way…I didn't saw you earlier. Where were you?" She asked.

"I just went outside to do an errand." Loki replied while he leaned down to pick up something from the stairs. "Here you go." He happily reached to his mistress a paper bag full of food.

Lucy's eyes twinkled as she took the bag from his lion friend. "Food! Yey! We can survive, tummy!..." The girl cheered.

"…." Loki covered his mouth with both of his hands to stop himself from laughing.

"Ughhhh…uhmmmmn….cough…cough…I mean…Thank you so much." The young mage turned red in embarrassment. But thankfully, she can still talk. "H-How did you k-know that I need 'this'?" She asked. Still fuming red.

The boy fixed his blue-tinted glass with his finger to regain his coolness amidst of his unstoppable humor. "I heard your 'tummy' yelling for help. You shouldn't torture your body like that. Boy…I've never heard such loud growl coming from a stomach. You, my Princess, outranked a mighty lion's growl. I congratulate you." Loki teased while posing to salute his mistress by standing straight and raising his hand leveled to his forehead. But he really can't stop from giggling. He burst into laughter while hugging his stomach for support. (A.N. Can you imagine Loki like that? I think he will look so adorable.)

"Why you…I'll gonna tear your stupid face right now!" Lucy angrily shouted as she placed her 'food' down and started to sway her hands crazily to snatch Loki's face but he was able to duck all her attacks.

He jumped back with great distance to avoid his key holder then he raised a hand. "Good bye, Princess. I had a great day with you. Thank you! See 'ya later!" The lion spirit joyfully said as he immediately disappeared with a poof of smoke with golden light.

Lucy stopped dead in her place. 'He is already gone.' She looked up and smiled as she saw beautiful stars that started to appear in the night sky. 'Time goes on fast when you are having fun.' She walked to the paper bag to pick up her 'food'. She carried it to her kitchen and placed all the things on her dining table to start cooking. She was so happy when she saw almost all of the things she needed. 'Does he really know me that much? He is so affectionate and sometimes sensitive.' But her smile became a frown as she saw several diet sodas at the bottom of the paper bag.

She raised her fist as she cast out loud angrily. "Loki, you jerk!"

Meanwhile in the spirit World….

"Brother, I'm sorry for interrupting your moment with Mistress Lucy. I just can't bear to watch her suffer from her injury." Virgo said to their Zodiac Leader whom is walking beside her.

"Nah…its fine, Virgo. You are just being yourself .And I think you can be a great leader for the spirits because of your loyalty." Loki replied kindly.

"Thank you, Leo. Will you punish me?" The spirit maiden asked.

"I'd always wondered why you are asking that question?…You can ask better ones like 'Can I do something for you?' or 'Do you need something?'…" The leader requested while he placed both of his hands in his pocket smoothly.

"It's my signature phrase. And I do kind of want to be punished as a maid." She replied.

"O-kay?" Loki awkwardly said while rolling his eyes. The both of them walked quietly for a moment before he decided to break the silence. "Virgo. 'Ya know what? Let me offer a deal with you." He finally said.

"Let me hear it." She stopped walking to look at her leader.

"I'll give you some torture equipments that I-had-no-idea-why-I-had-it to punish yourself, if you will allow me to exchange an appointment." The lion spirit gladly stated with an evil grin.

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