The Awkwardness of Teenage feelings

AN/ Hi guys! I am excited because this is my first story! Lets hope you like it :) Just so you know this is set after Trouble in Tokyo so Robin and Starfire are a proper couple.

Chapter 1

Being an empath in a house full of teenagers was not fun. Some days there were just too many feelings and Raven had to lock herself in her room to cope. Not only was it overwhelming but it was also very embarrassing, part of the reason why Raven wore a hood was to hide her blush. I mean what should she expect from a group of teenage boys? But they could at least have the decency not to be so graphic in their daydreams.

Each day had at least one disturbing thought or emotion but one day stood out more than the rest. Raven was used to the occasional disturbing thought about Starfire from Robin and even Cyborg dreaming about his car but this day something unexpected happened. Raven was curled up in an armchair pretending to read a book while watching Cyborg and Beast Boy play on the Xbox. From the vibes she was getting from Robin and Starfire, Raven deduced they were probably in Robin's room "talking". As Raven sat on the couch thinking of possible ways to make fun of Beast Boy she sensed the atmosphere of the room change slightly. Having beaten his high score Beast Boy turned to face Raven and flashed her a proud smile.

"Hey Rae, did you see that?" Beast Boy said puffing up his chest slightly.

"Yes Beast Boy because I have nothing better to do than watch you shoot goblins." Raven droned sarcastically.

"Hey Rae, why are you reading your book upside down?"

"What?" Raven looked down at her book to find she had been holding it upside down. Great. Now it was obvious she hadn't been reading.

"Don't worry RaeRae we always knew that you loved to watch us play!" Beast Boy grinned.

"Don't call me RaeRae." Raven said through gritted teeth.

"Man, Raven looks hot when she is angry!" Beast boy thought. Ravens eyes widened. Woah! That was a new thought. Beast Boy had occasionally thought about girls on TV and had his fair share of graphic fantasies but never and I mean NEVER had he had those thoughts about Raven. So many thoughts and emotions whirled through Raven's head. Had he really thought that? Did she like him back?

The room started to spin and a lamp broke in the distance. Raven fled the common room. She was desperately needed to meditate.

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