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Chapter 2

Having spent at least an hour meditating in her room Raven left the dark recesses of her mind and entered the common room to join her friends. Starfire and Robin were grinning madly at each other and Robin had his arm around Starfire. Ever since Tokyo the two of them had become even closer if that was possible and it was nice to see Robin freer with his emotions. Raven was glad too; restrained feelings were the hardest for her to handle and Raven couldn't stand the way Starfire felt every time Robin refused to kiss her. At first Robin's rejection of Starfire's affection surprised her. Raven had heard the way he thought about Starfire and Raven knew he liked her more than a friend no matter how hard he tried to deny it. Then again she understood Robin's logic and how he was just afraid of changing his relationship with Starfire. Plus Robin wasn't the best when it came to feelings. Not that his mentor was any help with that.

Raven caught eyes with Beast Boy for a brief moment before they both looked away. This was going to be harder than she thought. Raven decided it would be best to get a cup of herbal tea before attempting to explain her sudden departure earlier. Raven padded to the kitchen and turned on the kettle. It was at this point that Raven realised that Beast Boy probably didn't know why Raven had stormed out and that he was probably just hurt by her abandonment. Raven breathed a sigh of relief. That would definitely decrease the level of awkwardness Maybe no one was aware she was able to distinguish some lines of thought. That might be the reason why they forgot to filter their thoughts for her benefit.

Raven was interrupted from her thoughts when the kettle beeped. Raven allowed a small smile to creep across her lips as she dropped a bag of her favourite Twining's herbal tea into her mug. Once her tea was ready and she had taken a heartwarming sip of it she felt prepared enough to re-enter the common room.

Raven walked in to see her friends watching a movie. Starfire was curled up against Robin's side and Robin kept switching from looking at Starfire, to looking at the screen, to glaring at Cyborg every time he waggled his eyebrows at him suggestively. Beast Boy was setting in the corner looking very neglected and confused. Raven could tell he was still concerned about Raven storming out earlier. It didn't make much sense to her. Beast Boy hadn't really shown this much thought towards Raven until now. Or maybe Raven was only now beginning to notice.

"Hey Rae," Cyborg called, "You ready to join the party?"

Raven rolled her eyes and she curled up in her chair with her pale hands wrapped firmly around her mug. Raven did not pay much attention to the movie. By the looks of it, it was an action movie. Raven was worried, her meditation had not held the answer to any of her questions and she was beginning to wonder if her super powers would help her at all in this case.

Once the movie was finished and everyone had agreed it was time to go to bed Raven stood up, waved goodbye and teleported into the hallway out side her room. Raven was about to enter her room she spotted a green shadow out of the corner of her eye.

"Rae?' Beast Boy asked from behind her. Raven turned on her heals and looked at Beast Boy. His ears were drooping and his was doing his best puppy dog eyes. "I am sorry for calling you RaeRae. I never knew it would upset you that much." Raven was touched by his apology and was just about to tell hi that she wasn't mad at him when he leaned in and hugged her. Raven's body tensed at the unexpected contact. The hug was brief but by the end of it Raven had started to relax.

"Really Beast Boy it is fine," Raven said, breaking the silence, "Sometimes I quite enjoy being called RaeRae." Ravens cheeks started to blush and with that she teleported into her room.

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