Summary: Edward has always taken the straight and narrow. When his sister drags him to see a new band perform, his approach to life is rocked.

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This is a revise of an older fanfic that I started with a friend. I did not steal it, don't worry! All chapters will be very short. Mistakes are mine.


Friday nights were my favorite time of the week. You see, while other guys my age were out doing only God knows who or what, I was perfectly content to be in my bedroom, sprawled out on my bed reading and studying. One can never be too prepared. I was trying to keep my grades elevated for medical school. With both of my parents being doctors, I knew that was to be my future profession, or at least something in the medical field to be my destiny. I knew that they wanted the best for me and I figured this was it.

You see, my parents may not admit it, but they believe to have screwed up somehow when it came to my older sister, Rosalie. She is twenty-one and still living at home. Barely finishing high school, we knew college was not in her future. Her favorite pastime was spending our parent's money. I suppose if she had a better attitude, she would make a nice trophy wife one day. While Rose was a social butterfly, I was more of a recluse. Quite often, she gives me a hard time for being overly studious and anti-social, but I found it more appealing than getting so inebriated I couldn't walk, or bedding any girl who so much as glanced at me. While she and I got on just fine, I did not always agree with her ways. She just didn't seem to take life as seriously as I.

I guess many would say I am essentially a nerd. At least that is what I have heard most of my life. I refuse to let it trouble me though. I fully embrace my inner nerd, so my sister says. I just started my senior year in high school and am at the top of my class.

Halfway through the final chapter, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I lay there silently, hoping that whoever it was would take the hint and leave.

"Eddie, I know you're in there." I heard my sister call out as she jiggled the handle. "Open the door. Now!" Great.

A/N: I have some chapters ready to go and will try to post daily. No idea on how long this will be, but with the chapters will stay short, and the story in full will be quite wordy. Expect multiple POV changes. The pairing will ultimately be Edward/Jasper and have a HEA. Don't expect rainbows and sunshine along the way, you will be sorely disappointed.