I am a horrible, horrible writer. I am trying so hard and this just isn't coming to me like it used to. I will update as I can. That's all I can give you. Not even sure anyone is still around. Thank you if you are still reading. I will get Desperately Wanting to you as soon as I'm able.


"Yeah, sure. Let's jet." Maybe we could just go get some much needed sleep. My body and mind ached at the prospect. Not that it happened often.

He led me through the parking lot to a sweet, little blue Audi. "Wow, nice ride man!"

"Thanks, it's Rose's. I'm glad she decided to stay with Emmett," he smiled. I was thankful when the boy told me Rose'd given him the keys earlier. Guess he played the designated driver when they went out. Shit at least spared me from Emmett's wrath.

We climbed into the buttery leather and were off. I watched as he maneuvered through traffic. His concentration on the vehicles around us left me with a chance to look him over better. Auburn hair that looked almost copper in the light, eyes as green as emeralds. His long, lean body, from what I could tell… a masterpiece that called to me like a siren.

The boy started saying something and looked over at me. He saw my stare and looked away quickly, licking his lips. God he is beautiful. I just... fuck, if only.

After what seemed like the longest car ride in history, with tension thick in the air, we arrived at the hotel and I followed him up to their room. He mumbled and pointed to the bed. "So, you can take the bed. I'll... uh, grab the sofa."

"Are you sure?" I questioned.

"Yeah, no problem. I'm just going to get ready for bed." he ducked away fast.

I plopped down on the bed, rubbing my face with my palms. I decided I would pretend to be asleep when he came out, no need to carry on with this facade any longer. I rolled over and shut my eyes. Moments later, I heard him exit the bathroom. He must have stopped as I didn't hear any movement.

After a minute I heard him moving through the room, quietly rummaging through his belongings. I chanced a peak. He was staring at the sofa bed, shirtless with flannel pajama pants hanging low on his slim hips. The pale planes of his back, a glorious sight. He started turning around and I quickly shut my eyes.

I heard the slight creaking of him opening the sofa bed and then the rustle of sheets as he readied it. The click of the light being turned off, darkness encasing us. A sigh, the last thing I remember.


I heard sounds coming from somewhere in the room but couldn't make them out clearly; then they ceased. My eyes blinked on their own accord trying to focus on the surroundings. The room was pitch black. I looked over to the alarm clock… 5a.m. I stretched and stood, grabbing my glasses and making my way to the bathroom.

The muffled noises began as I came out, coming from the bed where Jasper slept. I quietly walked over for better understanding.

"Jasper," I whispered. He didn't answer directly, only continued mumbling; his fists grasping the twisted covers around his body. He must be dreaming. I gently sat down on the edge of the bed, which didn't seem to disturb him. His body began to tremble and through the dim light of the bathroom casting over his form, I could see beads of sweat forming on his chest. I leaned in closer to hear his whimpered words. "No... good, I'll be good."

My heart ached at the sight of Jasper in torment, and I did what I would do for anyone needing comfort. I slid up the bed closer to him, lying down, and draping an arm over him. His body responded and calmed within seconds.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I bolted upright in the bed at Jasper's gruff voice. The morning light peeked from around the drawn shades of the room. I must've fallen asleep.

"I'm sorry. You… then I…" I stammered.

Jasper ripped the sheet off his body that I had placed on him overnight, a fierce look combing his features. "I what?"

"You were having a bad dream and I thought," I began.

"You thought, you thought... what?" Jasper sneered as he sat up. "You thought you would comfort me?"

"Well, yes." His eyes softened while he eyed me curiously but said nothing more, putting on his t-shirt before stalking to the bathroom, and slamming the door behind him.

"Look Jasper… I," I started after he returned. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…"

"Yeah, I don't want to talk about it," Jasper gave a curt nod. "I'm not good with the whole talking shit so… just… thanks."

I breathed a sigh of relief that he was lightening up. "Okay… so I'm going to order some breakfast. Do want anything?"

"No, no. I'm good. I think I'll just grab a cab back." He went to grab his jacket and I got up from my perch on the bed to stop him. I didn't want him to leave so soon. It was just too soon.

"Hey, come on. It's all on Rose; her treat." I gave him a sly smirk.

Jasper chuckled lightly. "Well... alright then. Let's just see what they have! Oh, I like the glasses by the way." My cheeks heated.

After a quiet breakfast, Jasper acknowledged the time and said he needed to leave before Rosalie returned. I didn't ask why, but quickly found a hotel notepad and wrote down my cell number.

"So, thanks again for the bus break. I never sleep well there." He didn't sleep well here either. I wondered how much sleep he actually got each night.

"Anytime, Jasper," I nodded. "And here's my number. You can call anytime if you ever want to talk or something." He eyed me questioningly saying nothing as he placed it in his pocket.

He opened the door to leave but halted his movement just outside. He gasped and muttered, "Oh, shit." I walked up to peak around him and saw Rosalie and Emmett standing on the opposite side of the hallway.

Emmett noticed us, an immediate glare upon his face. "What the fuck, Jasper?"

"Em... baby?" Rose's concerned voice trying to calm him.

Jasper shook his head and continued his path down the hall, Emmett quick on his heels.