Beloved Princess

It's been years since Princess Celestia was overthrown. I will not go into details about the whole ordeal, all you need to know is that The Lunar Republic won and took over. I was the only pony whom remained loyal to Princess Celestia. We live together now, in exile. Our home is a run down old cottage in a very distant forest, away from everypony. Everyday the princess seems to be slipping, becoming more paranoid, "You'll abandon me!" she cries, "Like all the others!" I nuzzle her, trying to comfort her , her loud sobs beat against my eardrum. "No Princess" I tell her, "I love you" she shouts that I'm a liar even though my words are true...they really are.

"Twilight Sparkle lets have fun" The princess said excitedly as she jumped up and down on the bed. Being in exile for so long, the princess has become childish as well as unstable. "Princess, I told you no jumping on the bed" I say calmly but firmly. She starts flying around, "Oh you're such a bore" she tells me and sticks her tongue out at me.

"And please don't fly around in the cottage"

"Oh fine" she lowers herself down to the dirt floor. I look into her eyes, those once confident and royal eyes, now they're filled with denial, anguish, paranoia, bitterness and rage. Her mane is messy and faded, her fur dirty and mangy. Not a hint of royalty could be seen from her appearance. She always says that I will abandon her..but it is her whom has already abandoned me. For she has let her mind slip into the darkest pits of madness, where there is no return...yet I still love beloved princess.